The KW Bonsai Society’s Fall Show, The Bonsai Zone, Oct 2022

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Hi everyone Nigel Saunders here well Today is the day the day of the kitchen Or Waterloo Bonsai society's fall show The temperature certainly went below Freezing last night You can see the surface of the large Forest here is Frozen Here's a tray of water Frozen Yeah I went down to minus one I think That's the coldest night we've had so Far So let's go in the greenhouse see how Everything's doing in here Okay we've got 10 degrees in here 10 Degrees Celsius which is 50 degrees Fahrenheit So that's not too bad in the greenhouse Here The greenhouse is good until it kind of Gets down to minus five degrees Celsius Outside then it kind of I don't know it Gets a little cool in here for the Tropicals But yeah so far and the weather looks Good After tonight it looks pretty good for The rest of the week yeah fairly warm Nighttime temperatures so That's good I can get the plant room Done Because it is still below freezing Outside I'm going to start loading the Hearty trees into the car first so the

Larch forest and the cedar forest and Then I'll start the car warm it up and Start loading the Tropicals I've got the Matrix warming up you can see it's Starting to melt the layer of frost on It Good in the back here I've got my hearty Trees loaded up Cedar Forest And the large forest in there too So yeah it's feeling a little warmer Inside here I think I can start loading The tropical trees It is a tight squeeze I'll show you the Front here The front seat Is loaded to the brim Yeah that's full Back seat Is loaded up too so I got all the trees In here Seven Trees for the show Actually eight I brought my crown of Thorns too So yeah nice and warm in here now I even have enough room for one more Tree but That'll have to be it All right I'm all loaded and ready to go To the show Foreign I made it to the show I got all my trees Set up on the stands everyone's starting To come into the show now What a fantastic show just tons of great

Trees it looks really busy here so That's good to see it was a really busy Time setting up but now I can relax talk To people have a look at the trees Sometimes We're in a thumbnail yeah Here's Zen from baby Bonsai I just got Here Oh it's great there's lots of people Here yes lots of people from Toronto Hamilton all over the all over Ontario So I came in I was like wow it's quite Busy because there's a lot of them Oh really wow so it was a special Surprise well it's a great show great Show here is Matt ING with the foxes in a cement pot Wow it looks good Looks really good Here is an interesting Rock here Is just Wow There is a show hen display Really cool nice Here's Eric and Emma from the workshop Checking out the show Here's a ficus benjamina cutting that I Gave to Matt and now it's in a show Amazing it looks awesome with the little Leaf Cutters on the stand here on the Slab of wood really cool Here's a couple of tropical treesy Let me know what you think that's a Ficus microcarpa probably a tiger bark

And over here we have a mingarelia With a little panda Very nice looks kind of like a palm tree These they look pretty cool trees Here we've got a ginseng Ficus Very very nice coat on a wire stand that's kind Of Unusual and interesting very very neat Yeah Then we got a Chinese Elm here Growing on an island as a fisherman Looks awesome He's caught a fish On a wooden stand that looks really good We have sort of a Skate style ficus I think this is a Maybe a Green Island I think I think that looks like a Sophie pot Really really nice Most likes looks like pomegranate Little Forest Wow that's nice And it's a little pot with Rock in it Nice Here I think I'm guessing it looks like A rhododendron Very very thick trunk interesting roots Friends Getting his fall colors in That's really nice here's a little Fukion tea on a mat Awesome

We're going to give Kim his soil scoop His custom soil scoop that Bruce made so Let's go find Camp here he is Kim this is your soil scoop it was made Just for you whoa But my the beard is gone the Beard's Gone that's you Perfect thank you very much Here's a Cascade Juniper Really nice pot tree combination looks Fantastic Here's a Pookie and tea the one with the Regular sized leaves is Matt so he made The stand for it he has a sloth hanging From the tree which is Really really cool Beautiful tree Here is a birch beautiful fall colors up Here Wow Nice white trunk on it that's a weird Way here's Connor's Juniper Looking magnificent Yeah Here's a large and spectacular fall Colors this is just Yeah it doesn't get any better those are Just perfect timing Look at that Hints of green and yellow Wow There's an Eastern White Cedar Really cool tree pot combo lots of dead Wood on it

