The 2022 Toronto Fall Show and Sale, Part 2

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When you walk into the show you’re Greeted with this colorful Bouquet of trees Red yellow green yellow it’s just Absolutely beautiful Just absolutely beautiful I think this is You know it just Wows you when you come In all the color here ‘s a beautiful Scots pine with a Very mature kind of almost flat top Canopy Ancient tree You see a lot of trees like this in Nature where The top canopies taken over and all the Bottom branches die off Just beautiful This is a mixed Forest it has a Larch in The foreground and a black Spruce in the Background It’s starting to get its fall colors Beautiful composition A wonderful wonderful Trident Maple here Very small leaves Beautiful colors Even distribution of foliage from top to Bottom Fantastic scarfy trunk Yeah this is um Really really beautiful Very nice yew tree You can see in these use how small they Foliage gets as you Bonsai them

They’re just a fantastic tree for bonsai Here’s a jack Pine you don’t see these Too often in bonsai They’re very very interesting trees nice Tight foliage on them Yeah really really really cool tree It’s a kind of a Eggshell planter Pot Yeah really nice Here’s a real beautiful Ivy it’s got Fall colors and berries on it So this is kind of You know really good for fall shows it Really shows the season Just outstanding Here’s a look at a show hin display So up top they have a desert rose Denim Beautiful boxwood Clump style here I think this is a trident Maple could be A Japanese maple I’m not sure And Not sure what this is an L Maybe Hornbeam I think an l And hostas Getting their fall colors the hostas are Beautiful when they get their yellow Colors on them Here’s a very very dainty Japanese maple You can see the size of the leaves They’re just very tiny the tree is very Light Yeah really really nice getting some

Fall colors on it Here’s a Japanese red pine Beautiful tree Beautiful stand just a Awesome presentation you can see the Tree has that zigzag trunk on it that You you see a lot in nature it’s Fantastic beautifully developed tree Here’s these little uh little button Ferns or whatever they’re called I like Those they’re good for ground cover they Do spread a lot though Here’s the famous blue rug junipers Normally they grow along the ground but These were developed by Nick Lentz Amazing amazing trees Here’s a beautiful Larch just getting Its fall colors Really nice when they get that pale Green on them and that touches a yellow They’re just beautiful Here’s a Japanese black pine Very very nice display I love the pot Stand tree combination Very ancient rugged trunk on it Fantastic tree Here’s a trident maple Beautiful pot stand combination again It’s a root of a rock or Tree on a rock You can see the stone there Beautifully developed Just starting to get some fall color on It There’s a show hen display so up top is

A A pine Think it’s a black pine Looks wonderful beautiful pot beautiful Stand I love the dark trunk against the Bright green needles Beautiful image Juniper here Very nice There’s a Larch Very very miniature you can see The size of the needles the fine Branching you know for a tree that’s the Height of your hand it’s just Amazing the detail on it it’s incredible This is a Um sumac yeah like a sumac Very ancient red pot to match the Fall Colors Really cool And I forgot I’m not sure what this is but It has red berries on it Really cool Here’s an ancient fuja occidentalis Nice and compact You can see These upper branches are broken from the Weight of the snow Yeah just a beautiful tree Cited is a little pomegranate Nice to see some color On the end here we have a Green Island Ficus

Lots of cool aerial roots in here Yeah that looks really really nice Canopy twin trunk Really nice tree and a beautiful display I love the Big Slab of wood The Rock on it really matches the wood Color Yeah and yeah it’s just a beautiful Display Here’s my asparagus fern display At the show cool Here’s a beautiful Juniper Nice pot and stand With up the trunkets Good looking tree wow Beautiful nicely developed Check out this this is really cool Here’s a lovely portulacaria Aphra Elephant bush variegated variety Beautiful pot with it Stand I love the stand And the tree is really Thick trunk and good branching it’s Quite something quite a tree I love it Here’s a twin trunk Arch Kind of a Driftwood colored stand Getting nice fall colors on it really Elegant trees Cool image Here’s a juniper Looking really nice nice moss and pot And stand really cool Nice nice development of the branches a

