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It’s time I seriously style this wonderful tree and my vision is to create A tree that looks like the spectacular old growth, wild Cedrus First, removing all of the old wire, placed on the tree just sfter lifting it From the ground, in early March 2021 This is going to take a while, thus… music This tree had a fast development, from the gound to full styling in a ceramic pot, In less than 18 months! That was possible because everything went well and the tree was very healthy Genus Cedrus is an amazing species for bonsai. Advantages are, 1. Very small needles 2. It responds great to pruning 3. The buds are ever so slightly alternate in pattern, creating Full, ramified, foliage pads, relatively easy 4. Wood is soft and comes into place with ease 5. Wiring is easy and wire can stay on the tree for a long time The only disadvantage I can think of, is that Cedrus are sensitive during repotting And in some cases they might lose most of their needles after a strong reppot This tree is quite heavy so all the work must be done in place, without a turn table Here is a close up to the alternate pattern of the buds and the opportunity For excellent ramification Old wire gone, now the difficult part of pruning excessive foliage, a hard choice I delibrately left the tree with a lot of foliage on the top, to create new roots fast After lifting it from the ground. It is possible since Cedrus are quite drought Tolerant and I knew that excessive foliage would not stress the damaged roots All that much, rather help it regrow. And it worked amazing Cleaning the wound. They say Cedrus don’t heal fast, but this tree does much faster Than anticipated, even the large trunk removals are healing over nicely Cleaning the branches to prepare them for wiring This top heavy tree will soon be transformed to a balanced tree That lets a lot more light hit the trunks and the inner branches Cutting new growth back to a place with two buds that will take over To create a nice foliage pad sillhouette Next morning, inside the mist of a rainy night Before wiring, I need to move one or two trunks and the central trunk to the right Wiring the first branch, which needs to thicken a lot in the next 5 years

In the first video of this tree, in 2021, I was told two times that I should have Included the wiring process. Well, here it is now! More than half is done, now removing more foliage and wiring the top half Moving the main trunk to the right This is an amazing, flat, ramified branch, fitting perfectly the non-traditional Japanese style I’m striving for Next morning, rain postpones all operations, since this tree is immovable Finishing touches A before and after comparison is coming Thank you for your time!

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