Styling and Carving Yew with Kevin Wilson – Part 2

Of course I'd heard is with so many big News taken from my hedge so this is Another big beast and behind that jungle Is hiding Kevin So Kevin has selected this Powerful root base say something Kevin About this tree okay yeah we did this One yeah yes um and we put some energy Into it yeah this one's completely Different yeah it's very unusual here to Get a u that's absolutely straight Straight like this you know so what We're going to do is make a formal Advice Um well obviously yeah you know also What I noticed yet because most of the Roots on the back of this year so I know You that we can create a Sharia all the Way up the front of this tree here to Make it more Dynamic so you mentioned The roots at the back yeah what is Significant about that so it'll Supply The energy IT Supplies the energy from The back so I know I can go in here You know even undercutting here in this Part yeah uh no problem to make a formal Upright with this tree yeah so you're Clearing the front I'm clearing the Front now yeah just just to see what I'm Gonna need and what Okay Okay so So this tree is at least four foot high Yeah that made you think of that but I Think this is going to be the Apex yeah This one in here yeah okay it's going up

Right here and then I'll make it this Short so it has actually a bonsai trees Under the motor you wouldn't consider This one because this is potential taper Or you aren't you well the thing with This right here it's not formal enough Oh it's just sticking out we wouldn't be Able to get that formal there and the Other thing I have to finish this tree Off yeah with a Tripper with a tape a Cut in here yeah so I want to go Straight as possible yeah so this one's Ideal yeah you know yourself a year and A year's time yeah that'll be like that Yeah So okay Creation body traction [Music] [Music] Foreign This out yeah what that does is it Reinforces you the the buttress on the Tree here you know what I mean the Visual you know it emphasize the floor Exactly yeah Foreign [Music] [Music] La la la [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]

I'm doing the same thing cut in that Roombate Behind you can make it darker [Music] [Music] La la Why do you prefer to go that deep Tavern Is that sufficient just to do it Very shallow no because if you if you go Too shallow The Lord bounces off very quickly yeah You know but if you go deeper yeah it Gets darker so that's what I'm doing Okay So you know A few years back yeah I went to um I went to California yesterday A demonstration in Sacramento here for The For the Golden Goat Club Um And um yeah me and my friend gilia Visited the the Dawn Redwood giant Sequoise yeah yeah not the Giants of Course the the Redwoods on the coast Um just up in the mountains there and um You know it's through study in nausea You know what I mean I you know I Started to go really deep here with my Car didn't you because you get these Dark areas at the bottom of the tree Where they've rotted off and uh you know You just want to walk in there you know I think when you when you get come up to

A bonsai tree right yeah you should want To you know in your mind yeah actually Stroll up to the tree here you know so Before we continue carving for the sake Of some of our viewers who are new to Carving because a lot of our viewers are Not that sophisticated can you just say If you're making a formula poetry there Was no need to carve it so why would one Carve the tree well it's just because if We if we just kept it as it was yeah Um you know it might be quite boring Yeah it'd look like a Christmas tree you Know what I mean so what we have to do Is get some sort of nature in there you Know some sort of time you know Um so that's creating the agent look We're just creating an aged look Basically but also to create the drama Isn't it and the drama Um you know because you know you see These trees that have struggled through The centuries you know me but are still Healthy and uh you know and you know you Get some sort of empathy with the tree When you're looking because we're going To go to visit two trees which are Supposed to be four and a half thousand Years You do you do get a sympathy yeah for Those trees yeah where they've struggled Yeah you know what I mean but they're Still really healthy you know Um you know In Our Lifetime is you know

We're just a blimp in their lifetime yes So that's what we're trying to do is Just just create the age on this on this Tree yeah so it's creating age and drama Yes absolutely Oh my God So let me just show you the progression Of some of the trees this is another Tall U which are in the middle of doing But the one that we started doing In the morning And I would say This would be like About three and a half hours work really About two and a half for carving and Then Richard has been wiring for the Last hour and a bit and now Kevin is Just tweaking some of the branches So we reduce the height by half would You say Kev that we were about half To get the power into the truck okay you Said earlier so let's talk something About the design cover because yeah Um many people who attempt to do bonsai I think their biggest problem is Visualizing the end result What makes the difference between a good Tree and a battery or a bonsai and a Non-bonsai is having the vision to see The end result and that's the difficult Thing Is that something that can be taught or Well it's almost like I was saying There's a procedure to go through yeah

With my particular way of doing Bonsai What I would say here is is get the Story correct you know know where the Tree is growing uh know what the Elements were on the tree Um you know show the wind show the snow You know all of those things here you Know I mean but you've got to imagine Those scenarios depending on what the Tree uh dictates or speaks to you can't Force a tree to do something absolutely You can't do it isn't it no you can't so Well the tree would dictator that could Would say something to you yeah the Minute I saw this part of the tree and Thought well that looks like there's Been a 50 knot win on that don't think You know so that's that's what we're Doing yeah it started with this year Okay and then everything was built off Of this one feature yeah so there is a What we call focal point to the tree Yeah the focal point is down there Absolutely yeah And then you know obviously yeah we went Out today and looked at those yeah those Amazing new trees yeah and you can see Yeah the reason we you know we get so Worked up here is is they're usually Hollow in the bottom here when they're That age So So this has got a lot more hollowing to Do yeah

