The Montreal Collection Part 4 of 4 Dec 2022

This is beautiful too. You don’t often see good Spruce like that. Do you it’s really nice, it’s just. Is it really wow, so many good trees from the clintons yeah wow? Thank you. Is this a Don Redwood or or is this bald cypress still? Okay? Isn’T that nice, the coloring on it, I like the wow, that’s do you have any Don redwoods or here’s some Maples or some Pines now? Is that a cork bark too? It looks like yeah.

Look at that bark wow, there’s a white pine. How long would the wiring take on a tree like this is that it depends who’s doing it? Okay, yeah that’d probably be a good answer. Well, maybe I don’t know two days yeah two good days: eh, there’s a Canadian White Pine right, yeah, yeah wow! That’S really! Nice is it really? Oh, okay, amazing donation, that’s the only one I have here yeah, it’s an amazing one.

He has a another one, yeah okay, which is probably it’s probably one of the best ones. I’Ve seen it’s huge, but it’s it’s beautiful, yeah, wow wow! That’S really nice, isn’t it amazing yeah David has a bit of everything in his yard.

He’S got Big Trees, small trees, they’re just everyone is a gem wow that is so beautiful. It’S live the tables parting of the Red Sea. You need motion sensors that automatically detect. Where you’re walking and then just there you go [ Music, ] wow.

This one’s got some work being done to it: the rebar, okay, wow and cork bark wow, amazing, there’s a twisty one. That’S amazing! All the movement in this short Pine, okay, wow, beautiful bark, too. Look at this one holy.

This one must be very old, too yeah and the bark is very amazing. Yeah, it’s very, very thick. Oh that’s beautiful! This is a juniper. Isn’T it you don’t have a lot of junipers. Do you think there’s not a lot of junipers here? Oh, is it okay we’re getting to the Juniper section? I have a low battery light flashing, but I have spares just got a watch that I’m still recording instead of walking around I’m not doing anything.

Here’S another thuja, here’s David Johnson’s one is it no? Yes, it is yeah. Is this this yeah wow yeah? Does that ever look good? Here’S another one. Have you seen his other cascading one? I think it was at the Toronto show? Was it or yes, it’s more vertical, the cascading part wow.

That’S awesome, [ Applause ]! This one doesn’t get a pot. Oh, is it okay with the sphagnum and probably recover? Won’T it. It’S got a lot of green on it. Look at this – oh, my goodness, that is just it is unbelievable wow that is amazing, beautiful and another, yellow one strawberry tree or or no not Arbutus or no [, Music ].

This is amazing, too wow, okay, wow Cascade [ Applause, ], you wow! These are amazing. Trees, it’s a little recording, maybe thanks, [ Music ], oh okay, okay! So in the summer how many of these trees would be on display like 50 or no yeah, [, Music, ], okay, okay, so limited numbers? Eh? Okay! So that’s about a third of the collection is that right, yeah, somewhere around there yeah wow, I’m so lucky to be able to see the whole collection at once.

Well, here’s a rosemary look at that one is one is fantastic one wow that looks great, that’s fantastic! There’S another Willow, that’s a short stubby one. Isn’T it wow that looks great? Oh? Is it yeah really nice wow? Oh, look at this Cedar holy wow.

That’S a beauty, not sure what this is. Is that a is it wow amazing, wow, crab apple or a real full-size Apple wow? Nice? And what is this one? That’S another, oh wow, okay! Is that right that neckline sees [ Laughter ] look at this will always Fanta.

This is a David easterbark. Well, all right, it really changed his character in the winter, because in the summer it’s still like soft and floaty. Okay suddenly without believes it’s energetic and, like pointed out, wow really cool, very cool crabapple.

There’S a small leafed, elm wow, fantastic still, recording wow, and what is this one, an oak wow is that ever nice yeah? That is really nice. Isn’T it and does it ever change colors, or does that it stays green like that wow [, Music, ], Wisteria, wisteria, beautiful huh, Beach, Japanese Beach, wow, no one’s carved their initials into the trunk.

