Bonsai Beech Trees Revisited

Today is the 4th of December and last Night I had my first Christmas party With some friends And because it’s getting near to Christmas I thought I’d put some of my Christmas Hawaiian shirts on because It’s cheating I’ve got loads of padding Underneath I can’t go around in a Hawaiian shirt in the depths of Winter The temperature today I think is like Seven degrees Centigrade So what have I got here you must be Wondering what these crazy Beech trees Are If you remember a video I did maybe was It three or four years ago these were The beats that I got from a tip a skip We were at the building site completing The garden at Islington and the builders Had thrown maybe about 50 or 60 of these Trees could be even more into the Rubbish skip because they had forgotten To water it and it had all turned brown And they thought they were dead so I Asked the manager of the site can I have These rubbish trees so if I take it they Save us filling the skip with all these Trees to save us and Skip charges so I Took only 36 of them If you can look back on the video I’ll Give you the link you can have a look at That and you can see what we did they Were all in boxes because they were part Of a beach hedge and all of them had

Turned brown and they were like this High so we cut them down and this is the Result after three or four years I’m Going to look at each of these trees in Turn so we will take each trip to our Work station and we will show you what We’ve done with it So let me show you what we did so after Four years I think it is four years 2018 That I got it We cut the top off these were four foot Trees we cut it down to two foot or 60 Centimeters and you can see where the Cut is That is the cut Many people write To me and also comment on our YouTube Videos how to make paper I’ve seen a lot Of Other people talking about making paper But it’s all right to talk but it’s very Hard to show you what actually happens Now unlike evergreen trees where you Just cut some branches off and keep the Remaining branches while the remaining Branches you got an instant bonsai With deciduous trees and deciduous Bonsai it is not as easy as you think Usually with the Deciduous Bonsai Demonstration all you do is get a large Piece of material cut everything off to The bed trunk Leave one shoot to become the taper and That’s the end of demonstration that

Demonstration won’t even take one minute So people who are deciduous Bonsai People they will never get asked to do a Demonstration because there’s nothing to Demonstrate there is patience to be Developed so this is what has happened After four years so come close again This tree was cut off at this Junction And we let a new shoot go which becomes The new leader and the new taper you can See talking about taper how nicely the Taper has developed thick and then going Thin but this was allowed to go Unchecked I stopped one of my colleagues Working on it because he thought he Would be very clever and you know start Working on it but he didn’t realize that These are all part of long-term YouTube Projects so that paper has been Developed it’s allowed to grow tall Every year and I cut it back the more You let it grow the stronger that shoot Goes and the better the taper you will Get so that is the essence of making Silver Now that is not the end of story There are many many uh miles more to go In creating good body size so if I Wanted to make a Tall Tree I can cut it Off there And then just shake the tree into a Conical shape Foreign [Music]

Looking at it from every angle Front backs and sides Just a nice conical shape like that And there you go Now because the taper has been created Like this this is going to be the Obvious front of the tree There are still too many branches I know There are lots of bugs I can keep them But I think I would prefer to take this One off I can take this phone off to create more Space I can always get new branches because Deciduous trees developed new boxes very Easily so that is the concrete tree but Should I not want it to go too big There’s another option for a table you Again come closely you will see this Shoot going up this way if I don’t want To let the tree go that big I can cut it Off there and make it shorter I will do That because I got so many trees it Doesn’t matter So I’ve cut that off So I should be doing the bag check but I Know that it will look okay so I’ve made It even shorter not so tall There you go So there you are And all we do now is to Protect the bonsai training pot We have a lot of this plastic Bonsai training pots I think this one

Should fit I don’t want to keep using too big of Pot so we’ll show you what to do we will Probably tidy some of these roots again If you look at it we always talk about Nibari and all that but nebari simply Means the surface roots so this is a Crossing route there I will get that off And this is coming this way that’s not Very good so let’s get that off so while You’re repotting your trees this is a Very good opportunity when you’re Repotting to sort the roots out tidy The Roots You can pull it out completely What you want are radial roots not Crossings And because we are now into December It’s okay to repot You must be wondering why I don’t wait Till early spring again I keep Emphasizing that we have the benefit of This greenhouse Unheated Greenhouse where we keep all Our trees now this route coming this Side doesn’t look good you see it’s not Radius so we’ll cut that off Let the roots go there Pull the root out Drink She didn’t want to cut it out completely You can always leave it there and that Root will rot

