Assessing if a Bonsai needs Repotting

Today is the 2nd of February it's a nice Mild day the day temperature is going to Be about 10 degrees might even rise to 12 degrees Centigrade so it's almost Feeling like spring although not quite Yet February continues to be a cold Month but this is the time when I visit Wesley to assess what trees need Repotting and which ones don't need it And of course there is a new sign here Look at it Heron's Bonsai walk made in Steel You can read some of those things Written about it here And it's also in Brea for those who are Not able to read they can read with Braille So it's a lovely new sign which has been Made for us And I'm now going to show you how we Assess The homicide that require repotting and Those that don't so we will methodically Go through each of the trees The reason why we do this is because We've got to take the ones that need Repotting back to the nursery to do we Can't physically do it at Wesley because The public are here and many of these Trees a big tree like this would take at Least two maybe three hours to do So we look at the tree we look at the Health and we home in with the camera You can see how we judge whether the

Tree is healthy or not now this is a Large dishojo it's almost three foot Tall I would say like 95 centimeter and if You look closely at the buds they're all Beautiful I was just speaking to the Supervisor just now and I asked him what Temperatures did they have about two Weeks ago when we had a cold snap and he Said that at wisley the temperature went Down to minus 10 degrees centigrade and As you can see here none of the trees Are protected these stay out here Throughout the year 365 days of the year With no protection and you look at the State of them every tree is what we call Pitch Perfect there's no sign of die Back or anything so this tree is doing Very well And although I haven't repotted this for Many years again if you bring the camera Close I can see That the roots are on the edges of the Pot But again I would not say that this tree Needs to be repotted because it's in Such a healthy condition I would leave It for another year and just continue Feeding it Because if you keep a tree pot pound the Leaves do get smaller Now this one is Tanoki Juniper made with blood Juniper

On a bit of boxwood This brown color I caused it the frost Blush in America they call it bronzing And this is when the Frost gets on the Foliage turns it brown but because this I brought last summer I'm not going to Replace this tree this tree will stay Here for another year Again I look at each tree and see the Condition of the foliage if the foliage Looks all right then it's a sign that The tree is doing well and I thought Around the base to see if it is really Pot bound I don't think this is pot bone I always believe that everything is Doing well leave well alone don't Interfere with it so that will not go Back this is another tree that we Brought in the summer of last year Satsuki Azalea so this seems okay so I Don't need to take this away So this is the way we assess all the Trees It's nice to see the trees in the winter Condition This is an edible fig Again the buds are all very plumped Again I don't think it needs Change So that will remain Sometimes we change the trees round just For a change of scenery not because it's Unhealthy again this tree looks healthy

Enough so I don't think I would change This one This will stay here Again if you look at this one this is a Japanese hornbeam and if you home in Close The buds are already beginning to move How exciting is that they're all Beginning to swell and get plump So this tree again is in good healthy Condition I'm afraid at this rate I Won't have to take any of the trees back This one feels pop on it's rock solid so Again this hasn't been done for 10 years This is the famous blouse Juniper I may take it back for a change of Scenery but it's quite an imposing tree And this of course is the horse chestnut Or English concrete I displayed this tree because it's Always a talking point People see the horse chestnut as a huge Spreading tree you know 50 or 80 feet Tall with chunks of about eight ten foot In diameter for really old trees and yet You can make a bonfire out here So this will probably stir Just Ginkgo again has been here for Youngs and it's one of the healthiest Ginkgo's and again if it's doing well Why change it I won't rush to change it And fall Again Ginkgo is such a rare species that It's always a talking point lovely

Talking point for visitors This is a classic case of The broadening on evergreens crypto Barriers are notorious for turning this Brown color some people like the color It's a lovely shade of orange orangey Pink and where the frost doesn't get it It stays green and if you go into the Foliage you see where the frost doesn't Get it It remains green it's only the Extremities of the twigs and branches That Turn bronze I noticed that the Frost has Killed a lot of these ground cover Plants or weeds if you would like to Call it that So that will be removed So apart from that It doesn't seem to be much problem [Music] Again this tree could do a change Although if it's doing well Touch it This is a native Austrian pine This is doing well Foreign This seems very important if you come Closer with the camera You can see how some of these thick Groups are trying to pop out of the pot So this is a sign that this is really Pot bomb so this will have to be changed Also I think the spot is getting a bit

