Where to Get Bonsai? Tips For Creating A Plant Tower with Tibor

In this video Tibor shows you how to create a tower from ferns and ivy. Plants that you find growing in nature, in walls and cracks in the pavement etc.

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Today is the 17th of uh september and it’s getting autumn and the summer’s almost over i thought i would show you what we can do with some of these things you go up on walls and look at this look at these lovely friends growing in the water here if you come close to see they’re really beautiful and there are many types of ferns that grow up the walls and you must be wondering if i’m going crazy climbing up the wall look at that another beautiful little side if you come close you can just see all these little ferns that are growing here and some of them are hard to get out but i’ve managed to get a few out and i will just show you we put these but i’m going to show you what you can do with these little things we sell them as kits but we propagate these farts from here so let’s go into the greenhouse and then get tibot to show you what we can do with them so here you are this is what we propagate from just a few we can propagate them so if you get access to these little ferns this is what you can do but we sell them because we are nursery so our living comes from it and for those of you who do not know how ferns behave because not everyone is a botanist or keen horticulturalist but this is what ferns do you see underneath the fern leaves these are the spores and these are in fact the seeds so these scatter everywhere and you get new ferns so they propagate ever so easily so ferns are very nice some are big some are small but these are kept in small pots i don’t know the name of these funds there are thousands of different types of ferns but because i’m not a fern specialist someone will tell me what the name of this particular variety is and the other material that we propagate a lot are these small ivs now ivs come in all shapes and sizes some of them have huge leaves like the canary iv canarians it’s got massive leaves and yet this is the smallest leaf ivy you can find look at how small the leaves are and because the leaves are small you can make little mommy bonsai from it and look at the roots coming out because the roots come out from everywhere you can just break a bit stick it in and it grows so ever so easy to propagate so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money you can do it yourselves or if you’re lazy you can buy some of this material from us we sell them but let’s show you what we can do with this so let’s go into the back greenhouse and tebow’s going to show you a trick or two here we have tebow uh and thibaut’s going to do this because he’s very good at these creative things and we have these uh very large mesh that we buy for using for potting mesh there’s a japanese product and we notice that on the illustration which advertises this mesh this mesh has got multi-purposes as you can see it can be strung out and made into a trellis for creeping plants or it can be made in a row for these creeping house plants like these you know tropical creepers and put in pots and you can make plants creep up it but we thought that we would adapt this for our pond size so i will show you what i don’t like to advertise too much this here is a kit perhaps tebow will explain to you we provide this as a kit and you’ll see that we provide a kit uh tell us what we do this is something you can buy you can buy as it is so if you were to buy this kit that we sell online hopefully there’s a link below you can click on um this is everything that comes in the kit and i’m going to use everything that you would have and all we’re going to do is try and recreate some of these climbers we again we use a lot of these funds and these little ivs around the nursery we’ve made a few of these up ourselves and we usually put them for sale around the nursery they always seem to sell um so a lot of people want to make their own this includes pretty much everything that we use at least i’m sure it is okay sure let’s see what you can make is it just one phone and one iv and one that’s what i’m going to use okay let’s see what comes with the kit okay i’m not going to open a whole one of these you can actually get quite a few of these out of one roll i’m sure rather than wasting that i’m gonna just cut one out okay i have got one that i’ve already done but they don’t they don’t take long so how wide do you have it about six inches eight inches yeah yeah i mean you can obviously do it as much as you want and because these are the pots that they come in plastic bonsai points we’re going to do it as well as this really just uh just one roll to make a roll okay out of this roll you can get several of these so you you can get quite a few okay so just and you can use it as pot mesh as well yeah you can since the holes are quite big so yeah okay so that’s all you really need so we’re making a tube yes then you can do it wider or whatever because it fits in whatever you’re doing this is your sphagnum moss that you would get now i know in japan they have this other mosque um from the people no moss is more sure they use it for making these moss balls yeah we’re using sparkling mosques because that’s what we use now when you’re using the moss always fluff it up if you put it in uh because it comes quite compacted in there so if you fluff it up you’ll get more out of it and it’s much easier for you to put the root balls in otherwise it can solidify itself a little bit so yeah in japan they make these moss balls and they plant little trees in a moss ball so it’s really like peter