And this root is a bit High some people Like the high roots And if you like the high Roots leave it But if you don’t like it I would prefer To cut it off I don’t need the high Roots but you can Still see there’s such a lot of root in There this even is a very high route And uh I don’t think that looks Particularly nice some people may say It’s nice I’m sure there’s YouTube comments are Going to say oh I think it’s nice you Shouldn’t have cut it off So however many people you have watching This video I think you will get as many Comments so because this is the front Don’t forget that you always have to Come back to the front this is the front Is it visible I can keep that route to Help thicken the trunk there but Eventually that group will go try and Develop more Radio routes rather than criss-crossing Roots any routes which are going the Wrong way we’ll get rid of Roots develop very quickly so you don’t Have to worry [Music] And now this one is going the wrong way Let’s get rid of that one as well Say this is a good opportunity to tidy Them And if you grow it a bit deeper you get

More surface roots coming up so this is The front of the tree we’ll put it up And you will see what it looks like so That is number one tree let’s look at Another one So let’s look at tree number two Remember I had 36 of these trees which I Rescued but after 36-4 didn’t make it Because it may have dried out too much I think I gave two to a French Boy who came to visit the nursery if He’s watching This YouTube video please respond and Talk about it to see what you did with It I gave it to him free and because I Said I gave it to fear another of our UK Fans came and asked me for free trees so Out of the goodness of my heart I gave Him another free tree Now so all these trees are the same age You see the thickness all about like two Three inches in diameter now every tree Is different I always tell people that Bonsai are like human beings no two Human beings are the same everyone is Different so although they’re all Beech Trees they’re all going to be different So this one I probably didn’t cut down To 60s and they’re like 45 centimeter Like maybe 18 inches and you can see What a beautiful root base there is here Although this thick wood is popping out Of the ground it doesn’t look too bad I’ll take it out of the pot in a minute

To show you and Some people say Is it better to plant in the ground but You can plant in the ground you’ll get Even faster results but I like to keep Control and keeping control means Keeping it in a big flower pot so this Is a pretty hefty flower pot I dare say It must weigh about 30 kilograms muscle it’s quite heavy one Person cannot lifted easy maybe more Than 30 is heavy and while it’s been Growing for the last four years you see These little horse chestnut seedlings Are coming up I’ll save that I’ll show You when I repot this tree now this tree Is very interesting This shoot has grown In the last two years look at it two Years and it’s as tickles my finger two Years growth from here to there I kept Repeatedly cutting it and I did that Because There was A choice of several leaders there was a Choice of a lead at this side but if you Look at it this side if I use this as The new leader this Frontier doesn’t Look so good It is going away So that is why I said to myself this is Not a good leader to use so I cut Everything off And then lo and behold I got another

Leader coming from here So this With the front Having the roots spreading this way Makes this the better front to use so This is what I’ve decided and I will now Take off the one that I don’t want You can either cut it off with a silky Saw or use one of these giant loppers Cut it off hurry And then if you want to tidy it up with A branch cutter you can pair with so That you get a better Smoother taper You don’t have to seal it Some people ask you always have to seal These Cuts you don’t like all these Cuts They were cut and they were not sealed You see how it heals nicely this is only One year callusing and it gives it a Character that is quite quite different From if you made it completely smooth See this was not sealed a little rot Away and you’ll get a hollow there and All these branches have grown in the Last year believe you me deciduous trees Are so prolific that you don’t have to Worry about them Producing side shoots they will produce Side shoots left right at the center now Because this is going to be a fun Response is coming this way I’ll Probably put a bit of wire and get it Out of the way

I can get some recycled water So what am I going to do We just This is the beauty of deciduous trees if They’re growing strongly they produce Branches very easily so You just have to be patient and this is Where Playing the patient game Is what you really need in bonsai Many people are far too impatient I know You can make an instant treat but there Is A time and a place for exercising Patience This is not the final worry This is just wiring to create the Structure of the tree so I’ve got that So that’s going to be your point Particular one more that’s it so the Branch is more Open And keep the front open this clearly is And while it is growing always keep Tracing the chips out I know you can do It in the spring but I’m doing it now For the sake of the demonstration and Again you’ve got to decide Obviously we can’t keep the tree going On and on and on So I could progressively cut it back to see How it looks This is not just too tall

