Willow Bonsai Training

I'm just going to do a very quick little Uh demonstration because someone wants Me to train a willow for them because Whether I do not often produce with them Because not many people like will so I'm Going to show you what I would do with This so this is just a touching this Cutting was made two years ago Two years ago from quite a thick stem I just stuck it in water and then put it In a pot so here it is So usually weeping willow left to their Own devices do not weep when the Branches get long they wait so you have To help it along so and the trunks are Usually very thick but I can try and Bend it but probably I may not even try I think I just by Wiring The stems Take this off It will look quite presentable So at the moment it doesn't look very Much like a bottom side but I will make It look like a bonsai So we will wire the branches to give it More of a what we call Bonsai look So choosing the greater wire I always Tell people that Much of it is common sense you have to Know what grid of wire will then what Thickness of trunk So with this thickness not Chuck the Branch

I will just put this on Make it look more like a miniature tree I keep saying that I should make more Willow but as I said there are not many People who like we look But this is by no means a good example Of a model so I've seen people who are Willis with tick trunk I used to have One but it died they're very hard to Keep alive and to keep in good condition And that one Uh Is still around But I'm regrowing it So you must be asking me why am I Wearing weeping will Weeping willow only weep when they are Very big trees because the weight of the Branches makes the branches hang Downwards But left to their own devices the young Trees they do not wait so I've got to Make it look that it's weeping just by Wiring So you see the difference it will make So I'm going to one and all As much as possible I'm using two millimeter water Willow is certainly to be tried if You've never tried Willow before because The cuttings are very easy to propagate You can even propagate simply by putting It in water you don't even have to put It in soil and it will send roots it

Will root And you can also make cuttings with very Big chunks but sometimes you get dye Back on will And nothing but putting it at a slightly Different angle may give a different Appearance I think I need these branches I know That the part is very straight if I Split the trunk it might be able to bend But I won't risk it because I don't Think this customer Is so fussy so even these little ones I Can wear a little more to get more shape [Music] So I think that has changed this shape a Little more it made it look more like a Weeping wheel because Before that it didn't look so nice so This is more like the Weeping window That you would see as a victory I would Plant it at a slot and I will put it in A pot So I found quite a nice Chinese pot And I've chosen a slightly deep pot Because it's the branches hanged so this Shape part would be better And Willows are so tough you can do Anything to them the roots will take it By the way Willows like to be stored in Water in the summertime So they're very thirsty plants Foreign

[Music] ERS by the way can be repotted twice a Year So you can put it in the spring and Again in late summer The roots are so vigorous that they Could do with repotting twice a year If this is the front of the tree I'm Going to put the decoration towards the Front I noticed there's a root there And this route was the original cutting So I'm going to cut that off But I think there is sufficient good in The rest of the tree All right So this is going to stay there let me Just take a more powerful instrument So that is the angle Of planting of the river I've tidied it up later but it's just to Show the principle So simple Foreign Is quite nice if you planted it straight It wouldn't look the same so look at That you see that makes it More artistic so there you go You must be wondering what I'm doing in This jungle But this is another weeping willow There is a history behind this Willow And this tree I started making in 1974.

This is my first book but it's the Italian version I think And as you know most of my books are in Eight languages English and seven Languages so I can't find that English Book but this is the book and on I think Page 94 I will show you the original Tree that I had So this is the tree As it was photographed in 1983 because This book was published in 84 so that is The very same Tree in 1984 after seven Years it had acquired a chunk so thick If we look at it closely I can't take it Out of the pot this tree because of all Day it started dying the top has all Died if you look at it closely the top Has all died so I decided to regrow the Tree so I put it in a flower pot and I Stood it on gravel so you can see all The roots that have come out of the pot So look at it see how vigorous it is Just in one year in one year's time all The roots have grown into the ground Like this In fact I think you can try making root Cuttings with this even it will grow So this is what I did And I'm trying to draw a new head for The tree and I kept this as a bottom Sacrificial branch So this tree has quite a lot happening To it let me take it off of the pocket To show you close the detail I think I

Can get it out Let's do it So let us look at the speed more closely Look at them This is the tree 74 makes it about 50 years old almost 50 years old I started making the Streets so that Hollow trunk is just old Age and the tree was dying I think you can still see the shape of These the tree From the book If we look at that book you see that Curve See that bit of the curve this is that Route there So that is still that original trade had A top there so this is the original tree But 48 years old it is looking like this So I've grown it in this flower pot to Make it strong again Because I want to regrow the tree So these are all what we call Sacrificial branches Even this is a sacrificial budget but I Was trying to wrap it out to make it Look like a false tree I can even still Do that if I want to See I've even grown this to wrap around To make it a thicker trunk like a false Trunk so I don't know what to do because Now that this leader is growing I could Even make the tree go from that as the Leader

But there are so many possibilities can You see what I'm doing so many Possibilities to this tree So I can even cut it back there and have A fig tree with the hollow trunk here But I probably shouldn't rush it because You can see how nicely it's developing And I'm wrapping all these young shoots Around to make the trunk thicker like This one I'm wrapping around to make it Thicker So there are endless possibilities okay Let me cut this off so you can see what Is going on this I can use for making a Cutting I'll get several trees out of This See all these I can cut and make new Trees from them So you can see what's happening here You see this branch has been going on I'll cut this off So can you see what I've been trying to Do I've been trying to wrap around Another Branch to make the whole trunk Thicker so I must still continue to do It as an experiment to see what happens So I always like doing experiments so This is as far as I got with this tree And probably I can try and bend it to Give it more Bend I can't even start making it make It look more like a bonsai just by Wiring you can see it like that So this Endless Possibilities endless

Possibilities All these can become cuttings Cooking So even now if I did that and while this Down I could get quite a nice Interesting large Willow bottom side so This is the history of this tree So it is sheer old age that this tree Has started doing this But you can't help it you know people Get all trees get old And uh Let's see what happens to this In time so something exciting will Happen from this So I will continue to doing this as an Experiment to see Receiving the trip on this side the line Is quite nice So what's the space as I say and you Will probably get a very interesting Project coming from this So this is the willow from Peter's first book After 48 years there you go [Music] Thank you

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