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Morning guys um put a pole up on the youtube yesterday and it was a overwhelming yes to do a um a revisit to paul’s pond um i’ll put the original link into roundabout now if you want to look at that first because you will see quite a lot of changes there was a pergola over it last time paul’s had that taken down now we don’t want that on there so the pond’s totally open now um just because the sun’s really bad today you know even though it’s five degrees in may but the sun’s still um but yes so he’s done quite a lot of work on the um on the garden now he’s also added a few new weeds or bonsai as people like to call them um so we’ll have a quick look at them but i think the pond does look a lot better now without the pergola and i mean what you could remember on this pond is like 25 years old um when paul originally built this pond so you know it is a very old pond but you know it still looks nice and and the fish still still doing really really well in it i think to be honest with you i don’t think i’ve been back here since since the last video to be honest i don’t think i’ve been back round to paul’s house so this is the first time for a long time um so yeah the fish have grown really well looking stunning um the fish are now on the verge of being jumbos which you can see in the video but i’ll get a couple out anyway and just show you um some of the fish that he’s bought sort of like five years ago or something like that they’re really coming on now the potential’s really coming out with them they’re growing well the shapes are good and everything like that so the pond itself is three thousand gallons it’s running on a profit drum um on two returns going back in through one bottom drain and then he has a third return which goes through a clarity protein skimmer um and yeah it’s just you know with the the water’s good everything’s good the fish are coming on well um he’s got a lovely way no shower in there that we bought i think it was about three years ago now about two years ago with nissai that’s looking absolutely amazing so and yep and he’s got some new bonsai and he’s planted a few somewhere else and stuff like that so what we’ll do is have a good look around the garden first and then we’ll concentrate on mccoy so this one here this is just the rock is it yeah that’s called two for rock right you’ve got cheese grin out of that and then what’s that one that’s a juniper how long have you had that one it was about seven years that was right and it’s not growing there’s no drama you’ve got to fight and you’ve got to grow have you done anything with that any wiring well yeah at first got why they call this when it’s all white you call that ginning right he doesn’t do it again we’ll all have that done again in june and this is your new one this is the one that we picked up last year in it from jay from jefferson yeah jay down in um yeah so yeah he’s on jay’s bonsai on the um instagram as well if you want to have a look but paul bought this one from him last year probably one of my favorites that one now really he’s in the perfect place weren’t you just one looking just like just decided yeah so this is all and do have you painted that that color or is it just natural no it’s it is i can’t remember it’s like um i can’t remember what you use on that now but it’s i get a guy who does that form a guy called phil coombs yeah and what’s this one that’s a try that maple and that one that’s a juniper that’s the same as that one over there same as that one there they are really good but well i don’t we yeah you got the window the glass there the mirror that’s the famous lantern that did you back in me back in there yeah tim can you cut around to my house at the minute i’m on the floor in the garden than the um the tea house which is basically um where paul has his boiler possible using the gas system on this one so you’ve got the gas boiler there temperature’s up at 15.5 so all the um the electrics and stuff like that are in here as well so but yeah there’s the gas boiler when was that changed what a bigot in it yeah and then the rock famous rock you don’t believe the day that me and him are trying to get this rock in a quarry of about five acres and i’d had enough after about an hour looking at rocks and then all of a sudden from the ice on my idea i found it i found it me rock it’s perfect then we just have to get it here that all lights up at night that’s really good so then what these ones here paul okay that’s the little juniper that’s looks like a christmas tree that was our christmas tree that one’s a that’s large and that one that’s white pine that’s about 55 years old that was grown from seed no india not i’m just not by myself in japan oh yes people have to have a look on the last video to see where the pergola was i mean i can’t remember it now you’re up here with it off yeah and then round this side paul’s buried one of the trees into the ground what’s this one paul white pine white pine it’s got still got the pots but it’s all the pots so the pots under the ground that sounds horrible today that’s the clarity anyway enough for the stupid weeds let’s get some fish out this is the way no shower that i was telling you about got this from a dealer in japan called older cam the breeder of the fish is southern japan but this is just stunning now wow the body honey now and the skin yeah the skin is just too incredible wow beautiful yeah next one paul i can’t believe how big this is now