That is Too Tall I’ll be inside to take It off there Don’t forget you keep getting new shoots And new tapers very easy so I’m not fussed about that So that is more The sort of proportion you can get Because in Japan they have the Japanese White peach they don’t have a European Luggage this is Vegas silvetica Now this really I just mentioned Something that if I were to let it Become a branch is too thick compared to The other branches so in all good Conscience I think I should take that Off and take that off and let the new Grow new taper grow there but I may wait Till the spring but that and that should Come off and any branches which are too Thick I might take off because I can get New glasses very easy so that’s another Nice little tree nice proportion so that Is tree number two we’ve got two more to Do don’t forget I still have got 32 Trees No I gave away four die that makes 30 Uh 32 I gave away two or three so I Still have maybe about 28 or so left Around that number so that’s number two Done let’s get another one You Must Be Wondering Why this tree is Lying on its side we’re trying to get it Out of this large plastic pot and Usually if it’s difficult to get off the

Roots have gone through the pot into the Ground so we have to cut those roots off To make it easier to get out of the pot Many people I notice when they make Bonsai they have this habit of cutting The pot down To the top so that they can see the new Body and then they throw the pot away I’m not a believer in doing that because I am a great one for recycling and Saving things if you cut the plastic pot You’re going to ruin the pot not only These these large I think these are like 60 liter pots they’re quite expensive to Buy If I buy about 500 a time I still have To pay like three pound each if I buy Them one at a time they cost five pound Leads so why throw away five pound and Pollute the environment with more Plastic so I try to use the plastic pot Over and over again so for that reason I Don’t cut the pots in in half a lot of Bonsai people do it and I don’t do it Because I don’t believe that it’s Sustainable and environmentally friendly So this is why I’m trying to save these Parts so we’re going to trap it off and Because my cameraman Josh is with me We’ll have to put the camera down while We pull the pot out from the tree As I’ve always said every tree is Different this is yet another different Tree now this one I cut down quite hard

It’s only like little over 12 inches High cut the sloping cut there you see Sloping cut unfortunately the leader Grew from there So most people usually have the tendency To use the leaders growing up this way So that you don’t see the cut and make The front like this perfectly acceptable If you make this the front a nice formal Upright tree And just remove this very thick branch I’ve always said that if you have thick Branches which are not in proportion With the rest of the tree it may look Rather odd So this is one option Every tree has several options by the Way look at this lovely compost Josh was Just pointing out that this is our Compost which is just fine sand and bark Mixed in a very fine bark We don’t use Peach anymore where there Are crossing routes we will cut them off So we get good neighbor now this one has Got very good surface roots And the surface Roots always play a role In determining the front of the tree So let’s see what the roots have to Offer so look at it beautiful surface Roots coming there Sometimes if you plant the tree deep Enough it encourage more roots to come From around the trunk so once you get a Lot of roots you can then have a wider

Choice or wider options as to which of Those routes to develop For making a good neighbor a good Surface system Continue to part away Not many people realize especially if You’re fairly new to Bonsai that the Front and the back of the tree is not Always determined by the disposition of The branches or the way the leader goes It is very very often more often than Not Determined by the way the surface roots Go into the soil So in this case you look at it the Surface roots are very nice on this side But this side there’s hardly any surface Root so this is going to be the Preferred front This is a much better from there Now again With this tree this is a rather High Route Many people are afraid to take a Decision and they would leave it but While you are doing the repotting it is Not a good idea to leave that root that Root is ugly what has happened it’s got Distressed yes we may have tried to pull A bronze so that broke but look at that Beautiful feature there so notice uh That’s not a disadvantage but I think That Route which is popping up on the surface

Is not Good look So we get rid of that When we get to repotting the tree we Will be able to get rid of that root From the base and don’t leave it in the Pot And because there are so many roots here We have so many options So that will come out when we repot the Tree all that will come out Foreign So you can imagine why this tree is Growing so strongly the roots are strong So that’s given us a lot of options I dare say these roots have all Developed since we Chop the tree back four years ago Foreign This up a little more I guess on to doing it I don’t want to Waste too much time okay now What did we say we said that This tree Now this thick branch I’m not sure I’m going to Keep it Because if you keep it too long you may Get an inverse taper there inverse taper Comes when you get too many branches or Too many thick branches from that spot So I’m going to take that off Don’t worry you’ll get lots of new Brushes growing very very quickly and

