Detailed Works on a Picea Bonsai Forest

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So what have I got here from this is a Very interesting project that I decided To record and it's because Godfrey there Who came on a workshop recently wrote Quite a few tubes and this was one of Them we held over to do the video As you can see it's our famous poissier Dwarf albertus Bruce very very healthy Like all of your trees got free okay and Meant to be a forest which has got four Classic Nine trees So the classic numbers but it's become a Bit overgrown because it's too healthy So sometimes you have too much of a good Thing so tell me the history please Say about another 10 years ago I came to A workshop here at Kevin's Bonsai and I Started it off And then about four or five years ago I Repotted it myself into this country Yeah okay but like you said apart from Trimming off Surplus branches lower down I haven't actually had the confidence to Touch anything I didn't know what to do Okay it can go in a more conventional Oval pot for groups but we can do that Maybe next year but the main thing is to Trim it now So what strikes me or if I can just pass On to you what classic Forest groups Should look like They should look like separate trees As it is at the moment it's just one

Mass which makes it look like one tree It's like one conical shape like one Tree I know it's got several trucks but Apart from that you can't really see the Individual trees I know you can see the Trunks but you can't see the individual Trees and that is because each of the Trees does not look like a tree so what We need to achieve is to create each of These trees to look like cheese so that Is quite a big ask because it's so Overgrown that we've got to very Carefully take back some of the branches So let me show you what I will do to eat Shoppies the new planet with any Particular side as the front or not I Think I think that was the front originally Okay we'll have a look at an exchange Not just that you've got tiny trees at The back and we could choose the other Side yeah okay so while I've got it on This side let me show you how I would Deal with this little tree for a start So we're going to make each of these Trees look like individual options Again if you've come close you can see That where it doesn't get light some of These little bits die off so Because it's a forest I think these Black punches On each of the trees don't matter so Much so even if they're dying so does it Matter if it's bear on the inside no but

It is better because you want uh okay More light to go in there right at the Moment too congested yeah okay so I'm going to convert each of these Trees into individual looking trees So I want to emphasize the branches Not only that when I've done it all Which of these branches are going to be White here that likely to be forces yeah Yeah It could make it more convincing I've also I've done a couple of get your People Costumes okay Foreign So I'm not too old You can see Handkerchief it's a picture trick [Music] Let's see I tried to make each of the Trees Look individual I want to thin the branches so that They're not merging into one room As I always say when you tend the trees It's one thing to be bold But then You mustn't be foolhardy and take Everything off I've had some of my YouTube friends send Me photographs of their work And they ask have I done the right thing I hate to tell them that they've gone Over the top they've gone too crazy

So although you need to be enthusiastic You don't need to go Too mad What was the end of the market But unless you try it you'll never learn So You have to trust yourself So can you see that tree now Incredibly yeah Yeah you can see it's true Careful see if this is one tree and that Is without water can you imagine if I Did why yes you would look even more Distinctive Of History okay now let me proceed for Another one He left the top slightly more dense is That yeah is that right you want a crown Okay now if you come close in here Patricia is the chemistry You see the insights because it doesn't Get like they all died there It's not anything you've done it's just That it doesn't get enough light yeah Yeah I didn't have the uh the courage to Do it [Music] Now this tree has started splitting Into different Yeah leaders as it was so it's ended up As a tree with like three heads yes Which ideally we don't want Now if I'm faced with the situation Where I have three leaders which one

Should I take out you see now this is a Use of regard so I'm trying to keep this Because this This group hasn't got many real branches I need some more messages [Music] Uh I've got one leader coming this way When you're going that way Now to decide which one to take off I Have to take off two and leave one I will take this off because it's too Close to this tree yeah because if I Don't take it off it'll merge into that Tree it make it more difficult to uh kid In the restaurant so let me Maybe leave a stop perhaps do a little Gin with that yeah fine thing is that Yeah it is It's not the other one you do Oh yeah I told you it's going to be interesting Okay It's also Will this encourage any loud grow slow Down we will get over a long time yeah And then The thing about doing dinner you just Crush the block yeah So you'll be quite interesting [Music] The only problem is there is so much Choice that knowing what to choose is Quite good to take How do you choose how much to take off

So I've made a bit of driftwood from That Because you can enforce yourself that You can Driftwood or some trees Instantly I think these are good you're Taking all of all the gross out maybe Tip aren't you yeah Because if you don't expect extended Extended right and it'll end up way out In the West right Don't ask me if I've done such a thing Before I haven't done [Laughter] These spices are SilverStar they make Lovely individual trees they make lovely Forests yeah Very much overlooked Foreign [Music] See that's going to be reduced like like That now this is a tricky one because Yeah that's been studied isn't it Because you don't want everything The same height so the fact that you've Got a variety of heights makes this very Interesting Now this is a very thick branch Can try and keep that Just by sharing the ends off I will get Someone back okay So let's look at this touch This is number three Yeah we're beginning to see The branches of each of the trees

