Tastebudz Genetics New Auto Flower Strains 2022

Welcome to the indoor cannons crew. We are where it all started out. So this is the prototype of what i got running inside, but it runs all smooth. So i’m going to run my taste bud seeds in here, so big ol shout out to taste buds for giving me the opportunity and sponsoring me so now.

Tastebudz Genetics New Auto Flower Strains 2022

Im strictly going to only run taste buds in here and in the other, one do different different one, but just like what i got going on inside, we got seven and a half uh this time, i’m using trash Cans they’re a little bit longer in depth, but not as wide as the totes over there.

But same concept. Four system gonna run four different strains. You can totally do that. Just keep in mind when you do it, just don’t do like sativas and indicas. So the new strains we got here these are all autoflowers.

We got forbidden fruits, biscotti 33 cherry cheesecake and gorilla gas, and let me tell you what these are all [, __ ] fire can’t wait for them. If you go down in the description below click on the link, you can go to their website and get all their merch all of the shebang so check that out.

Cause trust me, like don’t sleep on these guys, but we’re gonna do usual method. No rockwool. Just gonna plop them in here so we’ll get that going, but it’s a little run down what i got going on here, just a little cheap setup, i’ll be using the tsw 2000 mars.

Hydro though uh covers between four to five area of coverage, went in flour about four, so all right, and then this is my orange cookies i got going on. It is a autoflower and it is sativa dominant uh, dabbling back into the experiment.

So so i haven’t done that in a while, so figured why not, let’s get back at it and what we’re doing here. I got it in a fall aponic system and i’m really not doing anything much to it. Uh, just a little bit of fish, [ __ ] here and there no nutrients, though none at all, just cal mag and slf 100.

That’S it and she’s doing really well uh. I just got a single ts: 1000 mars, hydro, light over it give or take 100 watts. So it’s not a bad light good for one single plant, but yeah she’s doing phenomenally well about three weeks old.

Now she decided to the flower on me. As you see, shooting me white hairs, nah! That’S all right! I like having [ Music ], those long veggies though, but unfortunately, since i’m not using nutrients. I can’t stretch her so i’ll.

Just play the book. [, Music ] telling y’all, don’t sleep on them; taste buds check them out. Click that link in the description. [, Music ] also give a thumbs up subscribe. If you haven’t peace, [ Music ] do [ Music, ]

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