Herons Winter Wonderland

Today is the 11th of December And for the past three or four days We've had night temperatures of minus Five maybe minus six and everything is Looking Frozen I sometimes wonder whether I like the Cold weather although hot weather This year in the summer we had Temperatures going up to 32 33 degrees And in some parts of England they had 34 Degrees and that was hot So we were cursing the heat but now that We have the cold I'm not sure whether I Like the cold But whatever it is it looks pretty but It means a lot of hard work we've got to Put all our trees away Under the shade netting and in the Tunnels only the very hard ones remain Outside so the larches Hawthorns Beech trees Some of the White Pines which have been Acclimatized in this country I don't Mind leaving them here but generally A lot of the trees are protected and put Away So let me just walk around and show you Some of the trees this is a very famous Great big needle Juniper that came into The country in 1962 This is a white pine that we're in the Middle of styling This is the bovernensus that was made Only like 30 years ago has a very large

Bonsai or garden tree And So It Goes On Let me just walk you around to just give You a glimpse of the trees covered in Frost this is not snow this is just Frost The birds are having a great time Taking all the Crabapple fruit And the Hawthorne fruit That's all they have to eat These sort of images are almost like What you would find on a Christmas card Chinese arms we do keep Outdoors because We know that they're very Hardy Chinese Juniper also we keep our doors The frost on the trigs is sometimes Referred to as Hall Frost H-o-a-r-e I think it is spelled I don't know why they call it horses but It is frost on the trees And it is really really pretty Also the spider's webs they attract the Frost So this is the spider's webs They look like string but they're Spider's webs And of course look at the water basins The water's frozen And it's popping out of the water basin I've known the water to sometimes freeze And crack these Granite pots So one has to be very very careful While my pride and joy of course are These

Trees that have good ramification look At that for ramification It's a Japanese Gray Bar cam I've had that tree for nearly 30 years Beautiful tree And this is one of our Maples Foreign [Music] S continue to fly And I'm pleased to tell you that I'm going To go to India for three weeks I'll tell you in another video the Reason why I'm going there But I'm really looking forward to it [Music] Many people think that trees which are Meant for outdoors don't survive The cold weather What Don't forget trees and like fish They're cold-blooded creatures If you can call them creatures and Because they're cold-blooded They will not perish In the cold Trees which are tropical trees would Perish because their cells just break And They will burst and don't survive We're taking a risk keeping some of our Focus in the front Greenhouse That Greenhouse does go down to freezing I've got to tell my staff to put them

Away Beautiful cobwebs So if you look around there's so much Beauty to be seen and to be had Thank you And these are our shade tunnels The shade tunnels Protect the trees from the overhead Frost it does freeze in here But it just keeps the temperature about One or two degrees Warmer than it is outside in the ambient Air So we keep our junipers here And our Japanese white pines and some of Our more precious Maple specimens I came across an expression the other Day And I think in America they call the Brown effect on junipers and use the Bronzing effect I call it the frost blush because In the winter when the frost catches the Leaves or the foliage of the Evergreen Plants This job gives you they turn it into a Bronzy color It is the reverse of suntan just as the Human beings get suntan Evergreen conifers Do turn brown in the winter when the Frost affects them So let's look at some of these junipers You see these junipers these are Detroit

Galas And they're turning that slightly bronzy Color Frost blush Don't worry about it the tree is not Dying See that's a Another Japanese U Texas crispy data And that is also affected by the frost So these are the structures we protect Are The double twin span poly tunnel And then this is a large Polycarbonate Greenhouse The temperature is definitely Much warmer in here than Outdoors This is where a lot of the trees stay Here during the winter and of course Because they're undercover they do need To be watered you can't leave them alone If you leave them alone they will not Survive they will die So if you keep trees in the winter Undercover I always advise people when You have a hard Frost That means a hard Frost In Winter and the temperature goes to Minus two minus three minus four and Five In the UK we advise people to put them On the cover that means put them in a Garage or a shed and when the frost is Over take them out again and that should

Be sufficient To protect the trees So that's wander outside because the Pond I'm sure will be frozen solid here We are Winter Wonderland Look at it Absolutely Frozen It's deadly quiet absolutely quiet So The city histories have their beauty Because When they're in Leaf in Spring it's one Color Summit's another color Autumn another Color in Winter although the trees are Bare when they're covered in Frost like This There couldn't be a more stunning sight Look at that view Well it's 10 o'clock at night on the 11th of December and what have we got here but Snow the snow is falling thick and fast So look at that beautiful sight I will Take some pictures tomorrow morning but Meanwhile This is what the nursery looks like in Snow tonight We don't often get snow so early in the Year but this has been a strange year Look at myself covered in snow Absolutely beautiful Freezing cold though