Bit of dead wood Very cool Here’s an exposed root I think this is a Connor’s Barbados cherry First time in a show And first time we’ve seen the exposed Roots clearly like that it’s looking Really good lithops is an accent On a Slate really cool here’s a natal plum Ancient tree And it has a plum developing on it Really cool Cascade Style There’s a show hen display This is Connor’s Ficus Portula carry Afra time Too literally ficus And a Um I’m forgetting the name of it it’s The dwarf blue games The same one that we that you and take On okay I drew a blank there very cool And Say Jew Elm wow that’s a it’s a Hokkaido Oh hi kaido okay That looks great Conor fantastic I love The stand too yeah Matt brought them for The the day of here is a ficus benjamina We saw this at the boot sale and it’s Developed further since then it’s just Looking fantastic Big thick trunks on it

Beautiful canopy developing I was talking to the owner and he said He did totally defoliate this prune it Up and it grew back in just fine So yeah it’s always a little scary Defoliating Ficus benjamina but It worked beautifully on this tree and You can see the density is incredible For a ficus benjamina The color of the leaves is fantastic it Looks Super Really well done Here’s a Japanese maple and it has Fantastic fall colors going from greens To dark Reds and purpley kind of colors Just beautiful just beautiful here’s one Of the club’s Legacy Ficus it’s a very Very old Multi-trunk Been in Development I’ve seen this tree Probably 20 years ago I think I saw it Just fantastic Beautiful Dome canopy on it That’s if I could spend your mind at two Here’s a Japanese maple it’s just Beautiful beautiful colors Just glowing Just wonderful wonderful tree Here’s the Larch Force Clump style all Connected to each other Very very dainty needles on it they’re Short small compact beautiful beautiful

Fall colors on it against the dark Trunks You can see the needles on the Moss And the moose look very happy in there Really really nice Over here we have a fuja Deadwood running up the trunks Beautifully placed branches just awesome Composition Very very nice You can see the red color of the bark Here Yeah just just wonderful movement Here is a Brazilian rain tree and it’s a Big one it’s just beautiful Really dense The leaves have unfolded they fold up at Night we saw them fold up last night They’re out again The owner said I’m not sure if they’ll Come out in this kind of lighting but They have they’re searching for light So here’s a look at the trunk of the Tree you can see these stripe bark on it It’s just absolutely fantastic and the Fluted kind of trunks you get on these Brazilian rain trees And it’s in the nicest pot I’ve ever Seen in my life this is a Nick Lentz pot The color of the glaze is just Heavenly And the shape of the pot is just Beautiful too it’s Ah I’ve never seen a pot so beautiful in

All my life I just wow Here is a cerissa snow rose tree of a Thousand stars you can see all the Flowers on it this is a root of a rock And it’s fantastic you can see how the Roots have gripped the rock over the Years Really well developed just a beautiful Composition Pot matches it beautifully too Outstanding Here’s a look at a trident Maple and It’s just starting to get hints of fall Color in it Which is quite nice it’s nice to see all The different stages of fall color this One’s just getting Hues of Oranges and reds in it Really beautifully developed tree Fantastic root base on it Yeah just wonderful and a beautiful pot And presentation Just outstanding Here’s a Sergeant’s crab apple Very nice fall image you’ve got some Green leaves Some leaves with nice fall colors and You’ve got the crab apples on it and It’s Really well developed tree Beautiful to Stand here and look at it it’s just Fantastic

Wow Here’s a crab apple And this is an outstanding tree It’s so fine the branching on it it’s so Nicely developed and the fruit looked Just wonderful on it This would look good at a you know a Winter show with the fruit on it still It looks fantastic at a fall show Yeah beautiful tree Really nice Here’s another thuja occidentalis or Eastern White Cedar and check out the Deadwood on it it’s Just amazing History behind that Deadwood Mother Nature through everything she had At this tree And it survived The live vein is Looking really beautiful Yeah quite a tree Beautiful pot too it’s kind of The pot has a colored gradient in it Going from reddish at the bottom to more Of a brown at the top Beautiful pot and table and stand is Just wonderful Here is my Eastern White Cedar display The grandfather tree amongst all the Grandkids Here’s a fuja with all kinds of cool Dead wood on it Interacting with the branches and the

