The Montreal Collection Part 2, The Bonsai Zone, Dec 2022

That’S a bougainvillea too: isn’t it yeah? Actually, this one is the Apex of [ Music ] and get a tree that size by earlier and Apex, but growing that one again with was pretty long right. Five or six views really get that paper yeah and where did this one start off life as like a hedge or something or like collected, oh collected in Vietnam? Okay, wow, I mean I’ve.

I see them in Florida digging them up from Hedges, but they’re, not this size. No, no I’ve never seen them on this size in my life. That’S amazing must look fantastic when it’s in flower too, but okay, but I find often you only get half of them.

Flour, the half the other half is green, it’s hard to get them to flower evenly all over wow. Is this a Brazilian rain tree? Yes, oh, my goodness, that is amazing wow. That is a beautiful trunk line on it yeah.

Those are good ones donated by George lebowult, okay, 2010 wow he’s American. Is he yeah from New Jersey and he’s he donated a lot of trees? Didn’T he because yeah, I see a lot in the book. You have a lot here and some have been auctioned through the to the club wow.

It’S unusual to get nice flowing tapered trunk like that on these. Usually they have some strange bulge or something on the one side. That is amazing. Here’S another one! Isn’T it it? Just never ends wow is this from the same George, too yeah George devolton wow reminds me of like the skin on a cow or something an animal that that is so impressive, beautiful, just beautiful, and is this a box quitter? No, it’s not it’s from Vietnamese pneumonia.

That’S cool [, Music ]. Is it wow, [, Music ], it’s very nice. Isn’T it the park is really interesting. It is it’s wow under these beneficial mites that you release Here and what does that get? What does it at Target like what inside um that it’s a generalist so like like trips or okay, there’s Vanessa, we should introduce and Marianne hello and oh so this table moves over, doesn’t it well? I should have gone down that other Row.

First, okay, yeah yeah. What is this tree? It’S a ficus, oh, is it? Okay doesn’t have the big long drip tips on it, but they’re shorter than the one I have, but that’s beautiful, isn’t it wow holy [, Music ]? Oh, my goodness, [ Applause, ] yeah.

You can tell them by the bark too: they have a certain look to the bark on them. Don’T they the berries all over a nice mine’s getting some of these on it. Now it’s nothing compared to this. Oh, no, then they fall off yeah.

We just don’t have the climate for it dude. Well, I guess they need to be pollinated to stay on, don’t they or do they yeah yeah yeah wow, and this I’m trying to guess what it is. I can’t tell is it, but what what kind yeah green Green Island is it or um? Yeah? Okay? So it’s a natal fight, it’s African ficus wow! It is beautiful.

I find they really produce Ariel Roots, even if you don’t have a greenhouse they’ll shoot out in the summer. That’S the oldest one. I’Ve ever seen, that’s amazing wow! So do you usually trim the aerial Roots off occasionally or yeah? Often you have to manage them.

Otherwise, it just gets entirely out of control yeah, it’s nice to select a few and then probably have to replace them once they start thickening up yes, and there was a lot just the Tangled around the trunks yeah so keep it flowing yeah, it’s a really nice! That’S beautiful, I like the pot too wow, that’s cool, and this that’s the big bougainvillea wow.

Look at this hollow section holy! That’S amazing! In the spring this past spring, this was the one that was it had grown. Oh really, it was up in the pipes up there. It was. They got really long shoots on them, though, and how do you move this? I am really well.

We have a hydraulic, cart. Okay, so you slide it onto it and then that makes sense, because you’d need some kind of a like a frame or something underneath it if you’re yeah lifted it by hand really it looks heavy, it’s a large amount of soil wow.

That is quite a tree. That’S something wow, and this is an another Bougainville unit yeah that one has been started by David from cutting really David Easter, Brook yeah wow, that’s a beautiful tree 25 years ago, and at the same this looks like a different kind.

Is it and the big one is uh okay, and that is um [, Music ], the purple flowers that you see, uh, purple or pink? Okay, it’s quite something! Isn’T it amazing tree all my trees are looking very small compared to these oh gosh, mine are mine.

Are Twigs compared to these here’s, a ficus that looks like a wow micro carpet? Isn’T there? Yes, microcarpa wow, [ Music ], it’s nice when you can get underneath the tree. This is a small tree that I’ve been planted.