Easily And then I can smooth this with the Branch cutter I don’t want to do too Much just yet Now the point of talking about this tree Is that okay so many options for the Front this is the obvious front Move some of these branches this side Take some of this off to cause Less confusion What I wanted to really show you Is that this tree has Two possible fonts Okay this is the obvious one with that Leader coming so it’s nice formal Operator tree so whoever wants to buy This this can be the four or the front The tape of going this way and then it Could probably end up there and then Grow another Crown more fine shoots Which will come in the next year The other option is to use this as a Front this is also possible as a front You can also make the tree grow this way Go this way And let the leader come back this way so You can probably cut it there if you Don’t want it to go too tall [Music] Can you see you get that Curly shape not A formal operator so you have a choice Of making that different So because I’m not going to probably Keep this tree for too long someone’s

Bounty by it I will keep this tree with This option and tell the prospective Buyer that he can make this the front of The tree So he’s got the choice of this as the Front or using this as the front This may end up just a better front Because the navari here is quite nice All you need to do is develop more wood Souvenir By the way if you want to grow fruits You can put a small Beach to the other Side grow the beach tree here like an in Arch and like an approach graph Let The Roots grow that way so you’ll Get more Roots growing From this side so that’s a possibility So there’s so many options for this so That’s number three let’s go on to Another one so this is number four Beach And because the roots are coming out of The pot from the bottom I’m going to cut It off Usually when The Roots come out like This it makes it difficult to extract it From the pot so All you have to do is cut the roots off Sometimes the roots can be very very Thick And it’s quite a job cutting the root Fortunately this one is not too bad Not too bad so I think with a bit over here it should Come out

Okay hold the camera There you go So there you are another Conker tree Look at it all these little conkers fall In there I think the squirrels bury them Into the soil and they come out so we Won’t waste it okay we’ll turn the Camera off and we’ll put it on the Turntable As I’ve always said every tree is Different this is yet another different Tree and you see how well the paper has Developed is cut there and the taper is Almost as thick as the original trunk so This is the rough one and I did mention That these are all one-year branches I Keep cutting the thick branches off so That I have uniform branches all around The trees so the first thing I do to Enables me to see the tree better is Always to just cut everything off and Make the chain look like a conical shape And that is the starting point And then I will take Further decisions as I go along So this one has been cut to about I Think just under two feet or 60 Centimeter I love these long pruners they do cost a Bit they’re over 100 pounds each but Very useful tool to have I need to refine the Cut more I will probably use a silky saw To cut that more flush

So that the taper will Be more In keeping with the rest of the tree so It doesn’t look such a ugly transition Now what do we do first of all is to Determine which is going to be the front And which is going to be the back now This is an instance where The Roots do not determine the front of The tree because there’s leaders coming Out this way the natural tendency is to Make this the front but I’ve got an ugly Root coming straight out at me Not only that the tree is much wider at This point At this point So if you were to decide the front of The tree from the root spread this is a Better spread rather than this side Where You can’t see your cut so although Conventional wisdom is to make this the Front this route and the spread of the Trunk at the base Precludes this option I think this is also a nice front like That you see how nicely The Roots spread From here And then you’ve got that as the front so No problem I can still make that the Front I could still do that Maybe create more paper by doing that So there’s more patience to be exercised

Let another shoot go from there And then you get a more graduated now That’s too much there I think if you Leave this I might get inverse taper so I’m going to take this off People are normally tempted to keep that But for the long term good of the tree I Should take that off So let us decide on the front or the Back of the tree so if I use this as a Possible front you see this is very nice The front is determined by the spread of The tree so again there’s another lock Seedling conquer seedling and then we’re Going to tidy this up and that would be The end of the tree so we are now going To spend some time taking the soil off I’m not going to show you that part of The video all we’re going to do is to Break the soil off Like so You’re going to go around You’ll notice for you it’s a lovely Compost although this is not Bonsai Compost this is just a mixture very fine Sand and bark and garden mud Trees grow perfectly well in this In fact I might use the same soil when I Put it in a bonsai training pot so this Is what I’m going to do to discover Where the roots lie and then save some Of these little Oak seedlings to make One side there’s an oak and a concrete Tree

