Spot Check of Ongoing Bonsai Projects August 2022

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My Ongoing Bonsai Projects 2022

Okay, i’m out here in my pop-up uh greenhouse and things are not working like i had hoped. Well, you know me, i’m always pushing the envelope and then remember this big uh, blue bar cyprus, i was hoping, would make it nah didn’t make it uh the smaller ones over here, and most of them are not going to make it.

But look at this other thing here uh. I can’t remember what that was, but that looked like he could take it and i think it has to do with the heat uh. You know this tent. It’S like a how uh in your car when it’s uh, 80 or 90 degrees, it gets to be over 100.

I think that’s the same problem. I have the high humidity but too much uh temperature or too hot okay, some more the failures. Okay, now, the main purpose was to get these bodhi trees, so it’s working well for the bodhi trees, and so i’m kind of content with the purchase of my pop-up greenhouse, but trying to push it with our boulevard cypress.

It did not work. Okay. This is my area with uh, either the water bottle or soda bottle, and i think this is better in terms of success rate here. So this area, the top, is 80 and more or less well protected from the sun and wind and everything else, and then these were just recently transplanted and then, as we come out this way it becomes 50 shade area is 50 shade up on top, and these Are at the final stage before i start to uh put it on the market, so these are what three years some are four years and training, and then it becomes my uh basic uh plant material for beginners.

So you know to get this nursery stock ready. It takes three to four years, even for uh, very affordable, small uh plants, and these are butch oddball things that i’ve been trying to uh get to grow. Well, remember our marguerite daisies! I didn’t realize they were such a hearty grower, so i cut them way back and i think i almost have an idea how they supposed to be style.

Oh that’s normal about two to three years before you figure out something to do with something new. So this is the multiple air layering boxwood. This is where i left it. This areas get a sprinkler and it seems like all the pots are being watered uh regularly.

I didn’t want to put like 10 drip system on it, so i left it right here. Unfortunately, the ground gets really muddy around this place, so i don’t know what i’m going to do as we start to dry out, i mean not dry out, but as we get to the rainy season anyway, i probably had to come up with another idea by then.

Okay, let’s do a quick check. This is my art chain style. I did not reshoot, but i took it back very severely yesterday, i’m hoping that it’s still warm enough that it’ll have a chance to grow back, but a little bit cooler than we had the time.

We did the on the update, so you know this thing is about the timing. Well, timing plus, do i have the time anyway um? This is just a quick look at our arching style elm. I also did this one here this one.

I call the dragon. Both are just basically uh raft style, meaning that it has fallen and has re-rooted again, and this one i try to do is slightly different so that it possibly has a look of a dragon.

This elm section, i pruned it about gosh a month, maybe five weeks ago, and it was gone crazy. So i had to do it again. That’S one thing about elm. He sure loves the heat and wants to continue to grow and grow, but by adding a lot of fertilizer without burning, of course, uh.

It does grow fast and you keep trimming and then these root over rock they start to shape up really fast. If you just feed it lightly, then you’ve got a wait for it to grow and then clip and then i’m gonna wait.

Wait, wait! Well when i feed it fairly heavy it grows like crazy and i had to trim. But then the finished product is ready in what two to three years: okay, the fail hardwood cuttings of the boulevard cypress, it’s okay, because remember this is our main project right here remember.

I took this from a very big tree into much smaller and i was only about 80 70 to 80 success rate chance, but it made it so okay, so my greediness, trying to take big cuttings, did not work. Well, i think at that time i said that if i had taken this little earlier, it might have worked anyway.

This was uh part of my quick spot check and i’m showing you the success before i sign off. So this is hero. Saying goodbye i’ll see you again real soon in another chapter and i’ll grab my camera like this and then go take a bunch of quick look at how things are so anyway.

It was a very successful project on this part, and then all of my greediness have not worked see you again real soon in another chapter.

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