Small for the size of tree So I might just put it in a slightly Bigger pot Although if you were in Japan they like To underpot their trees I tend to go for Slightly larger pots just for the visual Effect they look bigger and better in a Slightly bigger pot Again this is a root of a rock Trident Maple in good condition Good ramification And One of the trees that I've been here for 10 years that I've never repotted it so It breaks all the rules what I'm trying To show you in this little tour is that Although these trees have been here for So many years we have not rushed to Repot them every two three or four years Many of them have been here for 10 years Without repotting and they seem to be Doing extremely well not suffering at All Even this one is doing very well So if we go through all the trees very Quickly This one is popping out of the pocket You can see look at that You see how This may be just a moss but I think it Could do it away pot so I would take That back You don't need it now this is actually That I want to show you

This tried in Maple Has been here certainly Foreign Collection has been here for 25 years 1997. Which makes it Yes it's a long time So This is a beautiful tree And this certainly hasn't been repotted For at least 10 years I will have to Take this back and if you look at the Camera from this side you will see that The pot is bowing If you look from there you see the pot Is this is a micropods it's not a Ceramic pot had it been a ceramic pot it Would have burst the pot but because It's a mica pot it has both the parties Is forced it out so this certainly could Do with repotting this is one of the Nicest dried Maples I have Screws are bearing the acorns in here Oh okay This is going back This is a boverness pine we made more Than 40 years ago one of the first Kubernetes I ever made look at the size Of this And Pines can stay in the pot for a long Time so I'm not going to rush to repot The street And I'm not going to rewire all the Tricks and glasses this tree looks nice

Like this You know one or two dead bits we can Take out but apart from that the street Is perfectly fine so let's go through All the trees This I think might need taking that you See how the most of the soil is popping Out of the pot this tree has a long History It was made 30 years ago when I went to Paris in 1986 I dug it out one of the First things I did was to dig out a Beach from the Hedge in front of my House and this is how this tree started Look at it now 38 years later and with the perfect Bottle it's got beautiful Autumn color Beautiful espresso so that's going back Another large tree This is a mulberry with a massive trunk I might take this back for some carving Work But health-wise it's okay this is very Important this is very common this was An ordinary field grown Scotch wine Which I wired and created this contorted Shape but if you look at the pot closely You see how the roots are All on the edges almost popping out and Because it's so congested over a period Of time these roots will meshed together And form a beautiful nebari so I might Just take it back to the nursery to Nurture it and get much denser growth if

You come close you will see the amount Of wiring that has been done all these Branches have been wired back on Themselves can you see this is all Man-made you see this is all my worry to Create that effect So initially the bronzer was going Straight out and it was bent back double And wide same with the top all this was Wired by me Must be about 25 26 years ago and this Is how this Literati Pine has been Created I love this tree Over the years has become better and Better So let's move on we are just four more Trees to look at Another very major vehicle Again I think this could do with Repotting because it's blowing the pot So this needs to be taken back See it's swelling the pot pushing it out This way And if you look closely the roots are Lifting Out of the pot if you come this side you Can see So just by visual inspection you can see Which trees need repotting and which Don't So this is sign that this is pushing the Whole thing out So this but look at the root formation Just with age you get this beautiful

Root effect This of course I made more than 40 years Ago and it's still going strong 40 years in the making [Music] Very proud of this group because this is One of the first groups in the whole of UK where I used a tall large to make a Forest group people laughed at me for Making groups that tall but it works it Looks beautiful look at the Ramifications I might take this back I'm not sure Depends what replacement I can find Another trade and I love tried Miracles Because they've got presents in a large Collection like this if you show large Trees it looks impressive so I will Probably leave this here and the other Very impressive tree is this last one Which is our great big Chinese and look At that Look at it absolutely spectacular tree And this ramification is simply by Clipping clipping the edges of the trees There's no sign of New Growth yet on the Tree But I think it is okay I hope it's not Going to suffer because we've had such a Hard winter minus 10 degrees on some Nights That's the wait and see what happens So this will probably do so this is how We assess the trees and on the next

Visit I'm going to show you how we repot These trees so this video is going to be In two parts all right so that's the Visit for today Foreign [Music]

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