Live veins Wonderful ancient old tree Here’s a Chinese Elm Very very fine leaves on it Beautiful twisty tree Wow cool Down this roll we have a lot of treason Training Here’s a Ficus that has like a super super twisty Trunk You see the branches are developing Nicely Wow Yeah lots of tree that’ll Just keep getting better in the future So down this row we have all the viewing Stones And there’s just some beautiful Stones Here So these Stones kind of evoke the image Of A mountain sometimes they can mean Different things to different people But they’re beautiful just to sit and Study them Look at all the details they’re just Wonderful Here’s a display with driftwood Beautiful pot Yeah really interesting it’s just Amazing you can almost feel the wind There and the harshness of nature Here’s a very smooth Stone but the

Coloring on it is just fantastic it’s Good Dark green almost black and lighter Greens and Texture and color interplay it’s just Again just beautiful to look at Another beautiful stone here I almost feel the forces of nature in it Folding and creating mountains and Yeah very dynamic A very interesting display here You have the sui band which is I think I’m not sure if this is a metal One or if it’s a clay but beautiful White sand in the middle and then the Rocks so it really shows off the Rocks Nicely and they’re just beautiful stones Again lots of texture and You can almost see kind of a river in There a little stream a mountain stream Yeah really really nice Here’s a very coarsely rugged Stone Full of color and texture Amazing The stone again you can feel The forces of nature in it There’s like Canyons carved out or Pockets carved out with either water or Wind and Very eroded looking it looks really cool Here’s another kind of mountain type Stone with Very very coarse texture and lots of Detail

Beautiful kind of reddish tan colors On an oak stand Here’s a very interesting display This is in a large marble pot Creating like a mountain landscape about A stone and planted with trees It really gives you a feeling of being There in this landscape Staring up at the mountain The water below Yeah a style you don’t see very much But uh different and refreshing There’s another planting in a marble pot Very ornate Planters on it Very interesting This tree is called a Bluebell So it has a very thick mature trunk on It Developing a really really nice canopy You can see the Little Flower here Very fine foliage I’ve never seen the Species before Here’s an interesting display with a Warrior This display here defies gravity The two pots are held up by chains it Kind of As David Easter book said it kind of Reminds you of the movie Avatar with the Floating mountains And there’s a water Jasmine on top here Really flowing structure to it Nice small leaves Wow

Here’s a little jade plant down here Here’s some ancient Jades you can see The nice spark developing on these Getting that kind of crackled bark Thick trunks Nice foliage you can see the Red Hues in the foliage here it’s Looking really cool Yeah really nice and it’s displayed on a Slate slab or something or a stone slab Really beautiful pot with it Yeah and sand which is representative of A dry region I don’t think a jade would Look quite right with moss on it sort of A cactus as an accent plant Here this is Connor’s Jade He’s got a fantastic pot tree Combination the stand is really cool too Really Has the right color palette for a desert Tree Yeah nicely developed really really fine Foliage on it Looking good I can remember working on that tree when Connor first joined the club that was Many many years ago Another fantastic Jade here Beautiful beautiful pot Ancient tree Nice fine fall small foliage on it Really cool Lithops as an accent here which looks Really really good too

Here’s a look at a ficus I believe this Is the Bert devii ficus Has very very small leaves which is just Amazing Lots and lots of aerial roots Very interesting tree Here’s the Eastern White Cedar that won Best tree in the show and It’s fantastic Just absolutely beautiful Fine fine foliage arranged really really Nicely Beautiful Branch structure Deadwood twisty trunk Amazing Fantastic display with it too just Outstanding Here’s a beautiful planting fragrance Sumac Beautiful little ground cover there Nice fall colors beautiful image I love The green moss with the kind of Reddish-colored plants it looks really Nice Here’s a porcelain Berry you can see the Berries almost They almost glow they’re fantastic Colors on them Beautiful fall colors Very elegant tree and pot and stand Combination Really really nice display Here’s my root over Temple display You’ve all seen that before

Here’s a Pitch Pine And the owner was showing me photos of It and how far it’s developed over the Last 20 years and it’s incredible Absolutely amazing beautiful tree Ancient bark on it Beautiful foliage pads Yeah just wonderful There’s my Ficus benjamina at the show There’s an Eastern White Cedar An amazing tree amazing pot amazing Stand it’s just Bonsai art Just amazing Here’s a very artistic display of a Eastern White Cedar Kind of a dark pot dark stand dark soil And lots of dead wood And lots of nice foliage too it’s just Quite an image it’s quite artistic Here’s a beautiful palette of fall Colors Yellows Reds Orange Just beautiful Here’s a little crab apple you know they Were collecting them too wow Cool here’s a show in display

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