My Serissa and Chinese Village Penjing, Show Prep, Part 2, The Bonsai Zone, Oct 2022

Here is a look at the Chinese village Pending Kind of lit up looks pretty cool So you can see the Moss is just growing In like crazy Very overgrown so I'm going to I'll do As much as I can on it I'm going to Start with this pathway Cleaning that up to this house and the Hedges each side of the pathway kind of Getting those pruned back And then we'll go from there So I'm going to start by putting away The Moss and the pathway here or just Plucking it out Pruning it away And you know I could get these trees Ready A lot faster for the show if I wasn't Videoing However I think I I like having the video record Of everything I do in the trees and You know maybe [Applause] Someday in the future someone can go Back and look at them And you know see every step of the way And Yeah you know if I do all this work Without videoing it then it kind of Jumps from this to this There's no explanation why or anything So I think it's important to keep

Videoing the trees I mean I've been doing it for nine years Now so far everything I do to the trees So I might as well keep going Into the future This channel is all about is You know videoing the succession of the Trees into hopefully something really Really cool in the future I hope Well I can sort of See the beginnings of a pathway in here Now so I have to get up my scissors and Give that a trim I've gone back and forth on these bushes Making them rounded I've had them Square I have no idea what shape I want them I I think I was going back to a square Because I have the bushes out front as Rounded So I think that's the approach I'll try And that they won't look perfectly Square but Maybe something close Look natural You can see with my acacia tree how much Time it took to get that Prepared for the show and you know it Had been shown in spring so it wasn't You know too wild but it took you know Pretty well Two afternoons of videoing To get it show ready And You know I could probably still go

Further if I wanted to refine the The landscape a bit more and Do some final prunings on it but So it's very time consuming But it's also very rewarding it's really Nice to see your Your tree all cleaned up I enjoy doing it too You always have to imagine the size of a Person Everything in scale So he needs to get something out of Scale and your eye says oh something's Wrong here doesn't look right and it Rejects it it rejects the illusion of a Miniature Forest You know it's the same with wire or Anything pruning marks in your trees Whenever you see something that doesn't Look natural it kind of It breaks the illusion and That's what bonsai is all about is Creating the illusion of A tree that was never touched by The hand of Man In miniature So it looks magical that it was just A tree shrunk down or something like That Okay so the pathway is looking better I Think I need a toothbrush Which is somewhere And clean up the pathway a bit

Well it's pretty clean the pathway under The Moss I've just got to clean it up Out front here a bit Figure out where it is too Okay that's Looking better So the next thing you can see I've got Kind of this edge of the Moss hedge Defined but this Edge just kind of Blends in with the ground so I've got to Pick out The moss on this side [Music] To define the other Edge I think the bridge is sitting on a stone Here yes It was completely covered in Moss Here's a look at what I'm doing I don't Know how much you can see because my Giant hand is in the way but you can see The pathway is Looking better The hedges are looking better not there Yet but they're looking better And the house has that kind of Ivy growing up around The house there which looks kind of cool There's this side of the Hedge cleaned Up both sides so it looks a lot better Now Looks a lot more miniature Here's a look at the pathway now and the Hedges each side of it I've got them

Kind of fixed up I think they're looking I think they're looking pretty good So the next area I want to clean up is The Lake underneath the bridge here get Rid of all the Moss and go back to maybe White sand or something like that I want to leave some Moss around the Edges of the bridge Now you can see the Moss goes right up To the bridge here Um I could do two things I could have a Moss pathway or I could take the Moss Away and have a sand pathway in the Moss Around it I think the Moss is a little high to Make it a pathway so I'm going to pull It away And replace it with maybe a sand pathway Now I'm going to have to before it gets Dark I've got to pack the car up with All the stands and the hearty trees Get them in the car so then in the Morning all I have to do is load the Tropicals from the greenhouse into the Car Okay I think I need to do two things I need to get Some fresh sand to represent the water And I need to get some Different colored sand to represent the Pathway I'm thinking maybe you know the Red sand for the pathway Okay so that's my water

Um I'll just rinse it down a bit That'll do for now I'll uh Definitely Give it a watering when it's all done Just to settle all everything down a Level so now I'll put a bit of this red Sand around the pathways Pathways that don't really go anywhere Poor planning on my part but Maybe In the future I'll work out where I want Them you know the pathway might just go Around I think it will I think it'll Just go around the pond Yeah I'll bring it out front We'll go around the tree Like this it doesn't have to be real Highly defined You know my Lantern's kind of in the way I'll put that closer to the Shoreline Like that 'll give me room for the path to Continue around the The pond the koi pond Well that's Somewhat of an attempt at a pathway Let's see it Great but it's there so now I bet her Give it a water and just to settle Everything in see how it looks All right here I go with the water This may change everything I don't know Maybe some stones in the pathway would Look even better

