How to be a Traveling Bonsai Professional

How to be a Traveling Bonsai Professional | ABE Show 2022 | Madrid, Spain

It is day two here in beautiful Madrid Spain today I’m actually heading over to The event space where the Abe show is Going to be hosted I’m going to be doing A workshop and helping the guys sort of Rearrange and set up the exhibition so No idea what to expect other than very High quality trees as always we’re in Spain so the quality is going to be Fantastic so I’m gonna head downstairs Meet Rafa for breakfast and then we’re Gonna go over to the event space and Start the workshop Very well It’s a good breakfast That’s all you eat for now is Madrid Tamboli okay but on Monday and Tuesday We have family the real family yeah So this is the exhibition Hall where They’re actually going to be hosting the Abe show you can see down below me here They’re setting up the display area so In the next probably hour or so trees Are going to start filtering in so I Don’t know what you guys but I’m super Pumped to see what the artists are Bringing in this year Foreign That’s so much detail yeah that’s Amazing How many hours has it taken to make that Yeah Two two months two months oh my God

That’s the same just nice That’s cool yeah You are in the middle now That’s very nice Foreign So this morning I have a critique of the Exhibition here there are about 40 Displays and we’re actually going to go Through every single display this Morning but I only have an hour and Rafa Has to translate everything I say so It’s probably going to be about 30 to 40 Seconds per display just to make sure we Get through everything within that hour But the difficult thing is that so many Of these trees are absolutely amazing The displays are set up so well it’s Going to be hard to really critique them In a lot of ways so I gotta find a few Things that you know I might change here And there on these displays but most of Them are in top-notch shape already so About to get started we’ll head into the Show and we’re gonna check everything Out right so just as an example if you Were to say just make the maple a little Bit smaller or maybe make this tree a Little bit smaller I would probably make The maple a little bit smaller in this Position here in the middle Foreign So I think the critique went very very Well we actually managed to get to all Of the displays and you know a lot of

The people I think took what I said with A grain of salt says anytime you do a Critique I mean you’re basically kind of Poo pooing a little bit the work of the People but my philosophy is to do kind Of a compliment sandwich so compliment Then a critique then a compliment at the End it seems to work pretty well so the Responses were all really good the trees Were all top quality as I said before Which makes it very difficult to do a Critique like that because you’re really Just talking about minutia at that point I mean there’s nothing major that needs To be changed so next up we actually Have the demos down here I’m going to be Doing a demo on this Scots pine first And then if there’s time we’re going to Do a demo on this Sabina so let’s dive Into it okay so now that we’ve got the Tree mostly watered not every Branch but Most of the main branches are wired up We’re going to go ahead and try to start Bending the main Apex okay One second All right ready yeah Okay A flat splitter like this and go through The middle of the branch keeping all of The tissue intact but splitting it in Half basically that’s also very risky But it’s a possibility What do you think of the show I think There’s a lot of good trees a lot of

Level and I think it’s going to be an issue I Think so too they do a new Talent oh Yeah that’s right Pedro You cannot cannot lose The beer is must that’s right Foreign It’s coming along nicely Foreign Bye Foreign Foreign Tastic weekend here in Madrid the event Was spectacular as was expected the demo Material was fantastic to work on as Well the Scots pilot was provided by Rafa’s friend Adolfo was a great squat Little tree a lot of fun to work on it And second demo tree this giant Sabina Was just an amazing plant I think it’s Got a feature that could probably move It towards being a coca-fu level tree so I want to thank everybody here at the Event for inviting me hosting me making It a wonderful experience later today I’m actually heading over to Mallorca With Rafa so we’re going to be working On some of his trees at his Nursery Bonsai sense and of course I’m going to Take you guys along for that ride as Well but we’ll do that in the next Episode so be on the lookout for that And until then take care Thank you

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