Okay, he did a project similar to that right: yeah, yeah, nice, very nice. So what temperatures do you keep them in in here here? It’S uh, 22 by day, 25.? Okay, so you drop it a little at night, but not a whole lot, eh! Okay, because I’m I dropped mine quite a bit and I’m wondering if I drop it too low, because mine goes from about 20 in the day down to about 15 at night.

Do you think it’s too much of a dropper? I guess it. I guess it depends on this. Yeah yeah trees are fine. I guess it depends on the species too, like some some, like the cool nights, don’t they? Maybe we should do that too, because there’s so much work in the other Greenhouse keep them dormant.

I know some might keep in my basement at uh in between 9 and 12, and it’s fantastic there’s, no bugs you hardly have to water them and you can have dim lights. You don’t have to have real highlights and they just sit there dormant, the whole winter.

But in Spring, oh, my goodness, the growth on them they’re, like it shoots coming out like crazy. So they store up all that energy over the winter and then they just go nuts in Spring. But whereas if you keep them warm in the winter they’re kind of more even growth, it’s probably more usable growth – I don’t know, there’s pluses, pluses and minuses to every method.

Like you were saying how much time you have to use tamarind yeah, it’s different wow! That’S a grand old treat, I love the bark on them. I think it’s one of their best features is the Bark is just fantastic: it’s like an old oak tree or something the structure, the texture and aside they fold up at night too.

Don’T they that leaves uh yeah yeah, that’s nice! I’M like a kid in a candy store here. Ah I’ve seen this one in the books. I don’t know what the real name for it is Willow, Lee Ficus or neriful yeah yeah.

This is the front yeah. The back yeah there it is, and it’s got all these shoots coming out which they do wow. That’S a great treat look at this. I love that that’s beautiful. I was looking at the one ponytail palm out there or the elephant foot tree.

Oh and the one branch on it, it’s it’s like really thin in the one View and thick and tapered. In the other view, it’s it’s like these Ficus Roots, the way they kind of get kind of uh ribbon roots and uh Cactus Greenhouse yeah, okay yeah.

It has that one branch – that’s really thin. It’S really cool I’ve, never seen that before. So it’s kind of exciting wow, that’s a great looking tree. Look at the old bark on it here is Bougainvillea another one right.

Those are really small leaves yeah. This one came from uh, okay, the nursery yeah. Can you bring the tree and do a demo for the club? Really, oh wow didn’t know you got people from that far away to come to your meetings.

Yeah! Really! I guess it’s the biggest Club in Canada. Isn’T it the Montreal Club, that’s amazing, and how many members do you have like? Maybe we are at 400 something really wow. That’S official members that necessarily very active right, yeah yeah, the Toronto Club.

I think they have close to 300 members, but at a meeting here, get maybe 60 to 100 people at the most, which I mean, that’s still good, absolutely for bonsai [ Laughter ]. The show is really impressive.

Oh thank you! I’M glad you like it yeah wow! Well, I watch uh Raphael. He does. Coverage of the Montreal show he has Evolution Bonsai of the channel. I think yeah I’ve seen his channel before I don’t know.

Oh yeah, he does have his own channel, yet yeah yeah I’ll have to meet him someday. He was going to come down one day, but he never made it yet but down to uh to your area. Yeah, okay, yeah! Well, that’s something! Hey look at this.

I guess that’s a triple trunk! It’S a clump style. Would you call that amazing look at the new shoots on it? What color flowers yeah? What color flowers does this one get uh uh, dark, pink, dark, pink, yeah, we’re not sure about the cultivar, but yeah this yeah um, it would be uh.

I recognize the English names why Wisteria Wisteria? No, no, no stereo, no um crepe, myrtle, crepe, myrtle, okay, okay, but from Vietnam. This thing is so it’s not called anywhere in the world that that really, that is unbelievable, yeah! That’S a huge thing! It looks like an animal or something in there.

It doesn’t look like a tree much it’s it’s like a sculpture, it’s just fantastic wow. I can see the bark you can see the patches that sort of wow. That is really interesting. I guess that’d be collected.

Wouldn’T it yeah wow and what color flowers does this one get uh? It’S very light: purple: okay, some like sort of like a bougainvillea that sort of lighter than that wow wow, and we oh here’s a portula carrier, Afra five trunks.

That’S amazing! I’Ve taken to I like eating the leaves on these things got a bit of punch to them. Yeah. I can imagine it going well in kind of a fresh salad. You know yeah type of thing. I like Baobab leaps too they’re, really tasty, yeah, they’re, really good.

