Why Bonsai Trees Are So Expensive – How Much Are Small Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is an artform that requires years of training, and centuries of dedication. At the 2012 International bonsai Convention a tree was on sale for one hundred million yen, just under a million dollars.

Bonsai is a miniature tree in fact if there is nothing around to compare its size to then you wouldn’t guess the actual size of this tree we even made a little video to demonstrate the relativity of its size the size of the tree suggests a number of bonsai rules for instance it’s leaves a plant may have big leaves but a bonsai cannot regardless how much effort you put into trying to grow them [Music] evergreen trees and deciduous trees that is mainly from all trees and bushes which have small leaves or needles that make them appropriate for the compact miniature form of the banzai so now you can compare this is a banzai tree and this one is not it has a thin trunk that is why you don’t get an illusion of a fully grown miniature tree those plants are called pre-bonsai few years will pass before this bush turns into a miniature tree [Music] takes a lot of time to grow right how many years does it take before you can refer to a plant bonsai if you start from scratch by planting a seed then it will take 10 years to grow a harmonious tree which will look beautiful within three to five years you may have a proper [Music] tree the most important thing is that a bonsai requires a lot of care it’s not just water and go it needs trimming pruning working with wire to make the branches grow in the right direction there are a lot of tricks of the trade for example to make a thick base for the trunk one branch is grown in the way it is done here trunk is enhanced and becomes broader and the branch is later cut off the technique used on those branches is called gin they are dead wood bonsai techniques repotting must occur at intervals dictated by the vigor and the age of each tree [Music] its branches will grow too they will thicken the trunk branches will grow freely resulting imminently in loss of shape [Music] this is certainly the complete opposite of an enclosed florarium it is a tree which not only requires constant attention but also constant professional care often involving a specialist

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