So this is a night view of the nursery In the snow There you go So today is the 12th of December A Monday And last evening at four o'clock The snow started falling And within two hours we had about six Inches of snow All the people who were driving on the Roads were stranded they couldn't get Home one of my employees only lives 5 or 15 Kilometers away five miles Away and he got stuck only three miles Down the road so I had to turn back and You're too big you know the night's Sleep with one of my other uh colleagues So it was a very very difficult day but Look at it we always say This is Christmas card scenery I've never seen the nursery like this in A long long time I think the last time We had snow like this was in 2010 when We were building the new center But snow of this quantity is seldom Experienced look at these great big Trees in the distance those oak trees Completely covered in snow The planes of course started flying Again but the Gatwick Airport was shut For about six hours yesterday The weather improved Improved next Monday in stage time I'm

Going to be flying out to India so I Hope nothing happens In time to spoil my trip to India So let me just walk you through the Nursery And show you the beautiful sights So these trees are covered in a blanket Of snow Many people have asked me on my Instagram account Won't these trees suffer I hope they Won't suffer because the ones that we've Left outside are supposed to be the Hardy trees this is a ginkgo in front of Me and this is a Hardy one so Ginkgo is Hardy This is large This is Hawthorne this is Beach I have some white pines outside But because they've been in this country For well over 10 years they are pretty Well acclimatized to this weather so I Hope they won't suffer So as I say the trees that are left Outside are the ones that I know Will Survive Let me just take a long slow walk and Show you the beauty that there is this Is a black pine underneath there My twin trunk Maple or that chicken Plucker Maple this is a Chinese juniper The blanket of snow this is a Korean Horn beam Some of the autumn leaves are still

Visible This is the cedar Forest that I made About a year ago Japanese maples are pretty Hardy I don't Always put them away in fact I don't put Many of them away Especially if the trees are big I'm not Concerned about that look at that Japanese maple Who says it's not pretty in winter Is such a beautiful time Bonsai is about Enjoyment and about beauty so to say That a tree is not beautiful in Winter There is just not fair look at that Beauty I can just stand here if I wasn't Freezing all day and admire that Beauty Look at that Oak Tree in the distance There That silhouette is absolutely Sublime Look at it look at that You can hear the snow crunching Underneath my feet We've sent all our staff home at one O'clock after if they packed the parcels We sent them home And I hope they can get home This is the shade tunnel this is one of The shade structures And the weight of the snow sometimes Causes the tunnels to collapse So you've got to shake the snow off Before it gets too heavy So just this little bit of overhead Protection

Is sufficient to protect the so-called Hardy trees you see underneath the Sheraton there is no snow and it feels Decidedly warmer under the shade tunnel So the shade tunnel has its benefits Look at that silhouette against the Brown wall Foreign Because the snow acts as a sound absorb Absorber almost like an anikoi chamber So you don't hear anything Look at these images look at these Images Absolutely divine And look at that view look at that view Bonsai on Parade I'm glad I'm not a tree but of course Trees are cold-blooded I always tell People So I hope they won't suffer The tropical trees do suffer so they've Been taken away and put in our Conservatory I will show you those in a minute No one has walked on that snow except Some I think rabbits or cats walking Around here Yeah there's some Footprints I think That could be a fox's footprint Could be a fox I don't think it's a cat Footprints are too large So it's a different Vista different Perspective when you look at trees

Covered in snow And this is the shade tunnel newly Covered shade tunnel And I think the boys have shaken some of The snow off But this is where we protect our trees So Uh Japanese White Pines are kept in here They can stand fast in fact they are Frozen the pot's absolutely Frozen but Just that little bit of overhead cover From the shade netting does give them a Fair bit of protection Show you our Juniper area See where our junipers are kept Trident maple These are these two arches And the magnolia stillatus And that's our other tunnel so we have Two tunnel structures And this is sufficient to protect the Bulk of our plants I noticed that there are lots of birds In this tunnel because they are here not Only taking shelter from the cold but They're also stealing the berries the Catonias the berries And other berries So they're having a whale over time And in the midst of winter This is the viburnum Tinus this is about To bloom I won't take you inside the greenhouse Because you've seen that many times but

