Spanish Bonsai Heaven | The Garden of David Benavente

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What's up guys welcome back to a brand New episode here at asan today is Another very special day because I am Going to travel overseas for the first Time in three years I'm heading over to Spain to do the national show in Madrid And then I'm going to go to Rafa Torres Nursery Bonsai sense in Mallorca for a Couple days to hang out and make some Trees now in the past I used to go over To Spain at least a couple times a year To hang out with Rafa and work at his Nursery but of course with pandemic just Like everybody else around the world we Had to shut all of that down but finally After three years today going back on The road and I could not be more excited Rafa was actually just here for our open House last week he flew back to Spain And now I'm going to head over there to Meet him so I've got to go get Everything packed up in the house and Then we're gonna head to the airport and Make our way across the big pond so I Will see you guys on the other side Good morning Rafa good morning man how Are you you are welcome are you welcome You're welcome are you welcome you're Welcome you're welcome and welcome Welcome to my dreams How are you good I'm a little tired But yeah you need to shower no I'm not Nasty yeah do you smell me are you Excited I'm very excited where are we

Heading today we are going to David Benavente now and then spend some time And after lunch we are going to we will Going to we will go to the alkalendas The museum Sounds like fun I think you will enjoy a Lot most of the day yeah Look at the real thing in Majorca next Week they have a lot of good things like That Hands-free Amazing Do you have jacket yarn oh no I'm good No you're good I'm good I swear We are arriving to David With these guys And yes It's the entrance Is there any coffee here So right now we're in the garden of David benevente and it is absolutely Mind-blowing way better than my Expectations I mean I had great Expectations to start with but this is Just incredible to see this in person Amazing trees imported from Japan a lot Of native stuff here to Europe as well Including some incredible Scots Pines That David's been developing for a Number of years highly refined very Naturalistic and just very beautiful These trees have a lot of what I would Call mochikomi which is kind of this

Sort of settled beautiful feeling as if They're done correctly right it just Feels good in this Garden the setup is Gorgeous the color of the stones is Beautiful just everything is really Really nice here so David should be Coming back here shortly he went out to Get a covered vaccine but we're going to Meet up with him here shortly and Hopefully get an introduction to some of The trees here Foreign What's your favorite tree here Difficult to say but probably One of them probably this one I like a lot of ones yeah too many nice Trees to choose from nice I think this Too is are very very cool very special Trees Thank you very much for having me in Your garden today nothing thank you Thanks for coming absolutely stunning Thank you very much yeah I've seen Photos and videos online for years but To see it in person is it's a whole Other level thank you very much thank You very much I'm very happy you you Like it thank you yeah absolutely so do You want to know about the this uh yes Please we call it the Taiwanese because It the trunk is Taiwanese uh these three Have a long story because It was imported to Europe to Italy And I don't know how many how many years

Ago but uh Maybe 20 years or so and he worked on Many and unsold Uh Hundreds maybe uh and well this this Tree was in his collection and finally He sold to uh to Luis valino uh Uh Spanish collector from Galicia and After some time because they don't grow Well here the the leaves turn into Needles and are not easy in Spain they Sent back to to Italy and someone Graphed everything into itugawa came Back to Spain was like forgotten in a Corner I don't know why because The tree is quite impressive yeah yeah Good for me yeah because When I bought it was in a in a plastic Pot That people in the north used to to feed The horses So and obviously obviously it was Needing a reporting so I did and Lucky me yeah it's beautiful Was it Scion grafted or a protracted Yeah It's also it also appears in the Mosaic Dual that was the yeah Spanish magazine That also was published in in America as Bonsai today okay So probably the the story of this tree Is was published also a in Bonsai today I don't know well amazing yeah very nice But this is a very nice tree and now is

In my collection is here the 98 of the Trees are for sale But but not this one also this one but And I imported this like a trunk with uh Three or four Uh approach This is a very good Evolution yeah and Uh yeah stay here and have and I was Developing us As you see also changed the spot this is Not here yeah Last spring I think yeah but we and we Call it the cathedral Cathedral yes you Know yeah like the cathedral yeah of Course Perfect name yeah This is my dresser is that the beer Machine The most important thing in the garden Yeah just for for tomorrow or for any Event we organize for any random Wednesday yes Now it's we need we need the barrel but Uh we'll be tomorrow will be we'll be Ready yes People mostly people need to to enjoy Not only with the various these areas Many times bossy people is like Um Talking about the techniques and and This plane and Let's relax and enjoy exactly it's like Our event it's beta you know with the Food truck and all the people with music

It's meant to be fun it's fun yeah Absolutely must be fun so this is uh my Our philosophy here I like that Philosophy enjoy the life enjoy the life Don't take life Foreign So just to give a nice atmosphere today To the club that's very beautiful is it Like concrete that you laid the stones Down into then yeah okay you just make a Board what do you make the Border out of First yeah a piece of wood just wood oh Iron tube or whatever uh that's all so It's it's quite easy uh at the bottom There there are there is a like a Plastic uh pretty much yes And that's all so it's it's quite easy Just Just need to be patient yeah that's a Lot of work it's so faster the last time I was here I don't have nothing here Yeah Oh Exhale so I I don't know if it will be Enough for you it looks perfect so very Cool one yeah beautiful yeah maybe you Are going to be like yeah Look at that this come from uh Saburo Sun kakijiku oh really he brought this One oh that's cool yeah and uh after I Was working with uh at once again for I Don't know two or three months with a Family Um

The last day at the airport I have a Person for you from my father as a Present for your katos yes Okay you see yeah it's so cool very cool Huh awesome man thank you very much Thank you thank you for hosting us in Your garden today I really appreciate it Thank you for coming thank you very much Thank you

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