How Long Does a Cannabonsai Last


We’re just gonna do a little bit of uh defoliating. I don’t think that’s about it, uh the ones that I’ve transferred on two rocks. I don’t know they haven’t really taken off yet uh.

So there’s not much work to do on them right now, and then I had one uh that started flowering very early, so I transferred it into a smaller pot um just because I’m gonna look at it. It’S tiny! It’S not really gonna need a lot of uh root space foreign, so this one has an amazing fade on it.

I’M really happy with the colors uh. There are some that are a little yellow and I’m gonna cut those off. But that’s going to be easy enough to do this. One isn’t getting as much of the purple Hues that this one is getting um, but it’s still got the a bit of yellowing, which is not bad yellowing.

It’S because uh it’s in flour, so it’s pulling nitrogen from the leaves and that’s why they’re yellow foreign, it’s fine, um yeah, it’s the one that I repot it. So I should be able to put it back in the pot pretty easily um, but you can get an idea of uh some of the bends that I’ve given this one.

So the main trunk goes up and bends this way. So this one here would have been the top of the butt, but what I did is by giving it that bend and allowing these branches here to grow up and out. I gave it a nice flat canopy in the back, and then I use these wire pieces to kind of Bend all the ones in the front to give it.

This triangular shape foreign view. The colors smells great foreign, so I should probably pick this one up. One sec: okay – that was easy enough, so this one’s had a bit of the roots revealed already and yeah, probably go into a little bit of shock, but that doesn’t really matter because it’s it wasn’t going to get bigger anyways, so got ta wash my hands.

Now. All right, let’s get back into this one, so yeah at this point, it’s all about, looks um, so yeah you just take off any of the ugly leaves because yeah some of them are going to start to shrivel up a bit foreign foreign uh.

Thanks for the comment appreciate it yeah, hopefully they legalize wheat in Australia soon enough. Is there any talks of legalization in Australia, because it’s really nice here in Canada just not to have to worry about smoking, weed carrying weed growing weed? Thank you, uh.

That’S a good question uh around this point, so that was like the other thing that I was gonna do today. Let’S just take out all of these, and it’s probably gonna live in my living room for the next month, getting like some decent window light.

So the question was: when do I consider it done um, so this one’s is at like the two month mark so two and a half months and they live like four months total. It’S three and a half everyone’s a little different um.

So yeah I like to keep it the last month outside of its grow tent foreign foreign foreign yeah. I think that’s it for now yeah this is, you can see, there’s a less yellow. This is what I’ve taken off and hopefully it picks up some more of those really nice Purple, colors all right.

Let’S move on this one now, so this one’s growing Through The Rock. As you can see, the stem goes inside the Rock and then comes out the other side, so I’ve already trimmed the roots. Um there’s little bits actually that I can still kind of take off so yeah any little like uh Roots, thin roots that aren’t connected to the soil can be cut off.

But with this one, I’m also gonna do the same and just take off all the older yellow leaves it’s gonna make it look a little bit more fresh foreign smells a lot more gassy than the other one. This one smells uh kind of sweet.

Oh, it’s got like a skunky gassy smell to it. I’M not gonna put this one out in my living room just yet um I feel like. If I put both of them out, my um house will will really smell like weed uh, when you have one out it’s pretty manageable.

I have an air purifier, so that takes care of it, but um yeah. If you have two or three outside then uh, the smell is a lot harder to to mask. When I first started doing this um my landlords lived upstairs and yeah, they complained a couple times, but it’s Canada.

So I wasn’t doing anything illegal, but I think like technically they could ask me to not do it anymore, which I didn’t listen to. I just like got better air filtration and kept doing it, and then I moved out eventually foreign ER.

So now you can just like rewind a little bit and you’ll see these are the leaves I took it off and yeah, I’m not quite done yet. So what I’m looking for? One leaves that look out of place like because of all the bends.

Sometimes they start growing into each other and they’ll Bunch up and uh. Those are some ones that I’m trimming off and then ones that have like yellowed a lot and then once that just look out of place like if they’re, like sticking out in a weird way.

Yeah, I have a feeling that some of these will will turn purple they’re already going kind of from yellow to purple. So I don’t want to cut them off just yet, because I’m hoping they’ll capture some of that nice, nice color foreign, just one one of the blades foreign.

How from this angle, it kind of just looks messy, and out of order like I wish it had more of a V shape, foreign too um yeah. Let’S try this one. Okay, yeah I’ll, see how that holds. So what I’m gonna do off cameras.

I’M gonna eventually take off some of the soil and put perlite, I’m actually going to use this uh plant for some content. Creating I’m gonna do like a little Christmas promo for Mars Hydro, the light sponsor so you’ll you’ll see it.

You can check it out on my Instagram. Let’S do this one real, quick, so yeah earlier today. I couldn’t do it on camera, because this one was in a larger pot. So what I did is I brought it outside and with a hose I kind of washed like brought it out of its pot washed away a bunch of the soil and then put it in a smaller pot uh, it’s already like flowering pretty hard.

So I’m uh. It’S not going to stretch out anymore, so it doesn’t really need that much that much soil. It’S unfortunate. I hate it. I don’t like it when they do that um, but it’s it’s a common thing that happens so, if you’re giving this a try.

Please keep that in mind and that’s why I start lots of them. I might just end up giving this one away to a friend cute. The Roots. Look good, all right. This is the one that had the bug problem earlier on and, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think it’s like fully resolved.

I really should uh just get rid of it, but whatever I’ll keep fighting the good fight, it’s not looking very happy. That’S for sure foreign foreign, so this one, the roots, didn’t grow around the Rocks.

So I could actually do this. It’S just like leaning on the rock foreign, so I originally had some roots coming down on this side, but I guess they just didn’t take for whatever reason and then when I exposed the soil, they just dried out and I cut them off: [, Music ].

I still like how it looks. I think I’m gonna wire this one up a little bit so that it has a bit more of a Bend. Originally I had it wired up right like this right up against The Rock, but then I let it go to stretch out, but I think I kind of want it like that of it.

First, I’m gonna take some of these leaves off. Okay, we’re gonna use this wire and we’re just gonna wrap it around the trunk. It’S not going to get much longer.

It might stretch out a tiny bit more, but that’s okay! It’S in a pretty small pot, as you can see, compared to this one uh yeah, so that’s it for today, thanks for tuning in everyone, um hope you learned something uh check out my past videos.

I’Ve been working on all these plants on stream, so, for example, this one uh. I started it off in a small pot like this one you can see when I took the seedling and I put it through the Rock um, and then I transferred it to this pot, and you can see all the wire work that I did on this one.




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