I rated the gravel driveway and found a Whole bunch of stones that have flat Surfaces on them Like that and I'm going to try building A stone pathway All right here I go Um I'm going to start A big Stone here and I'll push it into The ground to kind of make it level Like that oh that looks good Like that and Followed by maybe a small Stone Followed by a Maybe another large one Here Push that down if I can get it down far Enough I think I can Well there I have a stone pathway I Don't know if that looks good or not but It looks okay Kind of I have a garden theme I've got My koi pond a pathway kind of going Around the garden across the bridge you Come into the garden here through this Pathway So it all kind of makes some kind of Sense So I think I do need maybe a little bit of The sand color in the pathway Just to kind of make it look extra Special Try that Maybe even no yeah just the same color

I was thinking the white stone but nah I don't know if this will Be good if it'll tie the stones into the Pathway a bit more or if I'm just Kind of ruining what I already had Okay let's try washing it again see if That makes any difference to the look of It Here I go Well what did that do it It toned down the stone pathway so it It Blends in more with the ground so it The stones don't stand out they they Stood out like a source office a sore Thumb with that red Color sand around it So now It's more subtle Looks more natural I like it a lot Better There's a stone here I'm not sure what That stone is doing here I don't think It needs to be here it's kind of bright It's a cool Stone but I just don't like It Needs to be there now as far as the Lantern I don't like it there it's too Close to the pond I'm going to try it out Here Yeah beside the rock here that looks way Better Kind of you can view the Edge of the pond a little more

Um what is it missing now It's missing a shrub or something here That's what it's missing I need Rounded blob of moss And I just so happen to have some for my Cyrissa planting Just scraping off the soil underneath it Let me try it Yes that looks better We'll just kind of Squish it down there Kind of uh separates the pond from the Pathway Now that'll fluff up once I You know once I've watered it it Recovers from being squished but yeah That looks better maybe something over Here too just uh Again something That kind of looks Just to separate the edge of the pot From the pathway So maybe sort of like something here Yeah I think so I'll just kind of Push those bushes in there Yeah that looks a little better Okay now Let's have a look see what I'm missing Here I'll clean up all the edges of the pot I Will Prune this bush back I don't like it Overhanging the pot here Sort of like that defines the edge a bit Um

Well that's certainly looking better Bit of a landscape Um be nice to have something more Colorful in here and it's a splash of Color I don't know what to use either Um Does it need color Be nice I don't know what to do I think I need to fill the koi pond up a Bit more I think it's too low Bring it right up to the Shoreline here Okay let me try watering that [Applause] That looks better Uh let's look at another area I think There's a weed at the back here I'm not happy with this area but There's a weed out the back If I get something done with this area That'll be like bonus I mean it's it's okay the way it is it's Not great but it's okay So let's let's have a look at the Overall planting and see what stands out As being Needing the most work here's the koi Pond and the pathway And kind of see it I'm wondering if that Lantern's too it's Too out front isn't it um Oh boy Maybe not part of the garden but part of

Like the entrance way to the house maybe Yeah yeah maybe Maybe here Lighting the way to the pathway yeah Yeah maybe maybe Back here No it looks too big Well let's leave it here for now There it is We have our Stone Lantern out front lit To welcome guests to the house So let's go over here now let's look at This so here's our Moss bushes out front You can see they've kind of The shape's okay but they've lost the Definition I used to have Like stones around them That look more like a garden and these Were bushes in it so right now it just Looks like a Big Blob of moss so I'll Define those next I also noticed the moss in my Courtyard There Has grown super long I better prune that Too I'll start by picking out the Moss Around the bushes here Kind of restoring their isolated shape Up front I have some bricks going across Here I don't know they just kind of Define The edge of the property a bit This Moss sure likes to grow in the Greenhouse

Now I don't want it to look too clean I'm leaving some Moss against the fence Here Just sew it Looks natural Just like it would in real life if you Maybe weeds growing up or something Be this person's gardeners on holidays I don't know So these cuttings the trees in this Planting they're tiger bark ficas And This coming I think I got them in December It was either December or January and They'll be coming on two years old And I'll definitely put this planting Back in the greenhouse tonight I don't Want the birds to Kick off all this moss and stuff And it's going to be really cold so Everything has to all the Tropicals have To go away tonight Okay I think that's looking much much Better Now I do need something around the trees I can't just have like Yucky Black and Bonsai soil So I need to Kind of dress the area And what should I use that is the Question Um