It’S a rare fur of each. This is a beach Forest. Well, I’m going to come around here really combined that looks great together. Doesn’T it yeah wow? I like the path kind of path through to the Ravine yeah, and that looks really good: wow, okay, wow, not a Hazel Hazel or yeah; okay, yeah yeah cool! So many nice trees here I want still Green Bamboo another Beach.

It looks like her. No, I don’t know what that is. Is that a beach too or yeah? Japanese Beach, cool, Ginkgo, wow, that’s nice! There’S that one with the bark wow, that’s so cool. What was this one again? What was that one again liquid, Amber wow? That is, I think, that one wins the award for the nicest looking bark, because – and this is in Azalea here – is it wow amazing? Well, this really shows you what the best Bonsai is all about.

Isn’T it it’s just wow sorry don’t hit the tree because I think they call that a friend. What’S that an apple that fell and got cut, oh I’m noticing now I saw a squirrel in the one Greenhouse that yeah, oh yeah, they came.

Is that supposed to be in there? No, no because it didn’t seem to mind me walking up to it and taking his picture on Toronto. They walk up to you and they climb up your leg. Looking for nuts and things yeah they’re foreign, oh, these are beautiful, aren’t they Fringe trees or is that what you would Fringe Fringe? I don’t know I don’t it’s.

Okay, some flowering. I know I. I recognize that that’s um media, oh yeah, [, Music, ]! Oh, this is nice, isn’t it and what is this one? [ Laughter? ]? Okay, okay, it’s just gonna there’s, no tag! Okay! Okay, when I see it Rose.

Okay, this is a birch, a Petula Bachelor Japanese paper birch, but it looks almost the same as the uh. It’S nice with uh. I know this one, that’s a burning bush. We call it yeah burning bush gets the bright.

That must look in fall. It must look beautiful, wow, yeah, okay, oh we’re almost done beautiful; okay, it’s quite small, okay wow! This is um. Is it yeah? It came from another collection here, flowers, almost on the branches: Oh okay, little pearls, okay, very beautiful, yeah wow, that is cool.

That’S a birchism, Alder, okay, okay, wow, that’s beautiful! Isn’T it yeah? That’S yeah! I don’t think there is a common name for Elder. I think that’s yeah, okay, okay, and this is an ivy. Isn’T it the the Virginia creeper? Is that Earth or Boston IV or yeah? But it’s very close to it’s, not Boston.

Okay, yeah! I don’t know foreign wow, that’s cool, okay, [, Music, ] I’ll just go down this row thanks, Ginkgo is okay! Oh, is it it’s really nice happiness: okay, okay, hornbeam, oh man! This looks like hornbeam too.

Is it or Korean hormone Ginkgo? I saw that and yes, look at the chalk on this good enough. Okay and wow wow wow some Maples. So now pull this. This is okay! Well, that was that was overwhelming. I it’s probably a good thing.

You want to display a third of them at a time because it’s just yeah, it’s too much boggles the mind. It’S just fantastic wow. This was definitely worth the drive to Montreal [, Music, ], wow you’re, here just greenhouses for everything um, so we’re heading outside now.

This is either they’re gonna murder me down here, or this is a secret behind the scenes. Look that no one will ever see: [ Applause ] – oh my goodness, look at that. So this is where the Larch is over winter.

So this is probably the room or outside temperature almost there. No, no. This was up to two Celsius. Okay, it will stay very stable. Okay, yeah because often wondered about larches. Like some people say they need.

You got to keep them outside in the benches to keep them really cold yeah when they could they could they could, but we’re not installed to keep trees completely outside and everything yeah and in the greenhouse.

If they start to grow in a greenhouse, often they will enjoy that’s cool again yeah and they’re gonna be yes, do you think it’s beneficial to keep them just slightly above freezing or no it’s better to keep them Frozen? Do you think, or I don’t see any difference? No okay, so it’s quite possible to keep them at this temperature yeah and you can work on them.

Okay, because I kept mine in the greenhouse, which was just above freezing last winter, and it grew fine this spring. I just wondered: should I have kept it colder? Oh, but it how much above freezing like zero to four degrees somewhere around there, just like here, generally yeah? Okay, so it doesn’t hurt them long term or anything like that? Okay, I didn’t think so I mean wow.