Now I'm going to hand the season over to You or you bring your scissors and have A good this one right okay [Music] Yeah you can see how I have okay so you Start with the inside Shorten the lengths of the shorten the Legs like I did Don't don't do this it's not sticky to This we just take the chips out No you've got to leave some green okay Okay I'm trying to get a bean on a pad before Yeah yeah right yes and you've got to Take that half of them but it's much too Long I'm not sure okay as long as you do Something you've got a little green if You take that green yeah the approach Will die Foreign Maybe this is very thick this one is Thick so we take that off completely It's my head yeah just leave a stop we Make a bit of gin half yeah That's good That's it and then these are going to Shorten you see how long these are so if You've got a shortage of up there yeah Okay I must do it yeah okay I'm still looking For a sort of a yes yeah And every year you or every so often That's right you have to do it all the Time again yeah which is what I never

Did See the point turning it out you Suddenly you realize how these trees Will become like tall individual trees Rather than just a mass forming a blob Which is like a single tree Again you've got to see it take that off What would you do with this is it too Close [Music] Yeah It was cut in half yeah Okay you know so that is a project This one Okay Remember always leave some green yeah Like that like I do Half Okay so it's sorting results You say this yeah it is going up take That off yeah And on this one you've got one going up There take the upward one and leave the Bottom one yeah you see yeah and you Don't have to do so much wiring that's It can you see the shape of the tree now Yeah Foreign Okay You're not yeah And then this is so long yep and cut This upward going one Yeah Give me the hang of it

And then this shortly Would you don't pass this Barrel or just Yeah no go past this bird yeah The next one Yeah on that this one coming out what About that there next one So now you see this is shooting off in The front I will just take it off from There there let's keep a little bit And then shortens yeah and then you make Like a triangle at the very top you've Got a crowd Foreign But you're always looking at the overall Shape like that not trying to always The overall triangular shape that's it Doesn't don't just look at the inside of The vehicle learn to look at the overall Shape Yeah you can see an invisible line of Triangle like that [Music] Um [Music] Yeah yeah [Music] I'll be careful don't take too much So just take the tips [Music] And then take the tips off it's very Different so the so we're looking at a Triangle going that way Yeah yeah Yeah okay now let's have a look here

We've done one two three fortunes We've done 40. now let's have a look at These in fact this may make a very nice Point You can always you can have look at this Now look at it now it's fantastic well This is what the whole group should look Like yeah like that but you see Individual trees not a block yes so this Is as far as we've got with this and the Objects are now to carry on bring it to The other one one At a time So we've got as far as this I will show You we've done one two three four five Trees So there are four more trees to do and The four trees that remain are quite Major trees no they're more than that Five trees so this was like a twin trunk Tree but this one as you can see is very Very dense so coffee has got a big Timid get stuck So I would Just assist here now a lot of these Branches are quite long I usually take Away thick ones out and halfway through The green I take it back [Music] Obvious ground branches or neat as I Take out Anything Crossing on a major Branch Way which is looking like a Leader of your Holmen please you see

Here This is almost like a new leader going There so that I will take out Take it one time you see how much we've Taken out already look at that look at This amount we've taken on that's a lot Isn't it there's quite a lot So Then anything going upwards our takeout And then there's like a twin needle There Still a lot there Not many people think of using this Forest let alone Foreign And then you see I'm trying to make a Conical shape every time a conical Shaver an overall Chronicles can you see How distinct the colorful shape is So although this has got like a trim Leader there it doesn't matter because It fits in with the rest of the tree I can pin it a little more so that is With everyone So now let's take the guys away and see How it relates to the rest of the group [Applause] Yeah it's crazy okay so we still got one Two three four that's a twin trunk one The twin trunk one is a bit tricky so Let me look at this one separately [Music] Normally if I did it I wouldn't have to Use it right because I can visualize the

Tree without uh the back but I think for Most people I think the bag you must Admit does help you because it separates The the problem Like anything you know once you isolate The problem It became it begins to look more uh Manageable So you're not being distracted by the Other trees so I'm just looking at this Tree Not being distracted by the others and I Just concentrate on this one Actually this one is going upwards can You see how this is going upwards so That comes up And then these are all dead Even with a group like this this less is More principle still applies Of course this doesn't mean zero you Mustn't go and take everything off Foreign Trunk [Music] S [Music] [Music] Foreign For a purpose you strengthen the tree Very often when we let things just go Mad as it were we are helping to Strengthen the trees so your efforts are Not wasted no it makes the tree strong Have a strong Freedom you can deal with

Like this so you can see how that feels Coming now this one on this side I've Got to deal with that this one in fact Because we've got again when you chopped It pop you see like you've got three or Four heads there yeah And what am I going to do I will probably take one of them That's better [Music] I will look at it from the other side And then this side Turn the tree on I will see How it's looking Okay let's take this away and look at it From this side because I believe that This side is more interesting than the Other side and you can see through it Now the first time As we always say when you make a group This famous expression Birds should be Able to fly through the Superstructure So you can visualize that image of Little birds flying through and you Create the effect for birds to fly Through Then you will have achieved your purpose And making a group So those look at the size oh so this Side is complete like that so you're Beginning to see I haven't done any Wiring I thought I would have to worry But I think we can get away without one