They creamy they’re, like a cashew kind of texture. Okay they’ve got a Nutty texture to them almost like spinach and nuts mixed together, and I would grow them just to pick the leaves and make salads because they’re so good yeah.

So if you ever get a chance to try that one, that’s one thing I noticed you didn’t have in the in the here. Is you don’t have a Baobab growing anywhere? No and I think, there’s one in the collection Greenhouse, but nothing in the exhibition? Okay, I guess they grow so fast.

You’Re probably always be pruning, not here. No, no, okay, [, Music ], these ones first yeah and then we can move the table over again. So here’s another Willow Leaf, Ficus wow yeah. It’S amazing yeah! That’S one thing: I’m fighting with my Ficus is to keep the base small in proportion with the trunk yeah, because you always get these like.

It looks good here, but on a single trunk, you get the great big fat root base and then sort of a skinny trunk coming up, and so I’m always kind of removing the outer roots trying to keep it small. I don’t know yeah.

I don’t know how successful I’ll be, but that’s a problem. I’Ve seen a lot of Ficus as they get the big fat root base and then they have sort of a skinny trunk coming up and it kind of looks a bit out of proportion.

If you’re going for realism, like ones you’d see in nature – and this looks like an azalea, isn’t it [ Music ]? I know I know the one you mean yeah, okay, uh bullet tree bullet tree yeah, not familiar with us.

I find a lot of the position and they call it olivo negro black, olive, okay, that’s yeah! That’S I’m not sure it has like a really prescribed English, yeah, black olive, okay, very nice, very nice. These are still cool, though this is probably a Green Mountain.

Ficus is it or yeah Green Island, Green Island, okay, Green Island? Oh, my goodness, those are the same uh that just told me in the back. Okay, while not doing too well well, it’s alive yeah, it’s alive, yeah, they’re difficulties that might be one year girl the Strangler fig over it.

Oh this one’s wow, look at these pots too they’re, fantastic, okay! Well, I’m wonderful! It’S grown a lot since we repotted it from what I remember really a lot of science since I finished my season earlier this year.

It’S amazing looking! Isn’T it it’s nice to get tropical trees that have a a non-tropical look to them? It’S kind of like the Norfolk Island Pine. Now that’s really cool. I like that. This looks like an olive.

Is it here or could Tony Aster or oh? No, it’s um testing all your memories: okay, pyrocantha! Okay! I should have known by the berries there Fire Thorn Fire Thorn yeah. Do they get thorns on them or yeah? They do right.

You trim them off or uh yeah, mostly just with nail clippers or no. When we trim it, you just just yeah, okay yeah. I know some people before they work in Brazilian rain trees. They get nail clippers and clip all the thoughts.

This is a tea or Carmen Carmona or used to beef Carmona. I think they changed the name of it. The scientific name of this – I don’t know it used to be it’s, sir. I think they used to call it or maybe come on now.

Okay, yeah or maybe it was yeah. I don’t know they, they did something with the name of it: [ Music, ] – and where did this tree come from? It looks like a wooy sung tree, but maybe not I’m not sure. I think it’s from China yeah looks at Chinese collection, okay, and this style is the Shanghai style.

Shanghai yeah, maybe from which is this guy with ankle Garden or every Branch’s movement, is at the Shanghai style, is more like pads, okay, okay, very layered, okay, wow yeah, you’re right, the genus okay, yeah yeah.

Okay! I knew there was something about it because, whatever I you call something on a video and then you realize, oh, they don’t call it that anymore and it’s hard to, I guess, they’re, finding all with yeah genealogy and that they’re finding species are related, that they didn’t Think were, and so here’s a smaller one, it has a flag.

Why does it have a flag uh, it’s from pests? Okay, it’s a red flag. This is another Brazilian rain tree. Ah, that’s unusual to see a slanting style like that. It looks good. I like that. Wow and here’s a ficus wow that is a nice root base, isn’t it that is really that’s a nice tree, tapers all the way up, wow yeah and still a reasonable size, too [ Laughter, ] people spend their whole life trying to grow their Ficus larger and Then they get to a certain size and they want to keep them small because they just want to keep growing.

Yes, I recognize gardenias yeah, Gardena wow, you know. Well, that’s nice. I think I killed mine. I had one. I cut it back too hard didn’t like that. This I recognize the flowers um yeah, Korea, yeah, that’s nice! Isn’T it! I think that one’s in the book isn’t it uh yeah.

