Developing Bonsai from Seed Course


Introducing the Developing Bonsai From Seed course An online tutorial brought to you by Bjorn Bjorholm and Michael Hagedorn. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop a bonsai from scratch From seeds, or air layers.

Growing a bonsai from the very beginning is incredibly rewarding And with this course, you will learn all the essential techniques And understand when to apply them.

The first section of the course focuses entirely on the propagation techniques Including growing trees from seed,
cuttings, and air layers. These young trees then start their development as a bonsai.

The teachers walk us through each of the three developmental stages of bonsai And explain all relevant techniques. This will enable you to make much faster progress, and create beautiful bonsai.

The topics covered in this course include: Tree propagation Developing surface roots Taproot removal on young trees Applying a washer Creating trunk movement Trunk thickening Developing the primary branch structure And creating fine ramification.

Enrolling grants you life-time access to all the course materials. Additionally, you’ll be able to ask your teachers questions at any time. This is a unique opportunity to start fun new projects in your garden And learn how to develop your very own bonsai trees from scratch.

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