Herons Bonsai – Nursery Stroll

Foreign Of the 25th of March is Saturday and Tonight the clocks are going to go Forward that means from tomorrow we're Going to get the British summer time so What do I have here in March one of my Viewers just reminded me today that I Haven't done any little walks around the Nursery and I know you love them so let Me take you around the nursery to show You what's happening this is one of our Ornamental peach trees and it's just About to burst into flour this is a tree I planted here about two years ago I Moved it one from one position to the Other and it's just about to bloom so This is my vegetable plot where I grow My vegetables but I haven't rotavated or Plowed it but I'm going to do it next Week and these are my rhubarb plants Already in a few weeks it has produced Such a lot of meat I'm not far from There I have this beautiful Stellata Magnolia this Magnolia is only 10 years old from planting it was only About two feet tall it's now about 10 or 15 foot high And there you are look at the beautiful Beautiful flowers delicate flowers and Such a big tree it's about six o'clock In the evening so the sun is beginning To set and all the birds are singing That evening song or evening chorus This uh by the way I'm going to cut down

And I'm going to take it up because In this uh there's some beautiful trees That will make beautiful Bonsai so I'll Plant another Edge so it's sustainable So it's not ripping it out and doing Nothing else there I'm gonna plant new Hedges and use the old ones to make Beautiful bonsai I won't talk too much because the birds Are singing so beautifully You can just listen to what the birds Are singing Camellia bushes loaded with floss lots And lots of beautiful flowers And this is our large hinoki cypress Tree Thank you The birds are singing so nicely I really Shouldn't interrupt by speaking Thank you Many people wonder why I show this very Strangely bunch of wish uh Forsyth here There are I think four or five little Plants here grown from cuttings this Believe it or not is about 20 years old And it was planted in this pot as Cuttings and which is given by my wife To her best friend she had a very lovely Friend called Janet and Janet died must Have been I would say 12 years ago And it was around 2008 or seven when she died And I keep this planting because it

Reminds me of Janet and my wife Dawn So it's very sentimental it's not very Pretty but it brings back happy memories This is a large maple look at it and at This time of the year when the leaves Are just coming into its First flush of green Look at it look at that tree look at That tree Absolutely magnificent Subtlety is the word I think I need to Use it's not gaudy but very subtle And we have lots of flowering plants Not quite in flour but these are the Japanese Hawthorne from last year Berries are still on the tree And look at that big big Emirates plane It's a Very large Airbus 380. Look at it look at it Monster in the sky [Music] Are those going over I've got Moss for Sighting bloom And these are our Fuji cherry We make a lot of these because customers Like it Look at them absolutely stunning They only last about two weeks but while They're in bloom they are absolutely Beautiful There are many varieties there are some Deep pink varieties

And that's another thick all Forsythia Stump And that is my magnolia solandiana tree Look at that I know the frost usually gets it but While it is About to bloom I hope the frost doesn't Damage it it's looking absolutely Beautiful And there's another ornamental peach Tree this one has got deep pink flowers Not yet flowering but it soon will flour And there's another great big stump of a Wisteria this is the one I pulled out of My hedge Not so long ago Look at the thickness of that stump Very tickle stump I'm now going to walk you into a shade Tunnel because we have quite a few of Our new Maples Which are in leaf And they are absolutely stunning these Are our Japanese White Pines We purchased lots of these from Japan Last year And these are what we have left from Last year but we've got hundreds and Hundreds more from this year they are in Quarantine and as soon as they are Released from quarantine We will show you what they look like I just

Forgot to show you a beautiful large Switch Just emerging from its Winter condition Look at this tree look at this tree Look at it gnarled or trunk Beautiful foliage coming out these have Been left in the open right through the Winter so during the winter we've had Temperatures of minus 10 degrees And the larches have survived so well The birds are still singing in the Evening just before they go to sleep They sing and in the early morning we Have what is called the dawn chorus and That's when they sing beautifully too Let's Go and show you another large Before I go into the shade tunnel Larches are wonderful trees because the Corners are so beautiful this is the Lodge that we go in our field and it's In the process of being trained into a Bonsai it's this one has only had one Year training from an old tree but it Will turn out to be a nice tree so here We have some of our neighbors coming Into leaf Look at the lovely bronzy color of this Maple this one has got a beautiful new Body this I've been training for about 20 years Improving the bronze structure improving All the ramification all the time Another tree that we dug up from the

Field only last year And look at it it's potted in its Bonsai Pot and that's another Maple in the Process of being made so we're very Proud of these Maples that we have made From Fair Ground material So from here I will go into The shared tunnel where we have quite a Few young Maples But the young Maples Were in the greenhouse not so long ago So Here they are The light is not very good because it's Getting dark now it's about 6 30 in the Evening And look at the beautiful leaves They showed your leaves Katsura leaves Turning to this side these are crab Apples These are Chinese Prince Many many different types of Maples this Is shishigashira The lion head maple And this is kotohime Very very tiny small leaves Very slow growing maple So this it's the end of a Saturday and We've had a very very busy day today we Had lots and lots of customers I will Take some more video tomorrow when the

Light is better so this is going to be a Very early spring tour of the nursery And here I have Magnolia stellata as a Bonsai we have lots of these Look at these beautiful tick trunk Magnolias when they're in full flower I Will show videos of them again These are the Shojo nipples that came From Japan last year with beautiful S-shaped trunks we can't make these here They're very difficult to make into a s Shape but the Japanese have mastered the Art of doing this and these are our own Maples we grow these in our own field so This is our own production Absolutely our own production So much for today's Tour I will do it again tomorrow and I'll and I'll put the video on soon so That you can have the pleasure of Watching it So I hope you've enjoyed this section of The video Foreign So I'm being very quiet in case I Disturb it Run away [Music]

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