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Foreign On rare occasion in life one experiences A location a landscape a bonsai or even A person with such immense character in Gravitas that leaves a lasting Impression on one psyche This is one such location with many such Bonsai operated by one such individual Foreign Place excellent I think let's do it it's Good I would say that is we follow the Japanese approach to the Bonsai but Trees are different he was here with the Junipers the Sabinas nothing to do with The dog but so I have both Cases and you will see that there's Something in common which is a matter of Scale is a matter of proportions it's a Matter of expression That's it that's what I know and the Rest is yes talk about uh a bit too Tight to the to the Orthodox thing which Are like being Orthodox I think but this Is more creative so we give you Something uh additional to the right to The right so I think we people of one Side we all Follow that idea so So Founded in 1995 the multi Museum of Louis Vallejo in Madrid is perhaps one Of the most impressive Bonsai Collections outside of Japan with many

Imported Japanese Bonsai as well as an Impressive collection of native European Species many of which were collected and Designed by Louis himself Foreign On display several originate from The Gardens of masahiko Kimura saborocato Hiroshi takayama and she Zuki in Japan The garden was designed and built in 1995 in collaboration with architect Anton Davila and features a modern Interpretation of the Japanese hide and Reveal style stroll Garden similar to Katsuradiki in Kyoto but with Contemporary concrete walls and angular Stone structures This juxtaposition to the classical Japanese-styled Bonsai creates a unique Atmosphere of complementary masculine And feminine Aesthetics Foreign My first Puromatsu From Manziel 91. This is another you can see the You know the this bug which is amazing So now you we open to the main space Which is this pratha and we will see uh If I go one by one we will not see this I will you will see and If you want some information or whatever You tell me no Sabina this is my first Sabina I think I think it is this was The first one that was designed in Spain

Okay in the 94 it was published in and I think this For the good and for the bad was the First step on training the Sabina and I Said that because now people are a Little bit crazy crazy about recovering Recovering is And this show us the difference between This and the two which this is Mario is Trying to convince me to grab this You know because it's a different tree I Mean why should we follow so much the Foliage is not so compact it's not that But for what I mean and this is the tree The last one I recover with my son of Now he's 14 and he was nine months and Now I'm I'm I worked the first time in In the trophy And people say yes it's not because you Know this I I hate this kind of Demonstrations he has to show a rabbit Out of the head so this will come this Will come I did Little by little And now it's I've wired it only once now Maybe I will refine it a little bit but I like this way you know we put all the Trunks And it's a unique thing because the Trees you know they come from a seed for Each tree what happened here you know it Happened that there's no big snow Broke the tree and all the branches Which they were

100 years I mean not less than that And it has like as my my child of uh I Have a child of 12 and he said you don't Have flow Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign This is a incredible tree and it's I Want to build it without a small not Wiring some wiring but Now as I have to change the bot this is A Chinese spot I'm thinking about asking giosan to make One yeah Now the the only tree this while this Majorca holidays because you can get Freestyle freestyle but it's been very You have to be very careful to you not To destroy the character entries yeah When I say freestyles because you can Find all type of trunks completely Different if you are trying to uh You're tied to that yeah you feel Because you are trying to do with this Upright this time no sometimes happen no I I teach classes at the beginning not Anymore but that is one of my people Said I want to do an upper upright Style With this I mean I read the first the tree and Then after you decide but not to go with The budget every single tree you can do

Something for the trunk trunk but his Spirit Yeah you have this is the value on this I transplanted this winter moving the Only because this was too parallel to This and then if I open it a little bit And then you can see the sorry but I Love this tree I think it's that makes The difference it's not In addition to maintaining these Priceless specimens Louis and his staff Are also consistently building new Bonsai and rebuilding old Bonsai behind The scenes to be displayed in the museum In Peak form At I have to change but Oh wow oh my God Incredible and some of them are This one cc Rashida This is amazing but this they suffer a Lot this summer So that's why I keep it here but the the Color this one The problem is that it's not going to be An exception in the next years I'm worried because here you know we we Had a It was a very difficult time we have a Sprinkles here a fox system but even With that the trees doesn't live over 26 It doesn't live doesn't work I mean the Evaporation doesn't work and here it was 28 minimum by night that's terrible no

45 during the day okay But if you go to Kyoto you can have a 40 Something and it's terrible but the Worst thing was the night Um The problems we have is that Sometimes you have to be well trained in Watering because you think that they Need what it's a typical thing of the Gardens they say no this needs water and It's the opposite is if you are giving Water to a This is a special thing for Mr Kimura Some of the this this is a kiwi A kiwi okay It's a very very nice tree yeah oh wow Very nice yeah I know it's amazing Not But the tree is amazing when I saw in His Nursery is you cannot you can find All kind of Pines okay but this one way Yeah amazing okay This is another one that suffered a lot This is a Sagan this is a tree which is Amazing yes this is also from the green Club I I know maybe I know that yeah that's That's from Fuji kawasan too We potted this tree I remember potting This tree yeah Incredible When I took here Many years ago they said ah this is for Maple this is going to die this is too

Old this is what you cannot imagine What this tree is giving us each spring And it's Autumn not easier but it's like Is that this pink beautiful color oh Yeah it's gorgeous it's remind me and I Say it in the book to the flamingos fly It's like a flamingo which is beginning To fly I saw it in I I wrote in the in The book when I was in the Atacama Desert which is a salty desert and I saw The flamingos and I when I remind me This tree you know so I That's that's the kind of stories that I Tell in the book I did in the 80s For the past five years Louie and his Team have been photographing and Cataloging the Bonsai collection for Publication in a forthcoming book Featuring poetry and sketches by Louis Which complement each bonsai The book will be published and available For purchase in early 2023. And it's based on the collection This is These are my drawings which is a part of The Small computer books And it's With an introduction which is black and White Um This is a little brother that we also we Are doing it with brunch in Russia

And now Begins the book and I place here My test and if in the upper part poem For someone is all the time the same so Here I talk about when we went to once Again and so on and so forth And then you have this and then wow the Same tree with another right yeah This is Maples in the spring Is University Foreign

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