Refining some Itoigawa Juniper Shohin Bonsai

I'm going to take you through the Process of refining junipers Chinese juniper is a much misunderstood Topic Chinese junipers are juniperous finances But the actual variety No one knows the exact Botanical Nomenclature But we have the ordinary kisu Which is commonly sold and then the Modern Trend now is to grow the very Fine Leaf one called itoygawa so this is A itoy gawa look at it lends itself to Carving and Driftwood and gins And they will always have this dramatic Driftwood look at this this is another Eater guard this I imported from Japan 15 years ago in 2007. Nearly 16 years ago and they always have These beautiful Twisted trunks this is another beautiful One of frozen solid to the bench look at It I can't even move it so that's Another one so all these are etor gowers Kisu is the old-fashioned variety these Are all eaters always here all your toys So I'm gonna work on Sunny toy garments To show you what can be done Now this is another type of juniper but I don't why the color is like that maybe The way it's fed The way you feed the plants has a very Marked effect on the coloration of the Foliage so these are beautifully toy

Gowers with driftwood This probably is not a new toy Gower So we'll take you into the greenhouse to Show you what we're going to do with two Particular guitar gowers that we picked Out not very big ones but with a lot of Detail Now we picked up two itoigawas medium Sized ones These come from Japan and they're Deliberate grown long so that we can do Something with the trough as I showed You earlier we sometimes earlier the top To get another tree from that but Because we've got so many I've decided That I may not Keep all that so let's concentrate on Keeping the tree small this High to see What we can get out of it so this is Another example I could easily add that And get another tree but I may just use It for cuttings and just concentrate on This lower portion So we will set about just wiring Everything and then doing some carving So I'm going to get Josh to wire all These branches and then we've style it And then decide what to do with the top Part so there are two of them so Josh is going to do wiring from all These trees so we are setting about Wiring this entire tree We haven't decided what to do with the Top so this is Josh doing a bit of

Wiring I'm going to work on One Tree as Well so we just turn the tree around to Show the wall so these have just been Wired where we can we will use two Bronze principles so it's just wiring it And arranging all the branches in place And then we see the difference Let me explain to you what I've done to This tree I've only put like three pairs Of wires on it on the bottom branches Let's look closely to see where I've Wired it you can see how wide it So all I'm doing is bringing the Branches down and I'm going to wire Virtually every single Branch there are Some thick branches like that's a very Thick branch that's a thick branch That's a thick branch there are three Thick branches whether I will use it for Making Gins or not I haven't decided but I'll keep the tree short Up to about there and I'll decide what To do with the top You know one is always greedy wanting to Air lay everything but if I add Everything I'll never see the end of the Tree so I may cut it off and use it for Cuttings So let me continue wiring and you will See a change in this tree Right I've wired that brought that Bronze all these lower branches are Wired and you'll notice that there are Some pretty thick branches that's a

Thick bronze this is a thick bronze this Is a thick bun just a thick bronze Normally one would cut them off but I'm Hesitating about cutting it off because If I cut it off it may leave a big space Which may not look so good so I will Leave it for now and then there are These long branches the Apex I could Either use this as the Apex here or this Is the Apex so there are two choices Here And that barge is above the Apex but I'll still keep it so let me wire these Two for a start to see what happens and I'll wire this as well so that is this Sort of shape I'm wanting if you can see That is the shape I'm wanting and then I'll decide to what to do with those two Big ones so I'm going to wire These two pairs okay so the next thing You will see I'm gonna wire those two Pairs So let's see where we've got to we've Wired all these lower branches we want This one we want this one and I'm now going to do the proverbial bite The bullet because I could be airling Forever in a day so I'm going to keep The tree that small so I may keep a little bit for ginning But let's cut that off there and we make A Potential gin at the top But all these little branches are going

To come off they're going to be used for Making cuttings I'm making sure I'm tearing heel Cuttings not just snipping them off So here cuttings I'm going to make That's what we do just Branch them off And then the top I'm going to Literally With the blowtorch I may give it a bit Of a twist And this is the new Apex here And now we've got two problems here These two thick branches they are much Too thick so I'm going to Cut them off I'm going to just take more Cuttings from there And make Gins with those I try not to waste any of these bits Because itoigawa is such a rare Juniper That every small cutting is worth a bit So we propagated a lot of itoy galleries Ourselves Lots of cuttings are used Okay so These will be ginned Remove the bark I don't need to show you what I do so Those two will begin now this branch is Springing up I know I can bring the Stone but this is bringing up I'll keep That Branch but I can split the branch And bring it down and tie it with a guy Wire and see what happens so I'm going To just split that branch

With the bronze splitter I know it will bend over Time wire [Music] But bring it down If it works well and good I'm going to talk to one of the existing Branches There's a thick branch there Pull down to So cold that my hands are frozen [Music] Oh god I've gotta and trap the branch [Music] Out of the way so then I put it right on So that branch is going to lie like that So can you see the tree So I will gin some of the branches to Show you what it looks like so I've got Now a very reasonable What we call Shorten size bottom side and I'll do Some spiral geling these can be ginned And that's the trick done So we've got some cuttings out of that Tree And I'll put it in a bonsai pot So this is the tree that Josh has wired This is the one I did but Josh has done One as well so all the branches have Been wired if you come close you'll see All the wiring has been done all these Branches have been wired Now the big question is what do we use

As the front Now this tree is very very interesting As with all these trees There are always more than one Solution to the problem so let's look at This If you look at the tree from this side It's a bit busy on this side so one Would discount this as the front but it Is always possible to use it as a front If you use this as a front you can make This the Apex and cut the top off so we Are talking of getting rid of most of This bit So from a cold So we're getting rid of all that See the tree is going to be like that See how nice it looks like that so that Is possible with a nice Long Branch With a nice Long Branch extending that Way so this is possible this can be gin This can be gin dead very nice gender And it's leaning slightly to the front But if you look at it from the other Side This is also possible as a front this is Also possible as a front And if you use this as the front this is Very straight so this will be taken off So I think we can again do the same Thing like what I did in the previous Tree Let's keep a bit of the top in case we Want to do some gyms

With the top After all I always have to remind myself That customers buy these trees and when They buy the tree they then decide what To do with it so I try not to dictate Too much of my taste on the tree More cuttings and we will Take the top off like that To the June So there you go You don't want all that at the top So that is going to be a long gin In case you're wondering why that is all That will begin [Music] The Russian but all that bar comes off From there so you can either have that With that as a gel Or you can use this as the front And that is the Beach so you see There are so many choices again this Tree has two super fronts And it's for you to choose Which one you would like to use as the Front Both are nice I think that's all as well This side yeah from here With this at the front yeah So there you go A short exercise on two junipers [Music]

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