So there’s some beautiful arch in here and a beautiful Rock wow heavy one too yeah wow large Forest. That’S a nice composition, really nice to your right and first one, then yeah, I’m sorry! The first one yeah this one, no just in front of the the big lens one: oh okay yeah.

I didn’t really uh archers called me: okay, yeah, good old, Arthur famous for that video he made. Did you ever see that video? We had it in our library? Long ago um, it’s called the growing art of both sides.

Oh yeah yeah, okay yeah, he goes, this pot is too small. This part is too large. This pot is just right. It’S kind of funny yeah I met Arthur several times. He uh we had a show in Guelph Ontario that he used to come to.

Oh, these are some great old arches here yeah there’s one fellow in Toronto Jeff. He bought a lot of Arthur’s viewing Stones as oh yeah, um yeah he’s big into the stones. He his houses shouldn’t throw stones.

[ Music ] responsible here – is where all the trees are displayed in the summertime. The work is done Under the Tent, the canopy out there, oh yeah, I did yeah, I didn’t video them, but it just it makes you feel like uh Honey.

I Shrunk the Kids here, yeah, it’s just it’s just amazing. It’S amazing. So here is a coastal redwood, and this is originally a Ryan Neil tree from Portland Oregon donated by Pierre sea, green America and it’s planted on a slab, looks amazing front: okay, okay, what pot was it in before really [ Music, ] yeah? It was much more status, okay.

Well, it looks good. Doesn’T it well, I think so yeah. I think that rock really suits at the slab and that display stand wow, that’s beautiful! Thank you very much for the behind the scenes tour. What a fantastic place – and I would recommend everyone – come and see this collection in Montreal.

It is absolutely fantastic, it’s probably the best collection outside of Japan. I would say I I think right well, let’s say one of the best there we go so I hope to see you all next time with somewhere in the boatside world and uh.

Thank you very much. Bye. I’M heading home now from the Montreal botanical gardens seeing their awesome pending Bonsai collection, wonderful people – I had a great time. It was so nice to see all those trees.

So, oh my God, my way out of Montreal now a little crowded busy, but not too bad. After a day of rain, I can finally see a little bit of sunshine up there kind of nice. I am clear of Montreal. It is four 18.

I’m heading home. Toronto is 488 kilometers to go. It’S raining. It is 4 35 now, and it’s already getting dark out, I’m getting closer to the Quebec border. The Quebec Ontario border long way to go still, though welcome to Ontario there.

It is so we’re in Ontario. Now it is five o’clock now and I’m back to where I started this morning at Cornwall, I’m not staying over I’m going straight home all the way home tonight you can see despite the stormy, cloudy weather, there’s still a bit of sunset on the horizon.

I stopped to get a bite to eat and get my first fuel stop. So I’m fully fueled ready to continue my journey home, I’m about an hour and a half away from Toronto. I’M stopping off to get fuel I’m only down to about half a tank, but this should get me home this tank, so I’ll fill her up and continue the journey home.

I have been on the road just over five hours now and I am approaching Toronto. So that’s exciting! After Toronto I still have an hour and a half to go, but I’m getting closer. It’S uh nice to be uh getting closer to home.

I am cruising along making good head weight, I’m about an hour from home now, so it’s gonna be so nice. It is almost 10 o’clock, it’s hard to believe. I was having lunch with Christian in Downtown Montreal today, yeah almost home.

Well, it is just after 10 o’clock, I’m back in my hometown, soon I’ll be in the driveway [ Music ]. Well, here I am I’m back home. It feels good to be home. I want to thank Vanessa Marianne and Eric for showing me around to all those fantastic Bonsai.

Today, they’re they’re world-class Bonsai, they’re fantastic, well worth the journey to see them. It was nice meeting Christian uh at the greenhouse there. It was fantastic. We had lunch in Downtown Montreal, it’s fantastic! What a fantastic day I’ve been dreaming of going to the Montreal botanical gardens for 30 years and finally, I got there and saw the wonderful trees, so it was an excellent road trip.


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