Very nice Here's a cool display I think this is Chinese Privet Looks really good I like it on the wide Stand it really kind of yeah it matches Really nicely Here is a Hokkaido Elm Very very miniature so here's my hand For scale you can see it's a very small Tree Very well detailed Yeah really really nice I enjoy the Little fish here is Isabella's Juniper In her pot her Dragon pot which is Absolutely fantastic and it's matte Matched with one of Matt's stands which Just goes perfectly because it's an oak Stand and it's got like Dragon scale patterns in the oak stand Look like claws or teeth from the Dragon Yeah Really really nice Here's a Japanese maple Wonderful tree and development it's Looking really good Here's a really nice Siberian elm Just beautiful Beautiful presentation beautiful tree There's a hint of fall colors remaining Here's an Eastern White Cedar Very very cool you can see the dead Branches gin there the Apex Very very nice Here's a porcelain Berry

The berries are glowing on it they're Shiny All kinds of different colors it just Looks fantastic so fall colors Beautiful pot stand combination Wonderful here is an Eastern White Cedar Eggshell pot Yeah those are really really nice I love It nice movement to the tree nice Branches Very cool here is my Larch Forest Getting some fall colors on it Here's a American or North American Larch Foreign Looking nice Deadwood top on it Good roots good branches really nice And a drum pot and there's a little Turtle beside it which is Here is my Cedar Forest my Eastern White Cedar Forest so I've got it on the Darker stand It's not the perfect stand for it but I Think it's uh I think it's better than the last one I Had on it that's for sure Here is a Scots pine Deadwood on it nice branches really Really nice nice pot Here is a twisty Siberian elm Really really cool nice fall colors and Pot yeah nice presentation I like how The mat Picks up the color of the leaves it

Looks Really good nice presentation Here is a Larch in full fall colors very Vibrant Wow That is just beautiful Wow it looks almost unreal it's so Colorful and beautiful looking here is a Potentilla Growing on the side of our rock with a Wall of moss fall colors on it and Strawberry Accents in a marble pot wow That's got to be Connors I think Wonderful There's a variegated I think this is a Boxwood it's my guess very colorful Amazing Here's a vine Not sure what it is Boston Ivy or Virginia creeper I think it's Boston ivy Really really nice cascading tall stand Here's a mugo pine Beautiful classic styling on this tree Beautiful branches very well taken care Of and maintained Beautiful image Here's a mixed planting on an artificial Rock So there's a little Spruce some ferns I'm not sure what this was but it's lost Its leaves Some succulents up top Really really cool

Here's an Eastern White Cedar Lots of dead Woods Really nice Here is a collected Eastern White Cedar So twin trunk the one has A dead wood on top with a Living Branch Below the rest is very vigorous it kind Of shows the harshness of nature the Struggle for survival Just awesome here is an Alberta spruce And this represents a shoreline a tree Growing at the edge of the water you can See some Driftwood that's washed up on The beach It's got the Reeds which kind of Represent water over here from grasses Yeah really really cool here's a Variegated cirissa Nice colors on the leaves 3D printed Stone Lantern beside it That must be kales Here's Connor is your grumpy eye Defoliated The trunks looking really really nice Amazing Here is a two little leaf Ficus Benjamina It's got some wiring on the lower Branches to position them getting a nice Shaped trunk A cool pot Here's a ficus benjamina this is an old One looking really really good

Lots of changes to this tree since I Last saw it and it's really coming along Nice Really looking more ficus-like and Tropical yeah it's becoming a grand old Tree Here's Connor's Barbados cherry Exposed root style cascading Foreign Good for the show you can see how much I Thinned the canopy out Creating some pads The trunks looking nice with it cleaned Up Very cool Here's a towel plum Beautiful pot beautiful little tree Nice small leaves on it it's looking Really good Here is a desert rose Really fits the pot nicely big fat one Good branching up top yeah really really Nice Here is the Franken Ficus or my ficus Benjamina And you'll see holding the sign here Is Frankenstein himself thanks Tom He's earning his keep holding up the Sign Is Here's a willowly ficus And a cool um What color green is that or bluish green Pot woman's egg blue I guess or green

