Making a Fuji Cherry Bonsai Tree! #shorts

Let's make this Fuji Cherry into a Bonsai tree I'm going to take it out of The pot and begin to wreck away the old Soil I'm gently raking away from the Trunk and rotating the tree so that I Don't tear through any Roots when most Of the soil is gone I then give the Roots a wash to remove any more soil Where we can see more of what's going on And what I'm going to do is remove any Crossing roots or any going in weird Directions the main idea is to promote Lateral root growth and pardon it into This little plastic bonsai training pot And after adding some soil I'm going to Place the tree in and wire it in place So that it doesn't fall out or wobble Whenever it's making new routes I'm Removing this large Branch because its Thickness competes too much with the Trunk line and after adding some wire And spacing out the branches I'm giving This tree a little profile cut And that's all I'm gonna do for now

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