I guess natural playground sand would Look the most natural but maybe I don't Want it looking natural maybe I want it An artificial looking garden with maybe The Red Sand Because I've got the natural sand on the Other side so maybe Maybe the Red Sand I'm going to flush this out I'm just Going to water it and kind of get a good Surface to put my sand down on Like that Yeah I think that helped a little bit Anyway Check it in the chickadees And this was from Michael's the craft Store The color's looking good it kind of Separates this house from the other one Makes it look different Kind of color Scheme in the gardens All right I'll give that a wash now with Water and See if it looks good All right here I go I think that kind of does the job It's um Kind of Blends in pretty nicely Doesn't look too Artificial At least when it's wet it looks okay All right well that's another area That's

Looking Quite nice on the planting Um this entrance way isn't bad it it's It's acceptable if I didn't have time to Do that I'm it doesn't stand out as Being too Too messy Um I think the courtyard that Moss I can Prune it a bit I can leave some to look Like plants in there that are growing But I think I need to prune it around The entrance way if I can get in here It's pretty tricky but I'll just have to I don't know what I'll do Tweezers or something but I guess I can Get the scissors in here you just Don't like you'll be able to see much my Hand will be in the way [Applause] So I'll leave the Moss around the Perimeter of the courtyard I think I'm better with tweezers Just kind of picking it out And yeah I'll leave sort of a surround Of moss To look like maybe uh You know a herb garden or something in The courtyard here You know when you're cooking you come Out And you pick your herbs Here's that courtyard See it I don't know I don't know it's pretty dark in there

But yeah you can see there's The courtyard and it's surrounded by Moss bushes Kind of cool The Moss bushes out front here The entrance way Yeah it's all looking very miniature It's uh Kind of quite pleasing To the eye Liking it Gardens I think there's enough visual Interest in this planting that people Will come and look at it and go oh That's cool look at this look at that I Hope Okay I think that's got to be it because Let's have a look at the sun oh It's getting awfully low on the horizon I've got a lot of packing to do with the Car I think that's the end Of my bones I work today Yeah This is looking really cool I I love Doing this kind of work it's really Really really fun Now my smile just disappeared because I've got to find a stand for this I don't have to but it'd be nice Oh dear Let me look around There is the pending on the dark

Stand that Matt fixed up Um The stand is too small for it I don't Think Not real keen on the color with the pot Either Uh I'm going to try The maple stand Here's a look at the pending on the Maple stand Ah It's not too bad Um Let's say the stand looks a little big For it A little big and heavy for this size Planting it looks good with the forest Like my avatar growth but It's a little heavy for this It's the only large stand I have Available my other one is going to be With the Larch Forest So this might be it it might be the The stand I have to use it's not bad it Looks And it's better than no stand that's for Sure But I think it's just a little big and Heavy it kind of overpowers the planting Yes I think that stand will be the one It looks kind of good it really shows it Off I've got a white line on the front of my Pot and that was where it was rubbing

Against the aluminum In the greenhouse hopefully a bit of oil Let me just see what it looks like wet Yeah it disappears or at least it Pretty well disappears Maybe it's a scratch or something I Don't know I don't think so anyway Yeah I'll have to oil that pot up a bit Before the show I'll bring my oil with Me Yeah I think it looks good it really Shows off the pending Kind of cool to see it all pruned up Looking cool All right I'm going to start packing the Matrix up get it fully loaded As much as I can tonight and then That'll just be the Tropicals going in I'll have to make sure I've got all the Right stands accent plants Little stands for accent plants all in The car it's going to be a really tight Squeeze I hope I can fit all the trees In Here is the space I have for my Seven Trees that I'm taking to the show the Whole back of the Matrix I managed to Fit all the stands in the front seat I'll show you that So there's seven stands in here There they are Oh my goodness I hope I can get them Back in Oak maple

Maple bamboo Teak I think I don't know and Yeah the two I stained up were actually The top three I stand up with the tar so Yeah I hope I can get them back in so And then I've got all my little stands And I've got Frankenstein For my frankenficus for all my little Accent plants I'll have to check my Reference photos and See if I've forgotten anything It's getting pretty dark out now I was Thinking maybe I better leave my large Forest outside so it gets another night Of frost and it might help with the Fall Colors because it's still Still a little on the green side I mean This tree's turned And the one over here is kind of all Yellow The rest are just starting and I I did Notice a big change from last night so Maybe By next morning I'll see some more color On it I forgot about my Cedar Force so I Have two hearty trees that are going in The show so the cedar forest and the Large Forest That is it I've got all my trees prepped For the show I'm taking Seven Trees if They fit in The Matrix And I'll see you at the show in the next Video so that's all for today I'm Nigel

Saunders thanks for joining me in the Bonsai Zone [Music]

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