A Pane in the Glass Greenhouse, The Bonsai Zone, Sept 2021

Here’s a Quick And Easy Way to Grow Bonsai Plants From Scratch

Grow Bonsai Plants From Scratch Video Transcript ▼ hi everyone nigel saunders here i am back to work on this beautiful day on the glass greenhouse and hopefully today i’ll get some of those glass panes in place my automatic…

Assembly Begins for the Glass Greenhouse, The Bonsai Zone, Sept 2021

How to Create Your Own Bonsai Glass Greenhouse

Martin comes over to help me, and the assembly of the Bonsai Greenhouse begins! Thanks Martin! To see previous videos of the Glass Greenhouse, click on the playlist here…. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQouTWwmTQoy3eLnMNxDmuInc1I2sx2r1 #TheBonsaiZone

Peter cleaning the Pond

Peter cleaning the Pond

Monet paid his gardeners to shape the water lilies in his ponds at Giverney to keep them in the discrete shapes so beloved in his paintings. It looks like a…

Watering & Feeding Bonsai Trees

Watering & Feeding Bonsai Trees

One of the biggest killers of Bonsai is watering, whether to much or too All year round receive questions on how much and when to In this video I give you some guidance on watering your

Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive

How Much Are Bonsai Trees And Where to Buy

Bonsai Trees And Where to Buy Bonsai is an art form that requires years of training and centuries of How much are bonsai trees – At the 2012 international bonsai convention, a tree was on sale for 100 million…

Bonsai Soil in your nearest Home Depot soon? | The Bonsai Supply

What is The Best Soil For Healthy Bonsai?

Bonsai Soil Near Me Thank you for following our journey and for your great support education has always been one of our main goals and soil is such a big part of the development of the tree that we think…

Refining A Literati Pine - No 1

Refining A Bonsai Literati Pine

We have a lot of Scots pines on the nursery and in this video I take you through the thinking process I go through to refine this Scots I have a lot of interesting scots pines that i’ve…

A Bumpside Adventure 2, The Bonsai Zone, May 2021

A Bumpside Bonsai Adventure

I’m off to the countryside on a quiet morning in the Bonsai Zone!

Deciduous Bonsai inspiration

Deciduous Bonsai inspiration

In this video we share some of the most beautiful Deciduous Bonsai trees, held at private collections or seen at Bonsai exhibitions across the Learn more about the art of Bonsai, and create your own Bonsai trees, with…


Bonsai Care Guide – Taking Care of a Chinese Elm Bonsai

Another look at a Fine Bonsai Chinese Elm What we got here is a chinese elm it’s looking real good today is the middle of march and what we need to do to keep this the way it is…