Gifts From the Toronto Show, The Bonsai Zone, Oct 2022

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Foreign I am back home after two days in Toronto It was uh A really really fun weekend Today the weather is kind of uh a mix of Sun and clouds mostly clouds and it's Very cold the high is like six degrees Celsius Yeah it's a pretty pretty cool day out Here today I got home late last night from the Toronto Bonsai show So I left the trees in the car overnight And then this morning I moved them Back into the greenhouse the tropicals And my Cedar Forest went back on the Bench and I gave them all a good Watering I didn't buy any trees at the Toronto Show or pots or anything Um I did get a lot of gifts from some Very nice people I'll show you what I Brought home Here is a look at what I brought back From the Toronto show Let's start over here When I was leaving for the Toronto show Early Saturday morning in the dark I Noticed a package in the front doorstep And this is from Tom from the YouTube Channel grown clip Bonsai for seniors And he sent me Frankenstein There it is so this is A universal uh replica movie replica

And it's starting to snow right now And uh he he sent this to me to display With my Franken Ficus uh bonsai And our KW show is just before Halloween It's on the 29th and Halloween is on the 31st So I think a Halloween theme would be Really awesome with the frankenficus so I'll have to display Frankenstein With the tree that'll be awesome A very kind fellow Gave me Some monks I was at the David Easterbrook demo and He came up to me after and he said here Nigel I've got some monks for you They're really cool He said he he had seen them in my videos Before and thought I could use some more So here here they are So here's this Monk Very very cool There's another one I think that's the Same person yes Same person there and then There's another fellow here under the Plastic So yeah Really cool so thanks very much I really Appreciate it I think that'll be There's a little square one and I think This guy would look perfect On top of that stand and just sort of in The corner at our show

That would look pretty cool I got a gift from Ron from dragon art They're in Niagara Falls Canada Really cool a floating Bonsai pot Held up by waterfalls it's quite an Illusion Looks like it's really floating in Midair So I'll have to plant something really Cool in there maybe an avatar inspired Theme or something like that So that's from dragonarts They sell all kinds of bonsai Supplies they have classes Bonsai Classes David from the Toronto Club gave me this Really cool Chinese Roof tile so this would be on the peak Of a roof an ornamental roof tile And it's a one of the dogs the They call them a shoe dogs or something And he thought you know maybe this would Be a good piece to do a root over statue Composition So yeah I think it would be too I think It's really really cool So we'll have to do that I think I have lots of trees I'll find a nice Ficus or something to Grow over top of that Josh was loading up his car at the end Of the show and he said does anyone want These Willow

Cuttings and and I said well sure I'll Take them and they were really tall You can see there this one's quite a Thick cutting Really cool Um And I didn't have a whole lot of space In my car And I thought well maybe someone has a Saw we can cut them down so we asked all Around no one had a saw so we thought Well Someone came up with the idea let's just Break the top of the tree off so that's What happened you can see the break Mark Here and then on this side It was split down here so this was like Twice as tall originally and I you know I was going to cut it down Probably Somewhere about can you see that Somewhere about here just kind of Leaving the trunk then developing the Branches off that and then there's some Other rooted Willow these are Weeping Willow cuttings Here so Yeah I thought I'm going to develop this One and these cuttings I can give away To someone they can try a weeping willow Bonsai So very cool so thanks very much Josh And uh Thanks very much Ron for the pot and

David and I I forget the Fella's name that gave me This but Thanks very much for the monks that's Really cool and of course Tom St Tom For the Frankenstein so Yeah that was good so I didn't buy any Pots I didn't buy any trees at the show I have enough trees I just want to Develop what I have I have enough to keep me busy for the Rest of my life Pots I can always use more pots but I Didn't get much time to go down to the Vendor sex section of the show they were In a separate room I did see Sophie and I saw Chris Henry And there's a couple other vendors there That I met Um and I meant to go back and check out Sophie's pots she was doing really well She sold When I talked to her in the afternoon of The first day she said she sold almost Half her pots and I think she went back To Cambridge picked up more pots for day Two so yes she did really well her pots Are beautiful I'm so glad to see Her getting recognition in the world of Bonsai uh For her lovely pots I got a t-shirt at the show from Blue Water Bonsai it's a brand new club just