chance most trick growing trees in moss isn’t it it’s no different moss is a lovely potting medium we’ve done countless experiments using moss so there you are one bag of moss that we sell oh you’re gonna do you get a few of this at the moment we are still buying our moss from new zealand i keep saying it it’s good plug but i’m not sure how much longer we can get it so while we are here look at that little robin that’s bruce he comes everywhere you laid out your hand if you let him see this robin there’s a resident here coming to see what we’re doing yeah he’s a tiny one so that’s pretty much in heat okay so one bag of moss there’s such a lot of muffins yeah you’ll get two or three of these okay i tried to use um cable ties on this to make it quick in the past but they it’s uh not the easiest thing in the world just bit off all the ones i want yeah that’s all you need in there like so all i can do is just use some scrap pieces of wire this is actually the most difficult part of all of this is trying to loop it through sometimes they go through straight away how tight do you have to keep them off i don’t have it over tight because i’m gonna have root balls in there as well this sort of thing i think when we first started doing these i was making it a bit too tight in fact i remember in the days when i used to grow house plants you know these monsters you always have a stick of moss and you make the plants creep up these must-sticks so it’s the same same theory really i see these sort of things in garden centers all the time they they charge quite a lot for it and it’s actually very easy to make yourself idea for climbing plots yeah you could probably do this with certain roses and stuff i guess see listen i really hate [Music] it’s fiddly but once it’s in let’s see okay three ties to hold the thing i think that’s awesome yeah that should do because i’m going to cut some holes in here anyway just to um get the root balls in and again you want the root balls in quite loose the moss will support it obviously when you come to watering these you water the tube you don’t water the button okay that’s all you need with these guys okay and that’s it done all you need to think now is that where you’re going to put your um where we’re going to put our hangers yeah obviously i’m going to put the iv at the top somewhere because that’s going to trigger it down yeah because it’s a trailer i mean they are climbers so you can put them in the bottom if you wish and you can wrap them up that way you see the iv plants we sell it’s at least 30 centimeters or more long so you get many plants on it so you can so you can do this um but you’ll need to attach it yeah it keeps growing isn’t it and the good thing about it is they’ve got roots yeah they don’t just add themselves so if you want it to climb you can do it that way um i like to have this one trailing down okay so let’s see how you plant again but you can do whatever it is you like doing we have made a few climb and they do work really well put a little bit in the top because i’m going to put this right at the very top so rather than have this out the side i’m going to actually put this probably right on the top there so i’m just gonna cut some of this down and again you don’t have to do this in the top this one here um it’s prepared there for two to go in the sides that would be really for one climbing up maybe we can do that version of time [Music] this one here i’m going to do as a trailer this is a case of you have to get all those off as for the fan i probably have the fern coming out more in the back so i’m just going to cut a section away about here again we’re doing this very quickly and as you know i don’t want to overthink things too much with some of the other ferns we’ve used in the past i’ve just managed to only needed to cut a slit because they’ve come off their own roots whereas these have got established root balls in them so i’m gonna cut it out so we can get this particular firm grows by rhizomes so they run so from one fern you will soon get many many ferns growing see like this already you’ve got two or three plants the fact that these funds grow on the walls what nutrients do they get they get virtually no nutrients almost like an air plant certainly more soil yeah we’re just teasing out so i’m not taking any root off for this so the root very it’s just the soil we’re removing it’s going to live quite happily in the moss alone i’m pretty sure if they can live in a crack in a wall there’s absolutely nothing coming there so they’ll be quite [Music] happy looking at this you can imagine if you lived in the tropics and had bamboo poles oh amazing you can have one and two inch diameter bamboo poles cut little holes and plant things in it that’s another idea absolutely so being creative you can use anything to make it crazy even using any pressure on this it just fits in that moss lovely it compacts itself you cannot suppose if you wanted to okay you could use some of that mesh and reseal it yeah i can do that that’s why i was thinking you can leave a little window isn’t it and flap it back [Music] and you can you know you can use a cable tie for that if you want i mean i’m not that fast though it’s not going to fall out so i’m quite happy with that okay but you can all right right you say you can’t have a door and do it that way if you wanted to okay then the next thing so you can put as many as you like oh yeah absolutely i mean you’ve got to remember that these are very vigorous so they’ll grow very quickly i mean this one’s got two two stalks i won’t use that one because not every one we sell has got two so i’ll use a single one because it’s a bit a bit more realistic so if