Adenium (Desert Rose) Bonsai – Getting More Flowers All Year Round. How to prune desert rose

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Hello everyone Today i’m going to show you how i told My necessary roof There’s some flowers still here but they Are about to whistle Already they will last for a few more Days So today i have to sacrifice these Ranges for better flowers later Before i cut it i need to sanitize the Knife And massage very clean and free of Material [Music] [Music] Sometimes people ask me why my row have Many flowers The answer is because they have many Branches As you know heat branch gives you a few Flowers at a time So the more branches you have The more flowers As you see these the other roads have Very long ranges Good brains have only a few flowers That’s the reason we need to trim it to Multiple the range each year The young tree on the left side is much Taller than the old one on the right Side but Softer thicker and cooler [Music] [Music]

As you see in the video the previous cut From last year In red color the branch was about 10 Inches Long From market they have three or four new Suit came out [Music] Same over here when i cut it There are four more new branches that Made my tree thicker and uh Fuller When i cut it i had about two inch left You see the same As our other range doesn’t matter it’s Bit small There’s at least two or three new shoes We come out at each cut So like this one i give her at least 8 or 10 new suits Yeah sometimes we have to sacrifice The old one and but don’t worry Later on you will have thicker and Beautiful tree with more flowers I do it every year in late september And in next two months i will have More flour before winter coming [Music] After trimming i use the lattice pane to Cover all the cuts It is to prevent the water and material To get in there And make them rather They just roast a very beautiful tree

And you can do it very easy in warm Weather area They don’t like too much water and they Don’t like cold When the temperature is below 50 you Need to bring them inside There are many different colors and Their flowers blooming All year round in warm weather And they need at least sit out of the Sunlight every day This rule is very beautiful when you Keep it soft And don’t let it too tall Because if it’s too tall it’s being you Don’t have any branches If you don’t have any frenchies you Don’t have any flour [Music] And here is an update of my natural Upland week Most of the tests have two three or four New shoes coming out The new suit will produce a lot of flour In next few months by doing this matters My naturals always have a beautiful turn A lot of new branches and flowers make It thick and fuller Next year when this new suits get long I say about 10 inch A foot long then that’s the time to Prune it again And remember always have two ins left After it cut that’s the key

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