Adenium (Desert Rose) Bonsai – How to train the roots

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Hello everyone today I’m going to report This desert earth I have two of these about 4 years ago As you can see how I get a midterm like That in 4 years Today I will show you how I make the Trip get that big and fast like that Desert Rose is a beautiful tree Especially for the bonsai they don’t Need much water you can water it one or Two times a week during hot summer the Bigger truth the more beautiful desert Release and it’s blooming all year round To get a big group fast and we pot this Three or four times a year for small Tree but for a big Natori I do one or Two times a year any time before Reporting I stopped watering for a week Or two This step is very important for this Desert every time I reported I will lead It up a little bit about half inch for This small tree like this one I leave it Up about half inch if I lead for the Bigger one like that every time I Reported I leave it up about two inch Above the round because the oregano so Are these two thirds are often solid and One third of the hottest oil be good to Keep the moisture and the same to help The water drain out of Italy [Music] [Music] [Music]

You see after reporting the rutile Having traveled around by doing this way I will be picked three or four times a Year to get a truck drove us and be here In a second three [Music] I am going to report this in a different Way I got this three tall and had a long Leg and you see in the picture I will Trim all the small room around and he Only one biggest main room [Music] [Music] It will be literally hire about one inch Compared to the first one because it too High so I have a couple stake to hold And keep it straight I will loop reported three time a year Also [Music] By doing these methods I will have a Tallit and I will trendy to have a big Room later after the run guitar The third one is different when it was Young I laid it down on the ground and Keep the part later also I want to Change the Tran move the war and Daniel [Music] I believe a ribbon to tie it up and what I was it [Music] [Music] [Music] You can see the light where I thought

Leader forever harm this is a 18 months – and I have in repetitive of all time [Music] This still Alenia me is about for you I reported three time for the first two Years then two thumb for the third year And only one time early this year for This big group it need to be about two Inch above when idiotic so today I just Show you three different ways of Reporting this role the big room the Long leg and the following I hope you Enjoy this video and you have a birthday Thank you bye bye

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