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Hello and welcome to another episode of canna bonsai today we’ll be showing you all the steps needed to grow a can of bonsai creation and we’ll start off with germination. It’S a very simple process. You let your seeds soak overnight and then place it in some paper.

Towel and then put that in a dark warm place, not too warm, though, two to five days later, depending on your genetics, there will be a small tail sprouting out of your seat, poke a small hole into the soil, place the seed in there.

You don’t have to fully submit fully bury it, take the top of a soft-drink container and create a small covering to create a humid environment for your seed to grow in. We want to keep the light close to it, so that it does not stretch out here’s.

Our seedling at two and a half weeks later and it’s ready for its first bends, I take some craft wire and make two or chute anchors, which will fasten it at a ninety degree. Bend a week later, the new growth has grown upwards.

It’S important to note that the plant will always follow the light. We will give it another Bend creating that spiral shape, which is the look I’m going for. Here we are at three and a half weeks again.

The plant will follow the light. So it’s dunked upwards, I’m gonna redo. All my anchor work so I’ll gently remove all the anchors and create a more gradual spiral with a bit of a less ninety degree. Bend [ Music, ] horseshoe anchors are great for, but when the trunk thickens up, they are not able to hold the plant in place in another and that’s when we will switch over to rope empty here’s, the top view of the plant.

You can see the spiral here. We are at week. Five we’re going to do a little defoliating, that’s removing the older and bigger leaves so that they do not block light from the smaller leaves below. A week ago, I removed the first two arms

Here I am pointing the place where the first two arms were growing from. That is the first node at the second node. We have the next set of arms and at the third node you have another set of arms and I’m going to be cutting one of them off.

So the first two arms I’m going to be making horizontal arms. For that I will be taking some horseshoe anchors later, so the plant is at week six right now and it has outgrown its anchors and we will be switching over to rope and tape anchors.

Our first rope spirals around the trunk and holds it downwards without pulling it in any direction. Take a small piece of duct tape and I wrap the rope around the duct tape so that it does not slide out.

The next rope, I will add, will pull it in that direction. I always like to give it a little tug to get an idea of which direction the rope has to pull the plant in, to give it the shape that I desire and create a simple double knot, but I don’t make it tight around the trunk that way.

It has room to grow again, Smokey’s a tape, wrap the string around and tape it to the side. I want the plant to hold that spiral shape, so I will pull it to the place that I want and get an idea of which direction the string should pull the plant in to get it to the place that I want again a simple double knot: [, Music ] every time I pull it, it pulls it into place.

Creating that spiral shape that I am going for. [, Music, ]. Okay, here we are at week eight. The two lower arms that I said I wanted to make into horizontal arms are going to be anchored down. We can still use the horseshoe anchors on these ones because they haven’t thickened up like the trunk and can be held in place,

From this point on, I’m not gonna cut off any more arms. I have the two horizontal ones. I have the one at the next node and then I have the large cola at the top [ Music ]. None of the buds on the cola will extend into arms.

Here we are at week eight it’s gotten a little Busher, so we do some small defoliation and, from this point on it’s pretty much a waiting game and just let the buds fatten up. Let’S revisit those first two arms here they are at the first node the left arm and at the left, flower and the right arm and the right flower, and we move up to the third node.

Here we have the cut that we made last week and the small arm that has extended and then here is our top cola. There are a bunch of small flowers that could have potentially extended into arms, [, Music ], you

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