Started in Sarnia Ontario Canada so if You're in the area you can contact Jeff On Bluewater Bonsai on Facebook and He'll tell you all about the new club so Thanks very much I really appreciate the T-shirt and you'll see me wearing it in Future videos I also got a nice gift from Carol of the Toronto Club this is a powder puff plant The leaves fold up at night and it gets These really really nice flowers on it So I'm hoping to show you more of that In the future Uh you'll see it flower in the future And I'll develop it as a bonsai so very Exciting thank you Carol The snow or Sleek that was coming down Has kind of turned to a misting rain now Um we're getting a couple of cold nights In a row where it goes down just about Freezing All my Tropicals are in the greenhouses So they should be okay any of the really Sensitive Tropicals I'm bringing into The plant room there's only about four That I have to protect they can't take Much coal to blow about 12 degrees Celsius so I'm bringing those In the rest can stay out here and then The weather is going to warm up once Again So we'll get some nice temperatures I think last year I brought all my Tropicals into the plant room

Ah it was either the first or second Week in November So I'm hoping I can keep them out a While longer They do benefit from the natural light Cycle here In the greenhouse to get a lot more Light than they would in the plant room So I keep them out as long as I can I've got some Force to prepare for the KW show which is in two weeks so that's The next stage is to Work on the plant room and prepare the Trees for the KW show so I'll take the Same four I had in the Toronto show to The KW show And I'll bring more I'll bring some of My forests So probably the large Forest the Avatar Grove Yeah and the Yucca Forest I'll be Bringing a lot of trees I'm taking the Big red truck so I should be able to fit A lot of trees and stands in the truck I am back at work on the plant room Today so here's what I'm working on I've My little attic up there all the beams Are installed I had to put screening up here I've all along here fitted all along Here just so mice can't get in this room I've had mice running in this wall Before and it's really annoying So

I've got everything screened with mesh Foam so there's no way any animals can Get in this room which is okay by me So yeah I'm just uh doing the insulation Now Which is a messy job lowering it from Where it was up in the roof beams Down to the new false kind of ceiling or Attic up there So there's an airspace that Joins all these beams so the air flows From the soffit up along the roof and Then exits out over here I've got a hole In the sidewall And I've got that turbine fan that will Suck the air out I'll show you that Here it is here you can see it's Spinning around in the wind so I'll Build a box on the outside up here Mount the fan to the top of that box It should work pretty well In the plant room here I have some of my Cold intolerant plants in here so I've Got my baobobs my cashews my Bottle Tree My Australian Bottle Tree I've got my new powder puff and I have My K-pop in here so they can't take very Much cold so They're in the safety of the plant room Here Here is a look at the ceiling now I've Got all the insulation in place I've got My attic up there that'll tie in all the Beams for air circulation it's funny I

Was taking some of the insulation down Here And it was wet up there there was Condensation even though I have no Plants in this room Just from the cool night last night So yeah it's really important having air Flow through the ceiling of your room Especially in a plant room So next I'll get this plastic Vapor Barrier back up And tape it all in place you have to Make sure this stuff is really sealed if You have any gaps the moisture will Creep up in there from the plant room And it'll Yeah eventually rot your roof outs You've got to really be careful with the Vapor barrier making sure it's nice and Sealed So that'll be nice to get that up there I've marked all the the roof joists on This horizontal beam so when I go to If I ever have to mount things or Anything or when I'm screwing up my Ceiling panels I'll know where all the roof joists are Here is an update to the plant room so I've got the ceiling all in place it Looks quite strange having that flat Spot up there Different Yeah so I've just gotta do some taping Make sure it's all sealed there's I had

To join the plastic in two places so I've got to run the tape All the way down And then uh I gotta put the plastic up on the end Wall Up in this corner I left the hole to the Outside there I put some screening over It so No squirrels can get in or anything And that wind turbine in the Box That's like a bonus if I get time this Year I can do it but it can always wait Till spring there's no rush it has the Air circulation now on the roof now You know the natural flow so That is just bonus if I can get that Hooked up Let's continue on I um I'm already put The drywall on the back wall Which would be kind of nice Um Get that reflective surface there I I Don't have to put drywall I could put The silver foil up to They say white is the best reflective Surface so uh you know a painted white Wall reflects better than even silver Foil so Yeah I think I'll do that I think I'll leave my roof panels off For this winter I want to be able to see if I get any Condensation in the roof like I was

Getting last year If I do get more condensation well then I'll have to increase the ventilation I Can open up holes in the soffit to Increase the airflow I can get that fan hooked up in the Corner Now things like that just increase that Airflow and get rid of the humidity In the uh the roof beams It was so nice at the Toronto show I got To meet so many people they came and Said hi to me and I I really enjoyed Meeting people putting some faces to the Names it was so nice I want to thank all The organizers of the show and the Volunteers who worked tirelessly Tirelessly the entire day so thank you Very much everyone And that's all for today I'm Nigel Saunders thanks for joining me in the Bonsai Zone

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