Styling & Carving Yew – Part 3

So this is another project another you But this is a Japanese youth Texas Cosby Data although the leaves look almost Like English you I can tell you that This was sold to me as Texas crispy Daughter This is a tree that I imported from Japan maybe in the year 2000 which is About 22 years ago this Branch here was All alive you can see it was worn but Japanese you somehow do not seem to Survive well in the tempered European Countries in northern Europe they tend To sulk I think it is because like Kevin Says that they could be from Southern Japan so they're not entirely Hardy so This one has struggle but I've managed To revive it you look at that lovely Growth but a lot of the Japanese use They suffer from a scale insect which we Have to keep treating but This side branch has grown so all is not Lost it's got beautiful Hollow trunk so I'm going to get Kevin to add his Artistic eye and see what he can create Out of this Okay Kevin so yeah it's all Yours yep so I think the first thing Here with this tree is the enough Studies about you is the way that that Apex leaves their dead trunk so the First thing we have to do is change the Orientation that's true yeah go give it Some movement Immediately you can see when I've turned

That yeah that Apex is now in the Correct position Oh I see A side branch you want to make an apex Yeah like this yeah It makes sense and also we've got a nice Buttress here yeah okay so it's the same Thing as the first tree okay so we're Going to lean it this way So immediately yes it's a different type Of prostitute yeah give it some movement Yeah absolutely yeah Now the same thing here I've done the Orientation on me now what I'm going to Do now is pick the absolute front Okay You always have to put a date in the Area Yeah cheers Richard Um yeah Wouldn't the hollow trunk almost dictate It straight away Um yeah but it's uh just by turning it Here sometimes a hollow can look better On the side not for a fist not full Frontal no so you know maybe you know But on but what I'm having to do now is Make a compromise here in between the Nabari yeah and the hollow yeah and also The way this this Branch looks yeah See this why you start to get there and You've got a slight reverse taper here In there yeah so I think possibly and Also the other thing right is leaning it This way towards you you know to make a

Difference You know yeah so and it can be Millimeters yeah that changes the whole Design of the tree yeah it's crazy you Start to turn a tree around and suddenly Right you go that's the absolute front You know so Ultra cgu you know but I think possibly Yeah For the ultimate navari And also getting rid of this reverse Type of like I said yeah I think Probably their year is uh is my absolute Fun Okay So Now what I'm going to do here this is my Thinking here is finding the line Through the tree yeah So that's what I do first I disregard All the other branches I'm not even thinking about it at the Moment yeah I know I can't use this one so I'm going To type So like I'm looking for the line yeah That's the thing disregard all your Other branches here when you're Designing a tree yet just find your line Through the tree and my line is this Here through here up there and this one Is the Apex here The fattest Branch here you know I mean So that's what I'm going to use the Apex

And we're gonna have to take some of the Weight out of this part as well here Because this uh Foreign So we're going to get rid of this here This will probably be my principal Branch this one yeah so all of this has Got to go but I'm going to cut it and See if I can carbon you See if we can return to some sort of Tune It may be the case that doesn't happen Yet but That's what we'll do Also just because this hollow here is There Doesn't mean that it's perfect to you Know there's a certain part here yeah That I don't like yeah that's beautiful Yeah but this part in here isn't so Beautiful so I might may do something With this okay you have to be a lot more Careful when trees got natural wood on It already yeah I see because you can Destroy it yeah by getting too clever You want to use what there is yeah you Have a look here and use what's already There as a template yeah so I'm going to Do something with that area I really Don't like it it's flat yeah yeah and I Want curves so Foreign Out Definitely going to use

That first one is the Apex I think but It might be a dual Apex tree I will see You and we'll get to the point that One's too much as well We're doing a similar thing to it you Know we're taking control of the Branches here so we get tapers in them It looks very beautiful yeah but it's The only way forward If you want to make a tree of any Quality yeah you've got you've got to be Ruthless sometimes yeah yeah sure But you are more or less seeing the Design you've got another I've got the Idea the idea is already sort of forming In my head yeah you know so Like you said maybe a wfx one here and Then one here yeah maybe okay if we can Get enough movement into those two yeah You know sometimes trees have a dual Head like that you know I mean it's Quite attractive So That Bitcoin at the back is quite Interesting too isn't it It is but How do I like me I like that better than This one yeah well yeah because Um for me I've got to say yeah that's Going too weird it is just too Artificial yeah It's been bent at some point that's Right you can see it's not a natural Basis yeah it's not a natural Bend you

Know cracked it there so I'm afraid That's got to come off as well yeah I Mean it's uh it's what I would say yeah Is a long gin is a new gin a short gin Is an old gin and it doesn't make the Tree so compact oh it's way out it's way Out here you know I mean it's not Sculptural enough sometimes yeah if if You say you would uh working on a uh a Chinese tuna per year or a Sabine yeah That had a really attractive Branch here That was naturally Twisted so I got it On and use it for Tanuki they might do That yeah or you might just leave it Yeah [Music] Um so if you wanna or anyone yeah on That gun do you yeah cut that off yeah Okay and cut it to hear you silky Where where do you want it yeah straight Across yeah So that was an easy decision Of course a dead bounce is not so easy To tear isn't it no it won't it won't Tell me yeah everyone take it half Cutting yeah Enough okay Oh not a bit sort of okay we can work With that yeah okay great Save that don't burn it Right so What I'm going to do now So I'm going to be using this tool next Year okay

Yeah there's like a drill but it's not It's not no it's a small router yeah Smaller and um you know I call this the Pencil yeah because you can actually Hold the machine like this yeah and use It like this here you know so what I'm Going to do here I don't generally do This but you know it's just For the people out there maybe not used To using the power tools yet I'm going To um I'm just gonna Make a Mark here in there continuing on With that yeah And I'm just gonna do that yeah They don't know exactly where I'm going You know I'm not going off-paced yet With uh anything yeah Thank you I'm ready to change this Yeah this thing is Lump is a lamp And it's not good sorry See this is uh sort of saw them up here So I'm gonna go in here And uh I was talking earlier about Capital hairline so you know and uh this Seems to be one here for me so I'm gonna Follow The Line And the other things about this Foreign This is where you take stock here and uh Sure and think about what you're going To do next

Also a lot of this year you know these Dead I believe yeah you know so we're Gonna have to find the live line as well I'm sure it's right around here so we're All cover that yeah Because but obviously you know you know The rules are yeah that you should have Part of the live phone showing you so It's like that Hollow uh you we saw in Crohast isn't it oh God yeah What a thing that was yeah my God [Music] I don't like planning By committee but Can I just suggest something how about Making this thin like that and this Thing like that so two so yeah but the Thing is if you do that on this side Yeah I don't know if it'll work you know I Can try it yeah yeah actually do you Know what it's not a bad idea I might have a go at that yeah Um I've got this I think what I'm gonna abuse Pop a piece out here just thinking about That you need another marker No I think this one's all right yeah I'm just gonna knock a piece out of There yeah So you've got a hole already I mean you know it does more than you Think [Music]

[Music] It Off It's not going to come [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you

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