And then we will show you what the next Stage is from there It’s going back on itself [Music] We don’t want to show you the boring Part maybe I will show this because this Root popping out Could be a problem and I’ll show you What I decide to do with that route The only trouble is that what I Find boring Not everyone else finds boring that’s What they tell me so I got to Go by what they say Look at that this is a remnants of the Conquer Seed And here we have a counter tree Concrete trees make beautiful bonsai See that’s the concrete I can walk into An s But I would cut there there are enough Roots to sustain the tree so that’s a Concrete tree served Now let’s see what this roof is doing Here True enough this group is redundant Really because this root is going down There so I don’t need this one which is Bringing up So I can safely cut this out Get it out of the way Unfortunately which trees don’t grow From root cuttings

At least not in my experience some People may find that it does go from a Root cutting if it was a field Maple or Even a Hawthorn If you take this route and plant it up You’ll get a new trigger from there and Of course Chinese arm Chinese arms are Traditionally produced from root Cuttings So this is no good Getting your hands dirty Here’s my little Oak Tree look at that Tap Root of that you know the shoot is Only that high and the Tap Root is Longer than the top I don’t need all That take that off So it’s rescued another seedling Of course now that we’re going to plant It in a smaller pot Rate of growth is not going to be as Vigorous so We’re going to slow the growth of the Tree down So what did we say this is not the front This is the back Again try and encourage radial roots Okay this is the preferred one I’d still Think this is a nicer front because the Roots are nice So we get this into a bonsai pot bonsai Training pot So I would say that history has done Half its Bonsai Journey So we’re going to do the same with all

These trees and we will show you the Finished article when we put them all up I thought I’d show you how much root we Are uh Going to cut off but meanwhile we’ve Scraped a lot of the soil off And here’s the wheelbarrow full of that Compost that came out of the flower pots And this is the state of the roots I’m Going to cut some of these roots off Because when you have a tree that has Such a lot of root it is quite safe to Take some of them off But don’t go to the extreme and remove Half I would probably take off some of The thicker Roots which hold some of the Fine roots and then leave most of the Fine Fields like these thick Roots like That one that one could be cut off so Some of these thick ones can be cut off And we’re going to leave some soil I always like to remind you that I’ve Seen In Japan they’ve washed the roots off Completely especially with Satsuki Azaleas I don’t like to do that practice Because it can be a bit dangerous if you Wash all the soil off and you do it on a Warm spring day it could harm the tree So I like to always leave a bit of soil Different people have different ways of Doing it but do the method that works For you always do methods that work for You different countries different

Climates have different conditions so Don’t be arrogant and say that I know Best and no one else knows anything else Let’s look at some of these trees and I’m going to show you how we’re going to Deal with some of these on this tree Because it’s easier than using my Felco so let’s cut that one off And pull that off Thank you Foreign So much lighter Before cutting the roots off this root Ball weight Over 100 pounds 50 kilos Screw to generate new roots So let’s test it in a pot So this was the problem Perfect that’s perfect I don’t need to do much more Now on this one This one this root is coming off these Are quite High roots If the surface roots are too high you Don’t need them [Music] Also very thick Roots you don’t want That’s a thick wood popping up Foreign [Applause] Let’s see if that fits the pot This was the one we thought that the Best option might still be to use it Like that

The other Optimus to use that I don’t Know that’s also very nice neighborhood Like that [Music] So the root spread what I’m trying to Show you is that very often The root spread determines the front and The back of the tree More often than not it’s the root spread Which determines the front and back So we could make the tree this way and Just change the design It would still look nice like that There’s an expression that With bonsai We are actually like programming The tree we can make it do things That you can design the way it goes Yeah Oops let’s go left from previous time Still a lot of root Foreign Foreign Oh God Routes which are going vertically down We don’t want because should you want to Plant this in a shallower container in The future These roots going vertically will Interfere Or limit the choice for you of using a Shallow on-site pot So because we’ve got such a lot of roots Or the roots we don’t need these deep

Vertical roots All right Foreign Of the year because you can do such a Lot to the roots Repotting the trees is an exciting time So again electrically remind viewers That I’m doing this now because we have The benefit of this lovely unheated Greenhouse where we can protect the Trees If you have an unheated Greenhouse Or even a basement to protect the city Of space which don’t need light You can do it now but if not it’s best To wait till early February in the UK Oh gosh What a lot of Route we’ve taken off look At that so we still got a very compact Look at the beautiful there Okay so We’ve got that to play with so that’s Going to be the front of the tree I Could even put it in a round pot Plastic trading pots perfectly Acceptable okay so we’re gonna put that In there so that’s number two done now This one Foreign What did we say we would use so this Root going like that slanting is very Nice I don’t think I need to anything This doesn’t look too bad I’ll leave That route So

