NEW Japanese Trees Arrived at Herons

So today is the 17th of February And the last couple of days we've been Busy because our trees from Japan Arrived and this is what you can see one Full 20-foot container And you must be wondering why we have to Import some trees although we have a Seminal acre field where we grow our Trees we don't have the variety that is Needed to meet all our customers needs Besides we have some very old trees that We import which are about 80 or 90 years Old or more and those take two lifetimes To develop so we can't produce that in Our time so we have to import the older Trees but we also import things like That look at these beautiful little Forests and beautiful oval part 11 trees These are not expensive they'll probably Sell for 149 pounds and so on look at This all these white Beach different Types of Maples Japanese white peach And we've got four points Red Hawthorn pink Hawthorne And we also have these beautiful Stewart Here So these are all the deciduous trees and These are the trees which don't have to Be in quarantine and look at these Beautiful chunky little elves look at Them These are not expensive they're only Going to be like

Between 70 to 90 pounds beautiful Showing with so much ramification and Then of course The pride of our Imports is really our So-called evergreen trees like the Pines Junipers and hinoki Cyprus and this is Where they are kept in the quarantine House if you see the structure we have a Twin span tunnel Which is our quarantine house And when trees come from Japan they have To be kept for three months in Quarantine till they are declared free Of any Extraneous diseases they are not worried About diseases which are local to the UK They are worried about bringing informed Diseases and insects so this is a Structure and it is all Lined with very special type of plastic And fine mesh look at the fine mesh here The mesh is about half a millimeter Thick and we have to have a double trap Door look at this One door we come in shut this door And then this trap door You have to open another door And then we come in And then shut this door so that insects Can't come in or go out and look at all These Pines and junipers just hundreds Of them and see the size of them I can't even lift them some of them are So massive

Junipers white wines I haven't unpacked Them yet look at these three I will get Josh to kindly go through and fill in Each of these trees These are all massive great big trees Look at the size of this this is a black Point with very short needles look at The base of that tree And so This is the quality of trees we are Bringing in and then these corticosta or Cork board Pines They're absolutely huge Look at the size of these trees Look at these trees wow So like these we've got about 10 of These and look at the quality of these Junipers Look at the size of the Juniper I'm dying to open the packaging to see What lies underneath and the Gins can be Refined a little more Another beautiful black coin look at That See the side of this They can be put in an exhibition Straight away More Black Pines You all have like 10 or 20 of each Five little pies Four black irons All these special little junipers These cost an arm and a leg Look at the quality of these trees

Look at these trees We have 10 of these Look at them each one is distinctive I don't know whether Josh can take a Good picture look at that So they've all got scope for refining And improving All unique trees Look at these Then if we can walk through we'll show You a smaller trees Junipers We took our junipers in the s-shape It's more than 30 centimeter tall And these are only going to be 149 Pounds look at that We only have a few they'll be flying Through the nursery They have to be in quarantine for three Months but people booked them before They come To be released and these will grow Especially to earlier these we don't Sell normally we earlier the top to get Another tree and we refine them so not Everything is for sale we go them on so These itoy goers also I may sell a few But they're really for going on in our Field we grow them in our fields to get Bigger And then there are all sorts of goodies Japanese black pine Galore look at this Cockpot black Pines Like that

We have about 50 of these Again they will fly through the nursery They won't stay here for long And of course we got so many Small goodies these are all in ceramic Pots Small five needle Pine this is small Cork bark Pine These are only of under 100 pounds And then these beautiful white pines Look at this five needle Pines These are under 400 pounds look at them Normally they would be double this you Can't buy them in a Wholesale Nursery For that And then we've got so many different Types of black foam look at these very Unique black coins They can be developed and gone on more They haven't even been unpacked and so It goes on And these are Black Pines I think They're three-year-old seedlings and I'm Gonna work on this because I'm gonna Keep them in a clump and wire them and So this is going to be the subject for a YouTube Workshop I will show these what I can make out of them Look at these beautiful black points Look at them you could still improve Them refine them And these are all in beautiful Japanese Ceramic pots too So there's lots of goodies so if you're

Around and can visit the nursery these Have to be in quarantine for three Months but you can come and reserve them And as soon as they're released from Quarantine you can harm them So we've got so many already some people Have booked these trees Many of them have already been booked Look at that beautiful black pine cork Bark So these we have limited quantities but A few were booked today and it's only The second day since they arrived so There you are Eat your heart out And this is only the quarantine section I've got another section where we've got Azaleas Large azaleas for three to six hundred Pounds These are the Japanese Hiroki Cyprus Very special hinokis Beautiful And we propagate from these as well we Make cuttings from those trees So Joshua carry on taking pictures of the Individual trees And if you're a bonsai lover you just Love seeing some of these Straight out of the Japanese exhibition Book Going on All shapes

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