How to make Bombax Ceiba Bonsai Easily Step by step

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Today I bought this tree
Then I plant it in shallow training pot At first I will grow this tree for couple
of years This time I will just remove some leafs
I bought this tree only for this carve ! It looks interesting to me
Now I will just forget this tree for 2/3 years Just look at the roots !
Seems like roots are pushing back ! I have no idea what is going under the soil! In this 2 years, I have just pruned the top
of this tree 2 times As you can see the after effect of pruning
Today I will repot the tree in a large training Pot
Growing in a large training pot will help This Bonsai to grow fast !
Now remove the soil carefully Now remove all the thick long roots
I will try to grow this root as a cutting As I said before, remove all the thick long
roots Now carefully clean the root base
This is a shallow clay pot. I will grow my bonsai on it. Just follow the process. Growing on this pot will help to keep the
roots in a shape. Also it will help to transfer the Bonsai in
Final Bonsai pot. Going too long. Its time to give a cut. Rather than cut I will try air layering
and make a cutting. New shoots are coming under the air layer! My air layer completely died !
So I will remove this. I have to do this without damaging the new
shoots. Now its time to cut from here. These are some of my Dwarf Murraya / Dwarf
Kamini plant growing from cutting. A beautiful day. I ll make an update of this bonsai after 4

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