How to Cannabonsai Easily

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 I’ll be showing you a route, reveal some string work. Some wire work, some defoliating and a repotting we’re gonna start off with the route reveal. So the first thing I did was remove the retaining walls and all the wire work that I had in there and all the big chunks I pushed off, and then I got the squirt bottle to remove all that dirt around the roots.

The roots are very sensitive and if I just like shoveled them out – and it probably ripped a lot of roots using the squirt bottle, I can liquefy the dirt and it just pours out of the pot. You have to squirt someone aggressively, but it won’t damage the roots, [, Music ].

I also use a spray bottle to get the heart to get pieces between the roots and in the roots it works like a Water Pik again, you won’t damage the roots with it. I wasn’t able to show you what you do with shallow roots with that last kind of bonsai, but with this coral rock panda, bonsai I’ll, be able to show you.

So if, after removing the retaining walls and taking the dirt out, your roots are still very shallow and above the dirt, what you can do is remove more dirt than necessary. So I ever moved as much soil as possible and then I’m gonna put mud soil.

More soil wet soil on top of the roots, so this pushes the roots down: [, Music, ] and I’m just gonna slowly work. My way around pushing me [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, so we’re not gonna use those we’re gonna use some string and tape.

This is a very similar technique to my last video, but before we do that, I’m gonna do a little bit of a Foley ating. So I’m removing the last of the big fan. Li’S snaking some room and yeah here we’re gonna get the string tape.

It to the side of the pot. Well, I like to do a little loop around the tape and helps the string stay on, or else it slides, sometimes slides out. So I’m gonna wrap it around the trunk move it to the position.

I want figure out where I tied up with my tape: [, Music, ] and passenger on that, so this particular rope I removed a little too early. I wish I had left it on a bit longer, because what happened? Do you see how it’s at an angle? I wanted it to stay like that, but as soon as I got rid of that rope, it stood up and pulled away from the ports and it kind of lost its round spiral, shape and became a little bit more and more square.

But again, probably something only. I would notice, but just thought I’d mention it [ Music ]. So here I’m tying a loop. I don’t want to make it too tight, so it doesn’t because that part of the plant is gonna be growing.

So if I tie it tight around there, it’ll choke it out, so I keep it loose figure out how I want it to pull wrap the string around the duct tape lower and I stick it on there: [, Music, ], the final string, top leaked and off All the excess give it up, so I’ve recreated the spiral shape that I had before.

[ Music ] we’re done [ Music ]. Now I’m gonna show you guys some basic wire work. I’M gonna take the wire and coil it around the pen and then spiral it on to the arm and then I’ll be able to manipulate the arm in any shape that I want.

The arms are very soft and I’ve tried wrapping the wire around them, but there’s there’s not much as far as leverage and it ends up damaging the arm. So I found this technique worked really well. If you’re gonna wrap it around the trunk, try finding a fatter pen or use a dowel, you can also stretch the coil if you want to in it out a bit [ Music ], the longer the coil the less times, you’ll have to wrap it around, But also you might not get as much control over the arm afterwards.

Okay, now we’re gonna do a little bit of defoliating [ Music ]. At this point, I’m just thinking about aesthetics time I wan na. I want it to be a little less bushy. There’S some yellowing leaves I take those out, I’m trying to create symmetry as well.

It’S more sculpting than anything. This isn’t really for the plants help mind you it’s a healthy plant and I want my my plants healthy, but I’m not doing this to increase the potency or to increase the yield.

Those aren’t really my concerns with this plant. This plant is more for aesthetic, [, Music, ], [ Music ] get here we’re gonna do some repotting, so this plant I made it have a big u-shape. I guess like a big arc and I wasn’t really happy with with how how it looked so.

I decided to repot it and make the arc hang off the end, so I’m doing a similar technique to last time where I use a spray bottle to shape the roots, so I don’t damage it and then I put soil back in areas that are not gon Na have soil once it’s back in there I keep molding the soil, brick being careful not to damage any roots, and then I put it back in [, Music ].

So now it’s cascading Kanna Banzai [, Music ]. Thank you for watching. Please remember to Like and subscribe and tell your friends

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