They're not covered in snow so that's Not an issue The birds are going crazy So lots of footprints again I think they're foxes More footprints Yeah they're quite wise so I think it's A fox Not a cat So the stock of our Semi-trained trees Mainly Chinese junipers The silence is absolutely uncanny Absolutely uncanny That's where our van was parked Overnight so that black patch we managed To drive it out Before the snow got worse Now let me go to the pond area to see What's happening there Look at these Exquisite images Hard to imagine that in a week's time I'm going to fly out to warmer climes That's going to be a subject for many Many videos Lots of pond It was frozen over solid but I think the Temperature has risen slightly so the Ice is melting a little bit Look at that panoramic view Absolutely stunning absolutely stunning I will now pause the video because I Want to take some Stills in between So bear with me let me resume my video

Again I stopped the moment ago to take some Stills This is a massive magnolia tree Snow is still there sitting About two inches deep Twigs Water sight For people who live in Regions of the world that don't Experience snow I think they missed something although It's inconvenient and uh Uncomfortable at times Snow is without doubt something really Beautiful The whiteness of snow The sense of Purity that you get with Snow Absolutely Sublime and the Stillness Because the sound is absorbed in the Snow The gray skies Promising more snow to come the rest of The week is going to be cold But hopefully by Saturday it's going to Get up to 8 degrees Centigrade And I fly out on Sunday So here are the footprints of animals I Think that looks like a deer dear Footprints Or foxes Got our planes flying again [Music]

Foreign [Music] Or ten minutes Beginning to freeze I mean I can take it no more I'll Venture back Or these Footprints fascinate me I think it is deer Some of my YouTube Viewers will probably tell me what they Are Look at a panorama Oh the planes seem to be taking off one A minute making up for lost time This is a rather unusual view of my Mighty Oak Tree The leaves are still on the tree because Not all the leaves have shed And they were caught on them or unawares They were just about to shed a lot of my Maples I've still got the yellow leaves on they Haven't all Fallen it's unusual to get Snow that early we usually get snow very Bad at the end of January so there's Another six weeks of this to come But in Britain we always have Very variable climate so this weekend It's going to get to eight degrees then We'll probably have one week of mild Weather or two and then it'll get cold Again Look at that panoramic view here You think you're in Siberia

[Music] Foreign [Music] Of the year when we are suffering cold Not really suffering we've got Electricity we've got warmth we've got Food Although some people have less of it But what about countries like Ukraine Which are suffering badly Several million people are without Electricity no water I wish that war would come to an end I Don't like to be political but I'm just Being a human being This is the holy tree And the Holly trees are the favorite For birds in Winter because the birds Take the holly berries For those of you who have never seen Holly This is what the holly berries look like And that's the holy tree At Christmas Holly and The Ivy that's The ivy plant Are the traditional plants Which are used for decorations at Christmas So this is my Orchard I hope my film editor boarding will be Able to put this Video off soon But you can enjoy it Let me have a look at our Lake we have a

10 acre Lake behind us Which is owned by the fishing club and The ski club so that is frozen you can See That's the frozen lake [Music] [Music] Foreign S are certainly making up for lost time I know we always curse the sound of the Planes When we hear planes After being shut down due to the bad Weather it is really a welcome sight These are the apples which I'll be gone We haven't picked them all we let the Birds have it so this is what we call Sustainability Let the birds enjoy it So the animal tracks give a very good Clue as to who frequents the nursery at Night Foreign So this is the life of a nurseryman We live off the land Foreign My feet are Frozen now so I better Venture in Because I said some of these Maples Still had the leaves on So the snow caught them unawares [Music] Also myself over sriracha So as we come to the end of a eventful

Year When we had summer temperatures of 34 Degrees centigrade and now it is -5 Some year we've had All part of the cycle of Life as we say I hope it's not the last of the videos I'm making this year because I'm going To be in India next week so I have about 10 days of videoing to do But I will wish you a Merry Christmas I'm going to appear on the camera Tomorrow perhaps If I can persuade someone to hold the Camera That little Bonsai is in fact A customer's tree that didn't survive But look at it Beautiful And then back to my house These are the Trident Maples so Bonsai Everywhere So on that note I'm going to And this particular video [Music] Foreign [Music]

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