India Trip – Part 5 – Mumbai -Not Bollywood but Bonsai

Okay I'm here at Bombay or Mumbai Airport with Vinita KK and Sanjay dham And with the good offices we were able To retrieve my luggage at last This is the luggage that has eluded me For 16 days since 20th since 2019 of December missing next year 2023. happy New Year Happy New Year I'm Here with the famous And then away And especially for him Hello thank you thank you Peter very Much thank you so much Thank you thank you Always try and identify the one and Um Questions [Music] [Music] You don't want the botanical name is About it again Can you see I'm just creating the basic Dome shape nothing more complicated than That just by making a home shape Pennsylvania So this is what we call a natural Financial natural form I always keep reminding people that one Side is not Normal Thank you [Music] Foreign Don't ask me which is the Apex and all

That sometimes you don't need Apex as Long as the overall shape looks white That is all that is important so effects Style you can call Multi trunk style If you want to make it shorter you can Make it shorter but not too short [Music] Can you see I think this is enough But just keep it this height and that Should be okay so with multi-trunk it Works To reduce the height or length yeah you Could you could take this part off You could take that bank part but at the Moment it forms the Dome of the tree Without that it will become flat you Know the basic design on most modern Life is that it should be known to shape Not flat like that It's not flattered always make a point So if you design a tree with that in Mind I still need protect them [Music] Say this That don't shed the words So try and keep it like that and this is Nice and open multi-trump tree Trunks doesn't matter if it's not shown Is spreading the bases here and then the Dome is so keep it this size You can make it shorter but as it is it Looks nice so that's all you need not

Too deep okay fine in front of the tree It's like your body either straight or Is doing that or something like that the Line is very important so this is the First thing you should remember that Overall shape And also you look for the noise Okay This is the light of the tree that is The beautiful part of it so all this Rubbish All can go We can Gene it also Don't judge for the sake of tuning okay Appropriate for the tree A lot of people mention oh because oh Yes we heard of gin they want to make Books but it is not right don't do it Thank you [Music] [Music] When you make branches Always choose thin branches to do and Rather than cake Bros I tell you why Supposing you have a truck Like that Now if you have Thick branch Is also branch Thick brunch And the trunk is also that diameter It makes the trunk look small But if you have 10 brushes The contrast will make the

Trunk look bigger You understand it's all proportional so If I have a thin branch Rather than thick parts Then it makes a trunk thicker you see The contrast is better Like if you want to make yourself look Beautiful stand next to a person who is Not a future to you It's just like that it's contrast that's Normal contrast so a lot of tricks you Can do that is exactly the thing The front Oh The way to choose the front or the back The many factors the roof going in the Ground determines the front as well and The line also determines the front the Most beautiful line So if you turn the tree around This this using as the front This line You notice And you use this side this line So what was that this also is a line is Quite nice so you have to decide what You keep as a front And that is determined largely by the Line so my preference would be this is Possible this is possible but yes not so Nice this is also possible like that so There are many different possibilities Not that many possibilities Many possibility this is possible

But at the moment there's too much Goodness I don't give refunds If I spoilers Oh my God London in July I'm just trying to remove some of the Answer clearly unwanted branches The Moon [Music] Still trying to see which is the nicest Line So one question yes [Music] [Music] Here Anybody You're welcome to ask questions if you Wish Okay no need to keep here Yeah now this is a possible front yes But why this is not working is that There's too much here this is in the way [Music] See this is in a way you cannot see the Trunk you cannot see the use of the line But if I use this as the front that Could be a back punch Like this Like this This has got possibilities Are planted or something like this Thank you [Music]

To the front to this side You know how to make ging you can cut The bronze fastly like this Part of the awareness breakfast then you Break it you get a torn effect Like so the natural natural break Lightening yeah so it's not just cut it Anymore sales So this is the end of a long Marathon Session At this very famous Person's house I won't tell you who it Is And It is an absolutely fantastic place I think I've worked on about 30 trees in One day All these trees have been worked on by Me I'm I'm Sorry I didn't take the before off Shorts because these have been partly Trained but the before shorts were Really dramatic they were jungle trees But we have created line and form So these are all the trees that I've Worked on today I reckon I've done about 30 trees In about four hours From 11 o'clock to 1 30. 2 30 to 5 30. so maybe about four or Five hours So all these trees have been worked on

So end of a lovely day People have really enjoyed it And that's what my work is all about [Music]

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