What Plants Grow Well With Cannabis Indoors

I’ve got a lemonade Auto, which I’ve been growing kind of bonsai Style. So it’s in this pot. Here it’s a ceramic pot or just the one hole we can see where some of the roots are trying to escape.

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It’s about 400 mils, this pot and training that I did good way of look a bit closer. There we go, you can see, so we’ve got the first. I believe I cut away the first set of branches, and so we’ve got the second third here and then I filmed it here.

So if I topped it would have just had these, but because I filmed it, we had the extra, which is this one here which is fantastic, so that was that worked really well, uh, really sort of give it its shape, and it’s sort of gave me the Ideas to sort of bring it out and the the creativity to sort of create a shape that that I did so yeah.

So there we go so I’m pretty happy with that pruning along the way and tying down and all the rest of it. There are some videos I think on on YouTube, not sure. What’s what’s still there and what’s been deleted to be honest, um, so yeah? So here we go so that’s sort of my latest kind of bonsai Style.

I haven’t done so many just lately, but I’ve enjoyed doing this one and so I’ll probably do some more and the buds are really nice quality as well all fed on Athena nutrients. And then I’ve got dynamico mixed in here and I’ve just been using.

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I’Ve been using Predator termites uh, which have done a really good job, I’m really getting to grips with using them. Now I would recommend them to anyone that doesn’t like spraying and stuff yeah. These birds are looking great as well.

You know do these for fun! These little pots uh these little can of bons eyes and solos and everything, but I do also try to get a decent quality of yield as well and quality of Bud, which I think I’ve managed to do on this.

One yeah I’d say really happy with this. So this is uh Auto from Paradise, seeds, uh lemonade or terrorism. It’S one of their new ones, um, but yeah. Looking at it and smelling it uh I’ll give a report after it’s been chopped and dried, but yeah definitely so far.

I would definitely recommend it. Uh yeah there we go okay, thanks for watching this video take care everyone, peace,

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