I think I think so I think yeah, probably yeah. You got to put a little tag in there that says page at the Toronto show. Did you see the the little uh codes that you scan with your oh? No, it was it was our KW show.

Okay, we had the little Square codes that people could put their phone over and it tells you the whole history of the tree. That’S really interesting! Yeah. It worked out really well yeah. They even linked some of my videos.

If I had my tree there, they had the video linked to the tree, which is kind of cool here’s, a Firethorn water, land, pinching or water stone punching. I don’t know what you call this water and land over here is another seriously wow.

That is amazing. That’S got to be really old, it’s really good, I think, since the 80s – okay, yeah 84. wow, let’s see them that old. It gives me mine, hope, [, Laughter, ], everyone, mine’s close to 30 years old.

Now, amazing. That is just amazing. You pick off the Dead flowers or anything, or do you just too many yeah just shake it. I find it does slow the growth down a bit, but it’s probably good in this case when it’s refined, like this yeah, like all the flowers I try and pick them off, but like just give up.

There’S too many tree of a thousand stars, and you get this probably has two thousand or more here’s another one. I recognize this from the book yeah I was going to say I’m pretty sure this one’s in the blue yeah.

I have the book in the car there – uh, oh yeah, okay, I don’t again I this is larger than I imagined it to be. This is amazing to see it in real life, wow [, Music, ] beautiful. Do you ever have to clean the trunks like all this algae? How do you guys do it to keep them clean like that, without scraping all the bark off yeah? Would you clean it? We have a like a water gun, yeah, okay, one of those like is it ultrasonic or yeah? Yeah, it’s Library, I’ve seen that right, yeah! It’S from Japan too, okay, because I’ve seen the music on boxwood, where you have all that flaky bark and they can clean.

Most of it off without disturbing the bark yeah yeah sort of like you use for your teeth, I think they have those for what do you know laughs? It’S a pretty strong Journey: Okay, no, Okay and here’s the forest cyrissa forest wow.

Isn’T that amazing? That must take a long time to prune this. Like do you just sort of profile prune it first and then go in, or do you pick every Branch, every Branch? Oh, my goodness, that’s a lot of work on it’s not like only one tree that must keep you busy like that, would take that’d.

Probably take me almost a day to do this, one section here and then like once a year or once in two years. I really go really go in yeah, so just kind of keep it to profile for now and then yeah and then when it gets too thick and then you go in and do a good cleaning out yeah yeah.

That sounds good, wow, they’re, sure impressive, and if he had any like everyone tells me the whenever they have a service, it dies. Well, it’s amazing. Now I’ve been keeping mine cool over the winter.

I I keep it up. I think it’s better, like around 15 degrees. Yeah, but we don’t have a greenhouse, no like the same for the Bugatti or yeah. They prefer a cool period. Don’T they trees? That will be better yeah, but as we don’t add that we take it, they do yeah.

I think I think our fall is like a good cool period for most trees too. They get enough of a fall, that’s it’s like their winter and then you kind of warm them up again. This is really yeah. Have we seen this one before? No? This is another one.

It’S in the book. I think no, no, okay, no yeah, but it’s in the book. Isn’T it yeah it’s in the book Trump like that, it’s really rigorous! Now, yeah! Yes, it’s ready for a pruning. Probably soon is it yeah or would you let it grow until spring and then prune it some [ Music ] some and I leave it and then yeah [ Music, ] wow.

You must stay very busy. I can’t believe it. It’S just a small part. How much work yeah? Well, I know what you mean with the pruning there’s you can prune a treat and then you can really prune a tree where you really detail it and it’s that really detailed pruning that really make some extra special isn’t it.

This is a we don’t put a lot of work in the Tropical Greenhouse in the wintertime. I see you’ll understand quite soon. This is another crepe myrtle, no, no uh, okay, a pump pomegranate! No, no! No! No! No um! Okay! It’S like a pomegranate type fruit.

Isn’T it but um, I think it’s, the strawberry, guava, okay, a guava yeah yeah! That’S I recognize it now with the stripe. Refoliating trunk yeah yeah. Are they good yeah? I don’t know most yeah, no more media they’re, really tasty yeah.

I have a regular common guava at home, but it has that sort of a trunk, but it’s leaves are more papery they’re, not like a ficus like this waxy, that is cool, and this in a fancy pot. I like this pot, I like the design around it – that is nice, this one’s in the book, [, Music, ], that’s really something this this one’s larger than I imagined it too wow that is cool, and we back to where we were okay

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