Really nice really uh a nice developed Tree Here's a Chinese Elm Cool pot cool tree A 3D printed Stone Lantern hold on that Looks good here's a dwarf umbrella tree Very cool pot too like that nice stand Ing very cool In a nursery can or in a landscape plot Or or similar uh alternatively they can Be collected Um they're they grow native they're all Over the place They're a great candidate for Bonsai in Our area because of how hearty they are How vigorous their growth is and they Have challenging but uh like I said Unique foliage type which make these They come off in ferns but with the Proper pruning wiring and placement of The branches they can be a a very Convincing uh carnivore species here is A desert rose Kind of a slanting style very cool and a Very unique pot you can see the pot has Like almost like it uh I don't wrap around glaze or something On it or feathers maybe I don't know but Really cool I like the texture in it Very nice display Here's a cascading and a towel plum Looking really good there's a plum on Top now this one was at the Toronto show So

It's getting a second show of the month Really cool nice stand too here's a Willow Leaf Ficus bit of a pending Display down below here bridge and a Little person Like area Aphra Very small leaves on this one Beautiful pot Stand combination Awesome Here is Jay's fukion tea a very very Twisty one Beautiful pot and tree combination Nice stand Yeah quite a twisty tree looking really Really good Full of details and features Yeah I like this perfect for Halloween Too Here's a portula carrier afro Forest This is Blue Jay Bone size too so he's Got these little Cactus or succulent Understory plants which look really Really good with it Yeah nice Forest looking good Irregular shaped pot And a simple stand There's blue jay bolt size latest Edition another portula carry Afra ID Yeah check out his channel you can see This being repotted Probably his biggest Succulent tree I think

Looks really good there's a variegated Australian umbrella tree schefflera Are currently very cool a little Bench there wire bench variegated really Cool Nice canopy on it there's a large Getting beautiful fall colors on it Very very fine foliage And nice I like that Here's an Eastern White Cedar Forest So when you're down quite a variety of Trees in here 's a collected Eastern White Cedar Kind of a stump with a Living Branch Coming off of It Kind of a Cascade style top Here's another collected Eastern White Cedar this was a huge stump that had one Living Branch coming off of it I'm developing a nice tree-like Structure here's Connor's tiger bark Ficus This has come a long long ways Very cool tree So this state the tree is in is Typically how they show Ficus in Taiwan They'll defoliate them and then when the Leaves are just growing in they show Them and that way it shows The structure of the tree and you can See that it's alive and And growing well There's a kind of an interesting State For the tree to be in

In the future Okay uh other things we don't like is we Don't like branches that stack on on top Of each other like this here's a dwarf Schefflera semi Cascade That looks really good The aerial Roots kind of flow it's Really nice really a nice design Here is a display Small mummy-sized trees or show him Ficus up top Unfortunately carry Afra variegated I think that's a fukion tea Two little leaf ficus benjamina And another fukion teeth Cascade Very cool Here's a bougainvillea and this is one Of Isabella's pots Really really good with the tree And this is one of Connor's open Village Twisty one Here's a Chinese album Looking really good Yeah nice Here is a Golem Jade Nice fine foliage That looks great Old trunk and an awesome pot There's one of errands Ficus Michael Carpa semi Cascade Beautiful beautiful trunk lines it's Going to look really really good in the Future

Here's my asparagus fern the one Berry On it turned a bright red you can see it In here Pretty cool the other ones are still Green over here but got one red one Which looks good Kale added a Yoda to it In the force Very fitting Here's a dwarf umbrella tree cheflera Root over rock or tree over Rock Really really nice planting That looks awesome love the roots Composition is awesome too I think this Is another porcelain Berry Really really cool Here's my Chinese village pending at the Show now the stand under it Jay from Blue Jay Bonsai brought this as an extra Stand he wasn't using and I thought oh I'm going to try that out under my my Pending here and I think it just matches Beautifully I really like it so I'm going to try and Acquire it it's the perfect proportions I think it's just just suits it Beautifully Here is a small Barbados cherry in the Works I love the pot with the color of the Leaves and the red stand looks awesome Really cool I think this is a Chinese sweet Plum I love the wooden stand and the pot it