So the other side is done yeah now There's a lot of death in here I just take the dirt out I'll give you the pleasure of doing one Of these okay okay so how about you Tackling this one okay all right yeah Don't be afraid you're doing well thank You I haven't taught you anything I was Putting a bag here I think the most Useful thing you will have yeah okay so Fine [Music] Wow So I'll tell you what I'm going to do I Yeah that one doesn't see this again It's multiple branches at the top isn't It so Let's think that one out completely Because yes yes do a lot it's going Vertically We're gonna find the secretary this Morning Okay so look at each one There's some Crossing there far too many Far too much As well because that's there's two clubs There yeah because there's overhanging That one so keep up with that Let's do it And then that struggling or would you Leave it no don't look at the major ones First if you've got one two three four Now this just change some of these

Things Oh from there oh there there yeah Yeah that's better Foreign [Music] Here's the folder from here yeah oh yeah And then shorten all of them I'm just Going to cut off about an inch That one's going up should I take it up I'll leave it yeah like Yeah like that you do all of them either Try and get a v OTE no if you come close with the camera I'll show you On this one see this one coming okay I'll I'll just take your attention now This one's sprouting up like that you See yeah I think I can Take this one with this one all that Will be off this topic yeah hold it off Okay Not upwards yeah okay now there's too Much there Too much there yeah this can come off Completely right Excuse me So you're being ready both I can't do that 10 years 10 years work down the drain Yeah yeah It's very dead isn't it Uh again we've got We've got two good speeds in there I'm not sure

Okay again yeah Yeah you get the general idea yeah good And then over here there's this one Going vertices [Music] Okay now this one is In this one Um An inch of all the ends and then see how It looks all right and then go in if It's Just translated I would take that one out there I would Think yeah yeah it's the biggest Branch Though is that okay yeah [Music] You can see the branches which is the Main thing One left Do you want to do it I'll let you do Okay okay let's do it It looks like a proper Forest yeah So you can see that tree is like that You don't want the Blobby effect so Let's discover the branches And where the branches are sprouting Upwards like responders for forkling up Okay Just let the horizontal one go and Shorten them to about half Things which are shooting straight out At you I can probably take that off Because sideways More or less like

Trend Trump if you come close you can See okay Can you see here It's got like two heads I'm going to be really bored I'm going to be really bored I'm going To take this All that off yeah see you cannot see the Tree okay See that's why I'm doing that you can See the tree yeah So I'm really surprised that I was able To take the tree effect without having To water I haven't done any wiring to Any of the branches and yes they're Looking like trees now see that looks Like a tree now not a dog So Out That's fantastic there you are How about that [Music] And that is without worry and although We thought the branches were all at the Top I've managed to give the effect Where the branches are quite low so you Can see all now can you imagine if you Have a nice oval pot yeah so it looks Nice from every side from that side this Side you've not trimmed the tops out of You at all no I shortened it but yeah Sure yeah that's done this I'll go Around Keep taking the chips because I was

Gonna say you want to force it goes down Yes and then you can see that very rough Conical shape there So that is what you want as well And Let's do some dead pieces you can take Out So we've achieved it so it's nice on This side And I think it's also nice on this side Not from everything Yes but it can be useful outside yeah Yeah so there you go I hope you learned Something from it and I hope the viewers Have also learned something off the gym Or by Seal for us and look at the Trimming I reckon you've taken 70 percent of the folio look at that on The ground yeah and here 70 we've taken Out So that is the amount you have to take Out to create that effect while I've got That there let me just show you This is the photos I put together back In April This is a large Force just in April so It's only had four months of growth four Months ago These one meter tall things I let it Grow deliberately to strengthen the tree I'm not always in a rush to keep Tripping clipping all the time I want The trees to get strong you see I made Some attempts at wiring the branches

Down because ideally you want to wash All the branches downwards to make them Look more clear because left to their Own devices every tree We'll send branches sprouting upwards Lies we're all approaching awesome I can cut some of these back You're going to still encourage the tree To form secondary buds by doing this Large is certainly one of my favorites For Making forced Especially when they are mature these Trees apart probably only like three or Even four years old I've got a group at wisdom which must Have been I think 74. so it's over 40 really Nearly 50 years old And you should see it they're smaller Hospital Short and really hard shots First before So that's how I trim them Creational Force So this is only four months of Development so can you imagine after Four years it would be unrecognizable It'd be so nice so this is where we Started but this one you said has had I Don't know 10 years It's looking really mature so this is Lovely for us so I hope you've enjoyed This one and thank you thank you Katie

It's been brilliant thank you Wow that looks I can't believe that I Fantastic isn't it hey I never thought It would look like that oh did you you Obviously did didn't you Well I always look at it as a blank slid Clean slit I don't have any idea how to Turn it but I have a vague idea that it Is possible I never panic and said can't Be done it's fantastic Although on the goal for the top valve It goes you can see the bottom branches Are still usable yeah they are I didn't I just imagine it all come off but it's In Balance now because they're because The top was so thick these looked Insignificant and they don't know thank You all right it's brilliant oh yeah Great [Music] All right

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