How to Grow a Bonsai Avocado Tree

grow bonsai avocado tree


Grow a Bonsai Avocado Tree And How to Care For it

So watch the video to see howmto Grow a Bonsai Avocado Tree. The Avocado Bonsai seed is six months old and notice how clear the water is and there’s no green on the seat. That’s because if you go back to my old videos, it was in this box. It’s dark and it doesn’t get any light.

So what happens you don’t grow any algae¬† and doesn’t rot in the seed. That’s why it’s prepared. So this is the stem and the way I had done this ahead place this in this plastic bag in this box.

Watch the video where I go into full details.

Can I Bonsai an Avocado Plant?

As you see I kept it in a warm place and i made sure it doesn’t go dry, so it you’d grow plenty of root grow the stem. Now i want to make a a bonsai tree, avocado bonsai tree. So what you need is a nice pot that is wide because you can’t really once it goes in here.

How to Grow a Bonsai Avocado Tree

It’s not going to come out, you’re not going to be able to switch it to bigger or you don’t want to, because the way it is and for a avocado seed to survive you need to have a a pot that has a a wide surface, Because the root of avocado seed basically spreads in the top of the pot, all right, let’s get to it.

Training the Avocado Plant

So first you do need a rock. You want to place this rock and then i want to place the seat on it. However, I need a little bit of glue that fast, acting glue that will get into place. However, i have to get the root in there, so the idea is: i’m gonna place the root in the soil.

I’m going to put the rock and we’re going to put the seed on top of the rock and, with a little bit of glue, grill the glue, we’re going to make sure it’s secure. So let’s get to it. So this seed seems to have everything on this side, so we put it this way.

Yeah! That’s the right way to do it, so this uh. So as long as you don’t get any light to your seat, it’s pretty uh safe. However, a lot of people uh advise against it because they say avocado is not aquatic seed.

Select a pot for your avocado bonsai

I need this to be stretched high enough for feet there. We go bear with me. It’S the first time doing it. I have always wanted to do it. So that’s basically the idea. Now we need to secure this. This was a very spontaneous video.

I’M sorry, i’m not exactly 100 for static purposes. You don’t want the the glue to show, but then you have you have uh you’re going to have plenty of time to clean it. First, we have to make sure it’s secure, so it doesn’t wobble around i’m okay.

So as you look, this is kind of. So if you, if you leave this stem the way it is it’ll straighten up, so you do need to make sure it is secure. So it doesn’t stays this one or if you like, different form, you could do it since it was in this bag as it grew, it just took the natural form of the bag, and i do want it to stay this way as well.

How do you care for an indoor avocado plant

If you like to oh, i wanted stone to show more, so i’m going to just just put some more here, probably flattens and get dense and the avocado is going to start giving leaf, and then you can trim it now once uh this starts giving leaf.

I will probably put an update on this particular uh plant, so you can see how the decoration happens and uh what parts you have to cut because it does, it will give leaf, it will give leaf and it will open up and then you have to trim It the way you desire so um and uh, so there you go, and since i have there, you go on a rock when this gets green.

It’s going to look very beautiful and you don’t need to worry about these. These are pretty much. Uh has enough root on the bottom to to do, and this seat will probably go darker, but not green, since it doesn’t have any water um.

You do need to water this frequently because uh avocado uses a lot of water, so keep that in mind. Sun is a major thing, don’t put a direct sun once is young, so you do make you need to make sure it gets indirect sun and plenty of it and enjoy thanks everyone for joining us.

So if you guys want to see how it was done, you can take a look at it. Thank you very much for joining have a great day.

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