Ancient & Impressive Yew Tree

Foreign Church Is All The Offspring from the big tree These all the baby trees And entry is here Now go in there and admire it Kevin wow Oh my what Oh my God You talk of carving and Gins and Cherries How about that No human being can carve a tree like That Look at that You get vibes from it definitely yeah oh My word That is a drawdown Who can carve like that no One fine We can try but no Oh my God What a thing Look at that topper all the way to the Door natural God Oh What a thing That's quite time my brother away We've got it from every side yeah Oh look Oh can you get stills of that yes Oh It's just sort of thing I try and create Your own carving from inside and leave

The snap if I can't do it yeah you know But something this is all natural So do you believe it could be four and a Half thousand years old Yeah it looks like you know and that Little door it's become smaller and Smaller it used to be quite big What a thing Oh my word I think that's the most I mean you know This is the thing here when we're trying To create the You know what I say the mother trees Yeah that's created all the foresture I Once saw something like this on the the Kent Downs here you know I remember Sitting down having a sandwich and a cup Of soup yeah you know what I mean when The sun burns through and I suddenly saw The mother tree that created all the Other trees and I thought that's what I Want to do you see all these trees here There must be The Offspring from the Mother tree you see there's so many Offspring and these trees when the Branches hang down there layer Themselves they earlier themselves so I'm sure there are a lot of air Layerings around you know they touch Look at that that must be at least 2014 Diameter maybe more Depends which side you measure it from [Music] Hey Hollow

I've seen colored trees in different Parts of the world like in India and I'll get large focuses bare bands and All but they don't have the You know strength and tenacity that These are because they're really nulled You know some of the trees are just big But they don't look impressive like this [Music] I mean a lot of these trees in Japan These big scriptomeras there may be 300 Foot tall but they're dead straight yeah They don't have the character of the Trunk right in here So the churches would have been built Around the tree Can you see Touching the ground and they layer Themselves so all these Offspring can You see how this route connected this Would have been an air layering or tip Layering from the main tree that's why I Was saying yeah mother tree So they dropped their branches in there Yeah and they root themselves Like this Or rooted themselves We are all tip layering inside because The church So different character to the crow has You but it's impressive in its own way Oh it is hollow it is hollow most of These trees get struck by lightning and The Lightning Strikes right through the

Middle Foreign What do you think of this one different Feel not so much Driftwood it's got a Different filter yeah yeah it's no less Impressive yeah Just again about 20 foot in diameter Nibari nice Wow [Laughter] [Music] Fluted fluted chunk Organ pipes yeah Um Every single one yeah my muscles muscles Oh Incredible Incredible I have to stand back to see the whole Thing yeah It's taller not like the other one Though I wanted shorter but wow He's still going for us and I still Putting up you know I mean this one's Really old yeah that's growing off of it That's right And I noticed a lot of birds coming from The base of the tree And these little real trees on the side Are definitely tip layering from the Mother plant You can see how it touches the ground And grows again see like that Clump you See how they touched and then all

Sprouting up it's incredible yeah I've got plenty of inspiration now Please yeah good Yeah it's true I think nature is the inspiration Absolutely yeah uh Dan Robinson said it Back in the day you have to become a Student of nature yeah and that's that's What you have to do here We'll hold a branch across Huh Shaking hands You sure are wow That's good it's impressive decided Thank you You can touch it Fantastic You look from the side it's completely Hollow from the front And press it from here [Music] Uh that oak tree could be an offspring Of the main one yeah yeah Possibly Must be a baby tree For detention of petty offenders was Added 1773 That's nearly 500 years ago [Music] Foreign [Music]

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