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Growing Up Black in America – Making Things Better

This article looks at how we can improve black and white relationships. The focus is on being proactive in our approach to really get to know each other.

Growing Up Black in America – Spiritual Foundation

This article looks at the role God has played in the preservation of the black Americans who endured slavery and hardship from white Americans. It shows how faith in God can overcome any challenges and how blacks have leaned on God to make it through.

Growing Up Black in America – Living a Life That Matters

This article focuses on how to take adversity and turn it into a personal advantage. The cost of living an insignificant life is too high a price to pay.

Growing Up Black In America – Racial Prejudice

This article deals with racial prejudice in America towards black people. It examines how such beliefs came to exist and what black people can do today to address them.

Growing Up Black in America – Land of the Free

Growing up in Black America means believing it is the land of the free and home of the brave. There are opportunities available if you are bold enough to go after them in spite of the difficulties.

Casual Is Not Always Appropriate

If confession is good for the soul, I would like to give my soul a little treat. During this “stay-at-home” phenomenon, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and Yours Truly, have been enjoying our time alone. We certainly have taken advantage of it. Not too long ago, my wife came up with something to make our time a little more memorable. She called it, casual pajama time. After breakfast, we would wear our morning casual pajamas. After lunch, it would be our afternoon casual pajamas. And, after supper, it would be our evening casual pajamas. I never heard of this before, but I joined in with the fun. I knew what time of the day it was by the pajamas I was wearing at that time. There is always something good in everything.

Growing Up Black in America – Hiring & Firing

Growing up black in America means being educated in the mentality of how companies hire people. There is definitely a double standard that is to the detriment of black people.

Growing Up Black in America – Health Challenges

This article talks about the health challenges faced by black people. There are a lot of reasons black people struggle to attain and maintain good health.

It Feels Like the 1950s

The pandemic that we have been experiencing has caused so many changes in our lives. I was thinking the other day that a lot of what we are doing reminds me of growing up in the 1950s: Travel – I remember when, in grade eleven, my parents decided that it would be important for our family to go on our first major trip. We drove to British Columbia where we stayed with a family friend in his cabin on Vancouver Island.

Not Everything In Our Home Is As It Seems

For the last five days, I have not been able to sleep nor close my eyes at night. It’s been a nightmare. During the last four weeks, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and Yours Truly have been sequestered in our home and loving it. I cannot remember a time in our marriage that we have spent so much time together with no serious obligations needing attention. It is marvelous to spend 24/7 together. If this is what senior retirement is like, I’m giving it some earnest consideration. Nobody ever told me this could be so wonderful. Spending time together is great; my wife spends time in her craft room, doing what she does in that craft room. For obvious reasons, I am not allowed in that room, which is okay with me. She has been making all sorts of things and loving it. I think she made a bunch of masks and then some signs that said, Faith/Fear to give to some friends.

Growing Up Black in America – Economic Challenges

This article looks at the Black American family and how they address economic conditions in their community. It shatters the myth that all is equal. It is not

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