Okay I think about shared that Japanese Yule which has got a hollow that is a Bit reminiscent of that 100 year or the Crew her Steel Okay we'll video this again what a thing That was yeah [Music] 7th of December and we are privileged to Have here at herons Kevin Wilson and Richard Is around Kevin is a very good wife so He helps with the wiring and Other you know detailed work so this is You number two as you can see they're Pretty hefty beasts and this is the one Kevin wants to make a formal upright Which is his Forte so we've already what What have we done just 10 something open The front up what we've done here is This bottom part is actually quite Important yeah so what we've done is you Can see here we've we've gone in with Holiday out we've splayed the bottom Yeah to actually give it more power yeah And looking wider yeah make it wider Make it look like it's more uh you know Solid in the ground yeah and we won't go Right the way through you because a lot Of people when they're doing the Saba Mickey yeah they go in all the way up The tree yeah it starts to look a bit False thing yeah so what I tend to do is Open it up at the bottom and open it up At the top yeah it looks a lot more

Natural yeah so what we're doing today We're getting rid of this I'm going to Obviously carve this and make it more Naturalized in here I noticed by putting this thing here the Eye is attracted to this so it gives it A more emphasized line absolutely you Know so you see the tree more whereas if It is just a Plane Tree it is a nothing Tree you know the eye doesn't get Attracted to anything no this again is The what you call it focal point of the Tree that's right okay so tell us what You're going to do next you're going to Take what we're going to do here is um Obviously I'm not going to spend hours Carving this year so one of the boys is Going to cut this off here and then I'm Going to refine this area in here and We're going to do the same thing as we Did with the other tree yeah we're going To start with the smaller branches Because then we've got total control Over the tapering here in the future Here so what we'll do is wire it all Down show the snow okay it'll be Something like you know you see in Vancouver Island or something like that Yeah at the end and then we'll let Everything grow for a year and then do The same procedure again here some get a Good time for a chest so most of these Branches were this current Year's Launches I keep cutting off all the

Thick branches so these are just this Year's branches so next year you know The ones yeah next year I would say you Know most most of the branches will be That thick yeah that's right and that's What we want really okay great Certain Heights All right that's it lovely yeah Timber Okay Now it's about 70 or 80 centimeter tall But the way Who would work I think a lot of us also Work like that is that we have Two approaches some people have a very Fixed approach they've visualize a tree They stick rigidly to that idea and they Pursue it come hell or high water isn't It but very often the tree dictates Itself you may have to change Tech you Know go with the flu it's organic isn't It yeah you know I mean as you work here Something will arise and you go oh I Have to go this way yeah you know so Yeah if you're set in stone when you're Doing Monster yeah okay You know you're going to make mistakes Here you know I mean you can't subjugate What you're doing fine you have to go With the flood that's for sure Foreign So here we are putting the finishing Touches to this tree So if you can say something about the Future Direction curve yeah I mean

Hopefully yeah next year I'll be here Yes again and we'll work on this tree Again yeah let them go yeah I mean this Whole thing's got to grow yeah obviously The top will just let it go and uh That'll be about this thick yeah you Know next time and um so we're gonna Keep it in the flower pot I will keep it In the flower pot yeah no no no Absolutely they're growing there and uh You know the thing is it's got to grow Into itself now you know so uh and you Should notice this little thing I've Left yeah you know it's a little accent Branch and I'll make a tiny little Formal tree out of that one at the Bottom yeah you know sometimes yeah a Little bit of Interest like that can Help you you know uh but it's got to Grow into its uh itself yeah no talking Of growing techniques you know a lot of People when they demonstrate they like To put it in a big Bonsai pot or a small Bottles iPod yeah that is a recipe for Disaster absolutely is one of the main Mistakes that people make is the minute They get a tree they get over excited Here and they want to put it in the Finished pot and um I mean at home yeah When I'm growing Maples or Pines I make A big wooden box and I let the tree have Root run and you know you get to the end Result much quicker yeah if you do it That way yeah so we'll keep these in

These flop I said big enough let them Grow maybe a year at least I'm sure I Can manage that yeah I'm sure you will And um yeah and then I'll come back next Year and I'll do the secondary yeah Wiring on this year and I think you'll Be amazed at the difference at the Moment yeah you know it's obviously got To grow into itself But in a year's time yeah it'll be Fuller that'll be fatter and the whole Thing will look a lot more formal So There you go So we've done about almost four trees Have you done that one we've done this One and this one which this is only the Back view this is the Japanese Yule back View of a Japanese you Saw some nice carving there Uh So that is Going to tweak that or something no yeah This one's the this is the five year Prediction here of this particular tree Yeah okay Foreign Tweaking the Gins on this So thank you very much Kevin Richard I hope you enjoyed your time here and no Doubt we'll see each other quite a lot In the coming year yeah absolutely we're Going to have courses here yeah

Excellent Fantastic [Music] Foreign [Music]

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