Radical Pruning of a Ficus – 2 Years Later

I like to show unusual videos and this Is Colin and I don't know whether you Remember for me was it two years back we Did a video you brought a very overgrown Ficus and we chopped it radically and Here you are if you see it you will not Believe what you are seeing Look at that tree oh my goodness this is Right now Crazy it was laggy and lanky And I will show you what we did we Didn't waste anything To show how you can save all these or Even alien some of the trees this is the Top of this tree it's an air layering These are all earrings from the same Tree Not that one but these are the Ingredients Yeah those also the same tree These are all the airlines we took from The tree that's not dead it's coming on So these are all branches we took of That tree it was that long and lanky so We reduced it and we've got that And uh what else did we get out of it I Think that was all isn't it these Endings we took and some cuttings we Also took I think we took some cuttings too I think these are cutting from that tree As well So we took cutting the air layerings and That is where we've got to and that is

The original part but that I'm afraid is Too small But I will if you don't mind I will keep It another couple of weeks to trim it Some more and then give it a proper Bonsai pot but there you are come to Visit your Offspring and then I hope You're pleased I hope I'm extremely Pleased look at it it's amazing Yeah I recognize the base yeah there you Go goodness man so I love doing projects Like this and thank you for letting us Experiment with this crazy all right Thank you very much okay [Music]

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