Where to Get Bonsai Online? Pruning Nursery Stock Berberis Bonsai for Beginners

How I decide which branches to prune for the first trim of the season.

I created this bonsai from a garden centre or nursery stock plant.

I’m talking through the pruning work when building the branches. At this time of year it’s hard to see through the foliage, so focus is on increasing usable ramification to be sorted when the leaves fall.

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It’s time to give my Sheheen Berberis that I’ve developed from nursery stock its first prune of the season I’ve been developing this small Sheheen Barberie or Berberis from garden center material or nursery stock and I put it into this errand bonsai pot for the first time earlier this year if you wanna check out the video alright let’s dive in and do some pruning okay because of the relatively large leaves and small scale of this show Keane what I’m gonna do is cut back fairly roughly and where I can see what’s going on I’m going to cut back to two buds particularly in branches that are coming from the apical region which as you can see you’re getting quite strong and are running away towards the sky so let’s get those cut back quite hard hi everybody I’m Darrin and if you’re new to my channel my videos are about sharing my journey in the bonsai world along the way I’ll be sharing progression updates as well as lessons learned during my bonsai work so if that sounds like something you could be into please consider subscribing some of the lower piece is coming from branches lower down on the trunk I’ll actually leave to grow a little more and gain some strength this piece here is actually coming from lower down on the trunk and it’s really skyrocketed as you can see it’s clearly the champion branch this year and if I come in close you’ll see that the the second internode is actually really long so I’m gonna come in and prune this one right back to the first leaf there we go look at that it’s quite a long it’s quite a long first internode on that this piece is quite long but I might be able to make a branch out of this one to fill in a bit of a gap over the center of the tree so I won’t cut that one back to two or leave that on a bit longer like so just here we’ve got a coarse internode again I’m gonna cut this one back to one this piece here is coming from a weaker lower branch I’m actually going to leave this one tact for this session I can build up a bit of strength okay this one can come back to two leaves in there cut this one back to one wrist it’s got that long first internode there we go this piece is right out by the preferred silhouette and the second internode is really long I don’t need that length so I’m gonna cut this one back to that first note same here and the same there this piece is coming from a crotch with a nice structural piece but I can’t tell at the moment if I’d rather keep it or not so I’ll just bring it right back to a couple of a couple of leaves I’ve got this nice small piece there I’ll leave that one alone this branch here has got some potential to be usable this one however is coming from a terrible location on the inside of a bound and from a crotch so I’m going to cut that on right off I cut this piece back to two and this piece back to two as well this one’s got two nice pieces close to one another here so let’s keep those two two buds on that one and although this one’s fairly coarse I’ll keep two on this one because I can’t tell where it’s coming from or whether I’ll need it and I’ll cut this one back here which is two buds this week branch oh hello this is by doing that be careful not to hurt that spider there you guys this week branch is coming underneath and from a crotch I don’t need it so let’s pop that one off put the spider back on the tree that just leaves these pieces now I haven’t got a clue what I want or what I don’t want in terms of these so I’m just gonna come in I’m gonna prune back to a couple of leaves on each of them and we’ll see we’ll see how they develop and how things feel when I can get a bit more visibility going no go I’ve got no idea if I need this one or not so I’m just going to leave it there until a time that I can decide [Music] take care and thanks for watching [Music] let us try the back on the tree that’s gone cold still good thing

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