Update: Large Privet Bonsai

The bonsai shoots are about three foot long. Let me just pull one off. That is three months growth more than a meter long. So I always let the plants go a bit crazy because it makes the tree strong. If you keep pruning everything off, then the tree doesn’t stay strong.

So I will show you, first of all, the obvious ones to prune off are The Unwanted ones which don’t form a part of the design, so these going from very low spoiling the trunk line, I’m going to take off straight away.

So all these are not part of the design, so they will come off straight away. You can understand why privet is such a popular subject for hedging. They grow crazy. They are absolutely crazy, Plus [, Music, ].

Okay, I’ve got those suckers off, not suckers, and then what I designed as the branches are still there, but you see the product is getting spoiled. So you’ve got to take these long shoots off, but as a general rule, what I normally do is that I just prune everything off so that I create a triangular shape.

I don’t look at anything else. I just create the Triangular shape: [ Music, ], [, Music ]. If any of you do not know the niceties of creating pads and creating more ramification, if you simply boom like this, what we call doing a topiary exercise that should be sufficient.

But if you want to be more sophisticated, I’m going to show you how we will deal with the pads properly. So it’s such a heavy tree that we seldom move it out of position. So that’s another reason why it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves.

A number of people wants to buy this tree, but because it’s so large, they can’t handle it. I’M looking good Gardens are very strong people to help them lift the tree at home. The number of people from the EU wanted to buy, but because we’ve got out of brexit you get out in EU any longer.

I can’t send this abroad, otherwise this was destined to go abroad, but if you want an expert at Bonsai and simply do this, this in itself is very satisfying. I mean this tree is so vigorous. The shoots are going from inside the tree.

I don’t want them going inside. I like to use this as the front, because you can see the hollow trunk more clearly. Branches can be wide they’re. Not that brittle pivoting fact is a much overlooked species.

They do make excellent bonsai, [ Music ], the more you prune, the more ramification you get. So this is the front. Let’S see what’s happening at the back [ Music ]. That could be a fun as well here, yes, yes, that’s why it’s planted in a round port, because it’s nice on every side, [, Music ]! I think I’ve mentioned before John knock – came to the UK, 84 and 86.

. One of the most amusing comments he made was that tree is lies from every side, front, side, back side and all the ladies roared with laughter front side back side and mind you. I have not fed this tree at all this year.

I think I really need to feed it because all cheats need feeding. So let me have a look and see [ Music ] before the other side, I wonder what we call water shoots going from the trunk. I don’t want those to grow foreign.

These are what we call water shoots on. The base are those to grow. We want the trunk to be clear, [, Music ], so there you are, that is the tree after it’s been pruned. I think I’ll need to develop a few more branches, this side to balance the density from this side.

This part is forming well, these two pair, the forming really well. So all we need is a few more shoots over there. So that’s a further update on a tree:

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