This is more or less There all I need to do is reduce the Root ball a little bit So I’m showing this process so that you Can see how much root I’m cutting off How much root to cut and how much wood To leave Especially if you’re fairly new to Bonsai it’s always Um A mystery you know and if you don’t know You can be doing the wrong thing If in doubt always be cautious Foreign Downwards I don’t need to keep those Because they were growing in a deep Flower pot The Roots have gone downwards But that it made the tree strong Foreign And if you cut the thick Roots off it Will encourage fine roots to grow In my experience the Japanese Beach The Fergus Granata doesn’t grow as Strong in Europe I wish they did because it’s a lovely Tree but to get them to grow strong Somehow which has always eluded me We have quite a few of those trees But they’re not as vigorous as the Native European beach Vegas silvetica Foreign [Music] It should fit comfortably in a pot like

That So That’s three done we’ve got to do one More I won’t show you that because That’s the same principle so we’re going To put this up and show you the finished Product as the last bit of the video I thought I’d talk a little about the Roots here because we were teasing the Roots to get it in the pot and we’re Going to cut quite a lot of roots off so We are faced with several choices Now this High root Doesn’t look so good because this root Looks very nice going down that way so Because this root really is in the wrong Place I’m gonna get rid of it So let’s cut that off So this is going down there now this is Really not really a good surface Roots But I may keep it Uh there’s no harm keeping that of Course we have to smooth all these up So it grows flush And then of course you must be wondering What am I going to do with this fellow Here because that’s really an eyesore That’s an absolute eyesore so what are We going to do we’ve got to decide one Way or the other Whether to get rid of it or not So looking at it If you take take a good look There is a bit of inverse tape where if

I cut it off it could become inverse Taper but this front part is dying but The back is living So that could be okay All right as I said we can always insert A rock in there See what happens If we put a rocket might work it would Appear as if it’s a root of a rock Uh So that’s really cheating So we can live with that let me just Keep filming [Music] So that is how I would experiment you Don’t bring a rock Put it in there Suddenly call it cheating but you know You do find trees growing like this in Nature in the Forests and in the Rocky Parts I know in this country in The Lake District around you often find Trees growing like that over Rock So I can try experimenting find a rock that Fits Put it in there and trying to force this Rock Something like that maybe cut that one Off See if that works Because they’re pretty drastic decision Deciding whether to cut but because

There are two Again another decision do I want both of Them or not Probably not So let’s cut that one off Get rid of that one Installed some thick Roots there Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] So now we have a very compact root System As I said there’s still such a lot of Root That there’s no fear of this tree Suffering in any way And I think if we get rid of it it could Be a problem because that’s root is Still going out there So it would be a very bad inverse taper So on balance I would keep that Even this street popping this route Popping out this way is going the wrong Way I can either pin it down like this When I plant it So that’s the choice you see the surface Roots here look very good Look at that It’s still a hot choice to make I can Always cut it off you see how nicely it Goes over here can you see over here This roots go down very nicely this way So there you go we’re going to put them

Up and we’ll show you one final picture When all four are putting up So here we Are we almost finished and This is Josh say hello Josh He’s helped me today Lifting the trees pruning the trees Potting the trees so we’ve done four Trees in two and a quarter hours Including potting them up so that is the First one I’ve left the root because We’re going to put a rock Okay so we’ll See I’ll take my time to find a nice Rock to go underneath there that may not Be the final one but that’s the sort of Idea slightly leading to one side so That is that our history again we’ve Decided to keep the leader coming from The side rather than coming directly at You so this is the front because it’s Got a wide spread of the base So the front was decided on the route Where is this Slightly slanting again You see the lovely root base so that’s Number three and this is The four this again You could eventually whoever buys this Tree could use this is the front but Because the roots are quite nice spread Either way we decided to keep this as The front so these are the four we’ve Done we’ve done one other tree at the Back so we still got like as I say 28

Trees I won’t show you them all so this Is what we’ve done today and I hope You’ve enjoyed this follow-up of the Video we did four years ago thank you Foreign [Music]



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