Boxwood Bonsai care (Buxus)

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The Boxwood, or Buxus, is a very robust  plant and tolerates pruning very well.  In nature the boxwood often grow  with twisted trunks and branches.   The tree is also used frequently as hedging,  which can be a great source of bonsai material.

The flowers are greenish-yellow and attract bees.  So how do you care for your Buxus? The common boxwood should be positioned outside in a sunny or semi-shaded place. In the winter a  cold greenhouse is ideal for winter protection.

The Chinese boxwood  can be kept indoors but it  prefers to be placed outside during the summer  In summer the boxwood needs a lot of water,  but it can withstand short dry periods.   When you water, do so generously,  and it is certainly ok to water   your tree twice to make sure that  the entire root mass is watered.

Use solid organic fertilizer every  month during the growing season  Trim the new shoots leaving one or two pairs  of leaves. If the canopy becomes very dense the   leaves should be thinned out in order to let  light get in, which prevents the inner twigs   from dying and encourages back-budding Repot the boxwood every two to five years depending on its age and size.

Boxwoods tolerate root pruning well The boxwood can be propagated from cuttings and  air-layering. Best results are achieved in spring  If your Buxus is losing a lot of  leaves, this is often the result of   improper watering or not enough light.

Again, make sure you place your Bonsai outdoors with plenty of light. And water it  generously as soon as the soil gets slightly dry. Learn how to create your own bonsai trees by  enrolling in one of our online Bonsai courses.

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