Looks really really good Awesome species for Bonsai Here's a ficus benjamina Natasha this medium Leaf I think or Maybe smallie Great looking root base Great looking branches it's looking good Nice crown on it here's my Ficus root Over Temple planting Toronto show maybe a little more growth Up top but The Moss is growing a little thicker So um Sophie is in the works of making a Pot for it this is just an under tray For a large terracotta pot Me a custom pot for that so that's Exciting and I can't wait to see what She comes up with here's a tree with a Wild looking trunk on it Very very gnarly and bumpy benefit Pretty cool Here's Chris Hendry Selling pots and trees and soil and Tools and wire and everything There's two YouTubers full size Jay and Maybe bow inside together awesome here Is Connor's guava tree so it was Defoliated and you can see it's just Starting to grow in so it's nice to know It can be defoliated successfully okay Great kind of peeling bark on the trunk Looks great on a matte stand Here's my crown of thorns at the show Something different a little bit of

Color On a stand that Matt made here's a Brazilian rain tree Quite a thick trunk starting to get some Peeling bark at the base And a beautiful pot I love these pots Yeah really nice great basic structure To the tree Really natural looking Nice Here is a bougainvillea this is a pink Pixie Bougainvillea and it's a cutting Off my one And Isabella made the pot for it and Everything And it's in flour Here's Connor's little time Here's Isabella's Golem Jades and pots She made and I love the pots with the Trees I think it's so good hello It's horrible Here's Dave with his Redwood t-shirt What a cool illustration here's a look At Kale's hemlock Must be a dwarf Hemlock is it yeah a Dwarf hemlock Really really Tight foliage Great great structure on it See all the natural flowing branches Yeah definitely a gem the show is all Over I've got the car all loaded up Absolutely full Connor's working on loading his car up

Pretty full in here too Here's a look at the room with the whole Place torn down Wow what a difference Well is it fitting in there Jay and Derek it's Tetris Tetris yeah Yeah it's pretty hard fitting all these In And there's a fellow gave me another Tree and I have another stand so did you See my car over here Jay have a look at This Uh what kind of a tree did you get uh Tamarind oh It's a little little ceiling there oh Yeah yeah that's the new folding lead Have a look at this front seat here that Says Yeah thanks so much what was my stand is Now yours it fitted perfectly thanks so Much you're painting so perfectly I Think that yeah yeah you should have it I I don't think I'll get a better stand Than that if I need a new stamp for my Uh my Cedar I know a guy and Dave what's Your channel called That guy Dave that guy Dave so everyone Subscribed to his Bonsai Channel Like And subscribe and do all that kind Of stuff leave a like thumbs up And Matt He's the master of none Matt Stir of None check out his YouTube channel Yeah until next time yeah until the next

Meeting or the next show Everyone's saying their goodbyes it was A really good show I think everyone Should be very very proud of themselves That's funny I left in the dark and it Was freezing out And now it's warm t-shirt weather sunny Crazy weather Georgia see you Michael Thanks for all your work thank you Nigel Always a pleasure made a great president Of this club and put on a great show I Hope the video turns out well and Everyone enjoys it we couldn't make it Out awesome thanks I'm on my way home and I noticed the Giant American elm that I've had in Previous videos is in full autumn colors You can see it there behind me let's go Out and have a look at it I'm getting closer to it it's so Beautiful this tree it's got a nice Weeping rounded canopy My multi-american Elm kind of looks like This someday that would be awesome I'm getting closer and I just love the Colors on it Just beautiful Really really nice There it is in all its Autumn Glory Now what a sight You can see in the canopy that there's Greens Yellows Orange Tans it's just

Wow what a color Glowing in the sunlight I'm so glad I came up and walked Underneath here it's just So inspirational Such mature branches on it too A true umbrella canopy My car is way back over there somewhere Behind the corn It's got such a cool Branch structure There's the root base on it it's uh not A real spreading root base but The surface roots are very very defined You can see how thick they are Really support the tree Over here you can see another route That's really thick Yeah Sure is a Huge tree Is my shadow for scale It's a big tree well I think this is an Excellent way to finish today's video I'm Nigel Saunders thanks for joining me Today in the Bonsai Zone

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