wow stunning too bad it’s the same time is the way you know one or was this the time before time before this this isn’t japan he’s gonna buy anything oh yeah typical japan i’m not going i’m buying a kahaku and then you come back with four showers on him on the fish he’s growing you’re not so much the length but i mean now she’s getting on there she’s not far off 70. but the red on the coochie benny on the nose is definitely more predominant now since i last saw her yeah still stretching the pattern on that still growing put the nose on her she must be nearly 75 76 beautiful yeah the shiro see how mad it is bought three years ago um yeah this one is i bought this before you came didn’t i yeah fantastic oh drums cleaning says the drum do you know what number this was paul it’s the second one a profit rum uh now on the you said last night that you had to you’ve got impulse pump there’s quite a lot of um like a moss can you see the moss on the side so he has always struggled with it like down there you can see it and what the fish do is that you pick it off all day long that’s all we do and i mean you know we’ve got the shoot in the in there that paul uh regular has to clean what do you get like a football size lot out there yeah once a week yeah and he did it last night i’m going you’re going to clear it yeah well we’ll do after that i’ll just get the white vinegar yeah brush you just go all over the drum and you do that once a week i’ll do all that once a week yeah yeah but as you can see with the pond was it is it about 25 years old yeah it will be now easy and like i said with the old system that was in here was just like a chamber system and a vortex type thing an old old system but now it’s going from the drum and then into a separate conley how much k1 have you got in there 200 liters of the car 200 liters of k1 um in the combi and then returning back through two returns you’ve got the delta uv on there as well which is the sanitizer um 90 watt one and that’s it really that’s the system yeah so you’ve got the two returns you’re going back into the pond and then you’ve got one coming back through the clarity yeah fantastic so like i said we didn’t have any space to work with really on this pond it’s been there and it was always it was always tricky because i know paul was thinking of doing it for a long time before but it was just so hard to try and figure it out [Applause] barely mind me i’ve just been fed [Applause] so so there we have it guys the revisit to paul’s pond and it is you know how the joking aside it is looking fantastic i mean you know the you know it’s trees you know they are one of his passions and there and they are looking excellent i mean i sometimes have a go at him about the way he’s thought processing into getting these things but he just does he just has an image in his head and when he finds that correct image that matches his image he just that’s what he wants you know but he knows before and which tree that he’s looking for even before he buys it so i suppose it’s like the fish really where you know with somebody i mean we get a lot of people that say to us you know tim i want a kahaku in japan and i wanted to have it two spots with one of them that was tied up and one of them that measurements down and stuff like that you know we get customers that ask us all these sort of things i suppose it’s the same that you want to with the core you want to make sure that you find that exact right koi for your pond and especially with stocking rates and stuff like that you know a lot of people now have got full ponds so you know they might get rid of one fish to buy one more fish but that fish has to be perfect it has to be right in their pond and i suppose it’s the same with paul and his bonsais that you know i suppose you can go and look at thousands of bonsais but it’s only one you know it’s only that one um that’s gonna that’s gonna make him buy it so you know it’s fantastic really and you know same with the fishery i think i think he’s got one to get rid of that’s in there and then he’ll and then he’ll add one more next time we go to japan when we can go to japan and he’ll add one more fish to the watch what’s the fish yeah you’ve got a sankey staying out in shin trees so is that it then are you going to get rid of a fish in there or not yeah he’s got a kahaku that he’s had there for i think about between 18 and 20 years from hiroshima sakai and she’s doing well she’s still around but you know i would imagine that she’s not got that long to go really actually she might not make yeah the skin seems to go down a little bit and it’s just you know the age of the fish really you know you know when he bought her she was probably about three year old or something like that so you know so he’s um so she’s probably not got long left um so that’ll probably one that would you replace her with that sanki won’t you yeah so the sankey that he’s got in japan now will replace that will replace the old girl yeah so he’s going to stick with 12 fish in 3 000 gallons and that’s it so but yeah so anyway thanks for watching guys but it is it’s looking really well um let us know if you liked it with the pergola or not with the yo without the pergola let’s see what happens and whoever i’ll just go up as it i’ll just go up as it what anybody says really so but yeah thanks for watching guys um please subscribe to the channel and give us a thumbs up and we will see you on the next one

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