Making a Juniper Tanuki Bonsai

We’re going to do a Juniper Tanuki Bonsai with this Beautiful piece of Driftwood that the Customer has brought in and the only Plant that I could think of are these Large blossoms which I started training For just informal up bright trees you Can see how the branches have been Trained the smaller version of the blue Is this one But even this is quite large but this is Super large and because the piece of Driftwood is large I’m going to use this One because the branches will be quite Visible so here we go we’ve already tied With cable ties one of the branches to The trunk and now the rest of the job is Fitting in the wood To the trunk so that it’s as close as Possible And trying to get some movement of the Wood So that the tree Is tightly wrapped around the trunk so If I can ask table kindly to wrap this Bit The secret is always to get the wood Hugging Uh the tree or the tree hugging the wood So I’ll show you in a minute how close We’ve managed to get it tight as Possible And then another piece up here In the past I used to use aluminum Bonsai wire to tie it in but with cable

Ties you can get the effect just as Easily And these cable ties last quite long So straight away I’ve got that main Leading shoot so if you can look can you See how close the Live wood is Hugging the dead wood So I’m not going to fit as many branches As possible to the wood So that it appears as actually growing In there and as this grows I’m going to Take it further up this way Can you see like that So if you don’t get a complete curve I saw another one from here that look Forward From here Don’t trap my finger So this is a job where you need Certainly more than one pair of hands One person cannot do it on the So if you see how close this wood Is now this live wood is hugging the Entire driftwood And I’m going to clean it up so you can See The Driftwood better now I need another Tie to tie it even more over here this Part We also used to use brass Nails in the Past to finish but sometimes the nails Just ping out so it doesn’t hold as well For this cable ties are certainly the

Best thing to use So you can see the light would have done An S rounded to you see how it so when It goes it will do that so it’s finding The right tree to fit this piece of wood So already you can see the effect it’s Almost instant because it’s got nice Wide branches and I’m just trying to see If I can fit this Branch here through The hole here because this piece of Driftwood has a hole here so I’m going To can you see I’m threading that live Piece of wood through the hole right Like so You see Oh So when it grows thick it will in fact Actually Be absolutely tight Over there and I can ask you to you know Tie this one through the hole [Music] Okay It’s almost like doing a keyhole Operation Okay So we got that Now what else can I Fit in so that it looks more credible I need more branches that’s for sure I think I need a blaster Bring this Wrong Okay if you do this

Okay Yeah yeah Good Not cool with anything It’s already looking good Yeah okay All right I’m now going to put it in a Training pot so that I can maneuver the Branches more easily and this root ball Fits exactly into the spot so I don’t Need to find anything else this is Perfect So now that it’s in the pot you can see The configuration of the tree and I’m Now going to avoid the branches in place And we will see how it goes from here Okay so there’s a bit of wiring to do I Need to make the branches appear as if They’re coming from the trunk And also going to tidy the tree up Foreign To do As I mentioned to you these trees were Being trained for an informal upright Juniper but it so happens that this tree Fits exactly or matches this piece of Driftwood exactly So it’s just one single tree they’re not Separate trees so I want to show you now What I’m going to do I’m going to wire These longer branches The branches which I don’t need I’m Going to remove The object being to try and show the

Driftwood Not to hide the Driftwood Foreign [Applause] No But let me just I’m going to use the wire to tie the Branches even closer to the trunk So I’m not just worrying I’m doing some Tying as well And then use the wire to wire the Branches Yes Foreign [Applause] And some more ones too [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] So look at it it’s about almost three Foot wide so it’s one of our pre-made Blouse junipers And it’s just fitting it into the wood And it’s quite credible because the Garages are hugging the trunk Hugging the wood and it looks nice for More distance you couldn’t tell at his Effect you could tell it’s a thing

I’ve left More branches than I normally would Leave see that I don’t really need but Because if I leave it there it will Thicken the trunk so it’ll thicken the Trunk faster and it will become a very Nice tree so nice piece of Driftwood Nice piece of uh two as well so we’ve Got the two combined together Okay [Music]

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