The 2022 Toronto Fall Show and Sale, Part 1, The Bonsai Zone, Oct 2022

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Hi everyone Nigel Saunders here I have Arrived in Toronto I'm here at Edwards Gardens I left in the dark and now it's Light out so I can unload the car get All the trees into the show hi everyone I am at the show and the demo has just Started so I'm kind of in the corner Here so I brought all my trees in this Morning got them all set up with the Stands and you know cleaned the pots and Made sure all the debris that fell down On the drive was picked away and so I've Got them all set up and there's a big Crowd here at this show so let's head Over now and join in on the demo Here is a look at the demo in progress Three people working away at the tree It's quite a tree Fuja oxidantalus I don't know here is a shot of the show Now and it's it's very very busy here People everywhere I'd be meeting a lot of fans of the Bonsai Zone and it's so nice to meet People Here is the vendor sales area This is the kind of commercial vendors Selling their trees pots tools supplies Soil everything let's go have a look Lots of stuff to buy in here here are Some tribute trees to Jerry Nice to remember him That is just awesome potentilla Spruce

Wow Amazing trees And a native white pine Over here we have Dan's trees tribute Trees And was an active member of the Toronto Club Black Spruce Forest [Music] Looks amazing Very very small needles Great Forest [Music] Here's a tribute to Norman Hedrick Artist Bonsai grower is one of his Pieces of artwork tree [Music] Things Here's an update to Ross's schefflera His root over roxyflara in the Sophie Pot You can see it's coming out with all Kinds of new leaves from where we pruned It Looking really really good that's Amazing Okay everyone first of all my name is David Easterbrook and I'm not from here I'm from Montreal okay I've been doing Both sides for 52 years so I hope I know What I'm doing okay uh yeah first of all Thank you for inviting me and I find it Delightful that the club is having a Show at this time of year because

Um you you know you have these wonderful Fall colors that Korean horning forest With all the oranges and yellows and Reds just Magnificent the colors that Yellow ankle tree I mean It pops out right away when you walk in The room so somebody strategically Planned The Habit there when you first Walked in the room that's a good idea Um and of course the red Anonymous or Spindle tree Um Street is really the color that red Color so you know Bonsai are meant to Allow viewers to follow the seasons and The owner too so it's not just about Having you know the tree with the Thickest trunk or the most movement it's The enjoyment that it brings to you and And the enjoyment is gained from growing Different species of trees that permit You to follow the cycle of Nature and This is a kuzamodo kuza means uh mono Means thing and kuza means like wild Grasses or herbs or any type of wild Thing and they are like like Ikebana They're They're usually displayed on their own When you're displaying Bonsai you want To display them with a shita Means under kuza means again while Grasses or things but so they have to be Very tiny you know and when they're Displayed if this is your bone size

First of all you have to find the Direction it's moving in and then take a Rule of a stick and follow this right Down to here In a straight line and then your Bonsai Is usually forward and only part of it Would break into that you know invisible Line and it has to be much smaller so This is Too Tall so you don't want to Take it over take away from your Bonsai Your bone side is always the major very Nice Brazilian rain tree okay I like Brazilian rain trees because you know as They age the the outer Every Spring when They start to grow the outer bark falls Off and then it reveals all these Beautiful colors of Pinks and ivory Um and the under layers of bark and and The trunk also is very sinewy it's like Tendons going up and you get branches Growing exactly on the outside of where The trunk sort of bends a bit any other Questions We're good [Applause] On behalf of the club here I guess this Is normally Carolina would be doing this But she's unfortunately couldn't make it So I just wanted to personally thank you Uh as well from everyone here uh for you Hanging around uh with us today uh Viewing the show and and providing your Comments in in critique of it we really Appreciate it

Um and it was an absolute pleasure Having you here so thank you very much David thank you very much Hi everyone Nigel Saunders here it is Day two of the Toronto Bonsai society's Fall show and sale so I've arrived a Little early so I get to walk through The forest here and see all the Beautiful fall colors so let's go for a Walk It's quite amazing here looking at this Ravine there's a little river that flows Through it Just beautiful At the show yesterday I got to meet so Many people Um a lot of my viewers when I'm making Videos I I don't see them I see them in The comments and you see the The View Count go up on the video but at the show You actually get to meet the people who Watch the videos and talk to them It's really nice it's nice to put faces To names and that and I really enjoyed It Even the leaves after they've fallen off The tree are really really beautiful Just amazing scenery here You would never believe we're in the Middle of a giant City It's just amazing in here it feels like You're way out in the country somewhere Trees growing on the side of a hill you Get to see their roots

Ah just beautiful Really nice fall colors on that maple I really find it inspirational going for Walks in the woods See all kinds of cool details of Nature And Kind of refreshes your mind you get new Ideas for bone scienting The rich colors of the trees are just Unbelievable Against the dark trunks It's quite a sight Here's a look at a dry riverbed Must get run off when it rains or in the Snow Really interesting to see all the Details in it Look at the roots holding this hill Together here Amazing here's a close-up of all those Roots And they're wrapped around the hill it's Really something There's an ancient thuya tree on the top There So beautiful I met David Easterbrook yesterday what a Nice guy Fantastic knowledge fantastic eye for Bonsai and art Um yeah just a super guy we chatted a Lot I got his autograph in in my book Which is really nice so thanks David I'll put a link to his channel below

He's started a YouTube channel he does Uh Tick Tock Instagram he's all over Social media and he has quite a Following so I'll put a link to his Channel below and you can check out David Easterbrook he's probably the Most knowledgeable Canadian Bonsai Artist there is and uh Yeah quite a treasure to Canada On top of this little Ravine are some Really really nice trees I guess you'd call it exposed root or Root Overhill They're just fantastic have a look at These roots here Just beautiful Fantastic detail even some dead roots And yeah all the trees on this hill have Some fantastic exposed roots Absolutely wonderful And these are hemlock trees Very inspirational that's for sure So yesterday I didn't get much time to Video the show I uh I was meeting people And talking to them the entire day which Was absolutely fantastic I loved it So today I'm going to try and get more Video of the trees in the show That's a fantastic show lots of variety David Easter book did a really good Critique there was a demo yeah it was Just a fantastic day Uh I can't think of anything I like Doing better

It's time to leave Nature's fall show Now and head back to the Toronto Bonsai Society's fall show so here I go I I don't have anything sorry I don't Have anything I don't have anything Hello I've got no food I'm sorry And I'm sorry I don't have anything Mr Wild Squirrel Yeah I guess he's just being friendly Here Comes one without a tail What happened to your tail What happened to your tail You lost your tail Hi hello I've never seen a tail of squirrel I You're coming back are you hello Yeah usually Um squirrels don't do this in nature You must get fed a lot I think okay you Must get fed a lot yes or you're you Like YouTube but I don't know One of the two yeah Okay guys I have to go to the Bonsai show That was a rather strange encounter Having the two squirrels come right up To me uh I guess sometimes you know you Don't have to go out in nature Nature comes right up to you Before we head to the show I just Noticed these two trees here

Two different species of trees growing Together or beside each other at the Base Not something I I've never seen before Quite like this Yeah two trees I think one is a a white pine The other is a maple Kind of growing side by side Very interesting I am here at the Toronto Botanical Gardens I saw some people involved with the show So there must be someone here the doors Must be open so let's head inside and Hopefully I can get some video Of all the show trees Big Wisteria there growing over the Building Seed pods hanging down fantastic Mike is working away on the demo tree Committed to finishing the wiring and Making it look just totally awesome [Music]

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