Yard Cleanup in Spring, The Bonsai Zone, March 2021

hi everyone nigel saunders here today i have two guests from the kw bonsai society over and they’re starting some bonsai from some of the cuttings that i took over the winter charlotte and connor are hard at work in the greenhouse putting drainage screens in the pots preparing them for planting the cuttings so when you do water them you want to water them thoroughly so the water comes out the drainage holes even on the succulents and then you place them in a sunny warm spot let the soil dry out completely okay and then you water them again and you’ll notice on them if the leaves start wrinkling that that means they’re too dry they need water okay if you give them too much water you’ll start getting some of the leaves to start falling off the growth won’t look proper the sign of over watering is leaves falling off yeah okay yeah it’ll start looking the new growth will be kind of yellowish and it won’t look right yeah then you know that’s water too much water i got some of those happening at home okay with some other plants yeah a lot of times with plants uh people will it’ll dry out and they’ll notice oh the leaves are falling off it’s dried out and then they’ll super water it and because all the leaves have fallen off it can’t take up the moisture anymore and the roots start rotting i don’t know so it’s best if you notice it needs water just to kind of mist it at first yeah gradually introduce the water when the roots start growing again it’s a tricky process you got a delicate yeah yeah you don’t want to overact by suddenly dumping all kinds of water on it here’s a look at the trees that connor and charlotte are taking with them so there’s a tiger bark ficus a couple of these gollum jades and another bigger tiger bark ficus so they should do quite well it’s really nice and warm in the greenhouse here but outside it’s quite cool and crisp just above freezing so today i’m going to clean up my bonsai area getting rid of all my junk and trying to organize things better put some wood chips down should be fun so off to work i go i’ve got a lot of cleanup to do in the bonsai area a lot of pots i’ve got to organize my stones here somewhere chris came over yesterday took some more saab parts away so i can get rid of all these saab parts here these are the arches for the greenhouse they’ll eventually go in the backyard some of the parts of the greenhouse this is a pile of car parts and old tires that i got to get rid of um yeah so now that the truck is on the road i can do that this is just good wood here i can move that somewhere else i’ve got to clean up my display area here or my outdoor studio i can make something much better than this it’s kind of a little rickety at the moment so yeah i’ll fix that up this is where i’ve got all my pots at the moment um yeah i could organize that better and make maybe some better shelving in that yeah so lots of work to do i see this bench is kind of sinking in the ground on the one side i’ll have to straighten that out most of the benches i have like cement blocks under them like that or on this side i’ve got those patio what do you call them i don’t know you put a 4×4 post in there uh yeah so most of those are kind of supported quite well just this one i guess i missed i think all these ones have patio stones under them yeah yeah so these benches are all right but yeah just a lot of cleanup to do my gooseberry bushes over here i prune those back they got the fence to keep the rabbits out so they’re doing really well they got all kinds of new shoots on them i’ve got to prune up this maple tree here this manitoba maple it needs some spring tidying up yeah well i’ll keep at it i uh i think today will just be a work day and then over here oh my goodness look at all the mess over here i’ve got pots i got broken up bits of tables and stuff and oh what a mess there’s my pile of plastic pots over here so i got to organize all this make it look nice this is where my benches get set up in spring they’re kind of in the shade of the greenhouse so i can transition the trees from inside to outside by placing them here so i got to get all this cleaned up i better get going and the greenhouse needs fixing you can see it’s kind of plastic’s falling apart on it needs taping up or reattaching i think up top here it was coming apart too yeah so there’s just so much to do i got to fold my tarps up and then not to mention repotting all the trees also that’ll be fun i’m gonna get uh just concentrate on yard cleanup today i think that’ll be a good step ahead the micra is getting its summer tires on tomorrow morning so i’m just getting them out getting them ready and i was in the garage with the porsche there and i got all the old tires and wheels and that i have for my other cars [Music] a lot of these tires were for the saab these were for an old alfred mayo i had so i’m going to try and give away these comp tas they’re brand new tires they’re just very old they’re 25 years old but they’ve never seen sunlight so they should be in good shape maybe the rubber will be a little hard but i don’t know uh if not they’ll just have to get shredded i guess yeah so the truck is pretty full with tires i’ve got the summer tires loaded in the micra and they’re ready for changing them tomorrow i got rid of all the tires in the back here in a automotive took them so that’s good that gets rid of a lot of stuff out of that garage by the porsche it’s going to get really cool tonight it’s going down to minus five degrees celsius which i’m not sure what that is fahrenheit i think it’s it’s 20 something i used to know i used to be bilingual with uh temperatures but so i still have a huge mess here building materials the greenhouse but the two skids here that had tires and i still have two saab doors here that chris might be taking i’m not sure and i got a few window regulators a bit of junk over here so all my car parts are almost gone i’m getting getting rid of them because of the cool temperatures tonight i’ve moved all my more tender species into the greenhouse so i’ll show you that just to protect them and we have three days of cold nights so i’ve got my bald cypress my thuya over the rocks and it’s a hearty tree but i don’t want the pot cracking so that’s the only reason it’s in i’ve got my osage orange forest in here my douglas firs uh my bay berries i’m not even sure if they’re alive but uh some of the ginkgo cuttings i put all the cuttings from the ginkgo and soil i don’t know if they’ll root but they’re little pine seedlings my black pine here my nightshade vine my thuja recently repotted so i’m protecting that the maples recently repotted so they’re being protected my oaks my royal oaks down there my ginkgo that’s been protected some douglas first seedlings and that’s about it i just have a few accent plants that i never did take out i’ve got to repot that fern the pot broke over the winter so i think i’ll put it in one of wayne’s nice ceramic pots i think that would make a great accent plant for a bonsai so that’ll be coming up outside here i have my fuji occidentalis my elephant penjing forest cued up ready to be worked on it needs pruning back you can see it’s really grown well yeah so lots of pruning to go on these trees getting this diorama back in shape i can see the birds have been digging in my elm here kicking the moss up there’s a patch missing over here yeah yeah i can see they’ve been digging here too oh well uh not much happening outside the buds on the larches are still coming out they’re green anyway uh all the cedars greened up so they kind of went from that bronzy winter color to the dark green which is nice to see nice to see them come back yeah so they’re all green um yeah these larches and my forest are still you see the green tips on the buds everything else is doing quite well i think that is it for today’s work i did a lot of yard cleanup getting rid of some of the junk and that and making progress but i got a long way to go it’s uh nice and warm in the greenhouse here at the moment but outside it it’s getting really cold so yeah i think we’re back to kind of winter type weather for a while uh hopefully it’ll warm up again in another week so tomorrow morning i’m out at the orchard we’re going to paint the dormant oil on the trees uh we’ve got i think uh one two three four maybe five days without rain so that’s a good time to paint dormant oil on them before the leaves come out and uh yeah that’ll protect them against any insects that are overwintered in the bark or in the branches or anything so it’s just a vegetable oil and dish detergent and water mixed together so it’s just kind of the oil suffocates any insects that are overwintering on the trees so i’ll be heading out to the orchard tomorrow to paint the dormant oil on the trees

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