we’re to put that one in at the top again doing the same thing with this iv mainly soil in it just falls out and leave the soil [Music] i guess if you have small orchids you can put orchids in there so we’re just showing the principle you can use the same principle for soap so there’s loads of other types of cells any small plant you can plant they can tell me all the things they’re doing know send some pictures in or something with some nice ones then you can get this to train down a bit more if you if you really wanted it to train down you can you can tie it if you want to go that way i’m going to let this just do its own thing okay all right and that’s it so that is the main pole the next thing is just securing it now you can you can use like a bonsai and you can use the wire to tie it in um but i don’t think you need just put the soil and firm it up it’s fine well okay sure what i’m doing here is i’m just using this exploded connect clay which usually does the trick and all i’m going to do is put this in like so you just pour it in you don’t need to waste uh money or waste good bonsai soil to do oh but this is quite expensive come on this year yeah but this is like the prologue or whatever there’s nothing growing in here it’s all growing in the tube so i don’t use soil you can use anything yeah you can use anything but our supplies is expanded clear simply because it looks nice and because it doesn’t retain the moisture that’s soiled to suck up the mustard suck up all that water it doesn’t need okay and you can do other things of this as well and make it you know you could even include if you wanted to you could have got some alpine or something at the bottom if you wanted um just put one in here just mix it [Music] in fact this these would grow quite happily in here to be honest um very well in this medium if you really wanted to you can you know you can pin bits of moss to the side so to make it look nice you can do this just by using scrap pieces of wire that you’ve got and you happen yeah you can do that kind of thing to it if you want you don’t need to and some people like that sort of thing and just encourage the moss to grow a little bit in this case but i quite like it just around the bottom just to make it look kind of nice gives it a little bit more of an effect same way you’ll do the ones are very sweet again i’m just going to make another little just hairline pin there just kind of encourage you to yeah i think it i’d like to grow it so it’s a bit stronger to do that but yeah you can do that you can train it around same as if it’s climbing but i want this to trail naturally and eventually i think these will open up so just let me put this like so well i’m afraid the bird doesn’t come with the kit yeah you know bruce hey they’re fiddly these are let’s see so just like that you can encourage them to go downwards so you just got to be patient look at the roots on that yeah all of this yourself so given a month this will become very dense you should have these heavy roots growing downwards again you can use them to climb um which i’ll probably do with this one but i like to see them training down because they tend to spread out a lot when they do that so these roots should take into this moss anytime they hit part of this uh moisture they should then come in i have a better idea you know if you wanted to put your little cuttings we have some juniper cutting let me bring one and i’ll show so i brought two little chinese juniper itoigawa cuttings and shiva’s got one of them and let me just show you it’s just to show you what you can do because if you propagate these things yourself there is so much scope for being creative so we’re just showing you how to be creative really uh all right just um put something at the top of that so although this is not strictly bonsai we’re just being creative with plants this is what the bonsai thing is all about we’re trying trying to be creative in everything we do so you can in fact make a tower of these little cuttings if you want to be more creative can you imagine what scope there is see remember this is only just planted five minutes ago if this were to grow within a month it’ll look completely different and can you imagine a year from there yeah can you can you imagine the whole tower full of these little junipers growing you know that would look very nice so let’s put it against the white so here we are in just i would say 10 20 minutes we’ve got these little plants put a fern you can cut the leaves of those ferns and the next lot of shoots will come small with the small leaf ivy a smally toy guy or cutting another cutting at the bottom and you can make a tower of these things uh can you imagine the scope we’re just showing you the principle of doing this so the more creative you are the more uh variety and beauty you can create you can put some more sempervivums there and you can put little rockery plants if you put tropical plants you can grow them indoors if you put little ficus cuttings with small leaves you can grow them indoors this can be grown outdoors because the iv is hardly supervised on the hardy and you can bring it into the house from time to time to create and this has only been done about 10 20 minutes ago given time this will become nice and dense and thick so this is something that i thought we’d show you because we sell this as a kit on our website and uh this is not a plug i’m just giving you all these trade secrets so other competitors will probably be copying what we are doing uh so i don’t mind we like to share the knowledge so thank you very much tibor and uh thank you for doing it okay [Music] you

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