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In this video I show you some of the trees with the new leaves starting to appear.

It’s the official start of spring the first day of spring so to celebrate i thought i’d wear my lovely hawaiian shirt which i have not worn since christmas and look at my cherry trees they’re all in full bloom the crab apples are coming in to leave these have all been outside throughout the winter so they’ve had no protection but despite that they’re all in leaf and if you turn to the other side our great big mactol molya tree that magnolia solangiana that’s coming into bloom and if we take a quick walk around you will see that all the trees are in different stages of leafing this tried maple has stood out here throughout the winter in temperatures of minus 10 degrees centigrade it was not put away and it is almost about to open completely and to leave so this has survived well the large tridents i don’t protect in the winter because i know that they will survive these trees also were brought out only about a month ago so they’ve not had a lot of protection but let me now take you into the greenhouse because in the greenhouse the maples are more advanced and they’ve got some beautiful colors so let’s go there you will see in this greenhouse this is our workshop area and these are trees that i’ve repotted i’m not sure if i showed you this one but this great big maple was repotted two days ago and many of the trees have been repotted i’ll take you for a quick tour and a quick walk this deshojo has been in the greenhouse throughout the winter and it’s coming out beautifully in leaf look at that vibrant red no wonder the deshojo is the favorite maple for most people and these are trees that i’m still shaping and retraining this is a tried maple coming to leave we repotted this two days ago it was in a round pot and that is the final image of the tree there are some unusual plants here this is that other half of that tree that i split with the axe but this is only the root that survived that very thin sliver of wood didn’t survive i showed you that bigger piece earlier on but the flower on this one already the petals have all dropped this is the slow but there is a another tree this is a japanese tree called prunus tomen tosa the leaves are completely different it’s almost like a viburnum leaf but the flowers are very pretty and they carry beautiful cherry-like fruit so i’m keeping all the flowers to bloom and i’ll try and sow the seeds of that cherry but they also grow from cuttings so i’ll do some experiments with growing from cutting we have lots of interesting trees that all in different stages of blooming this is another forsythe here i did do a separate video about forsythia this is one of the stumps that has been growing in this flower pot so it’s ready to put in some sort of bonsai pot and if i take you for a quick walk around the nursery and show you the stages of the leaves of these different maples this greenhouse which is our workshop is about three to five degrees centigrade warmer than outside so the trees are a little more advanced this is a benichidori benichidori has a soft pink color not as deep red and as bright red as the deshojo but the color of the pink is very subtle i will show you some more maples because all the maples are all in different stages of developing if you go in there you can just see there there’s another tree which is the asahi zuru that has got three colors pink cream and green but because it’s a variegated type of acer palmatum they are not very good in strong sunlight and they can burn very easily in the strong sun so that has to be kept in the shade a lot of the time all the maples are all at different stages of leafing some are more advanced than others don’t ask me why but that is the way they turn out i want to just show you now this is the base of a deshojo that i’ve been earlier it was about eight or ten feet tall and you see these parts which are cut i have must have made about five or six big trees from this deshojo and all this growth which is about a meter and a half one and a half meters long this is all last year’s growth so can you imagine how strong this tree is it is ever so strong and it’s being grown in that famous peter chan split trunk maple style with two trunks so i’m going to early a little more here a little more here i’ll get two more trees with a thick trunk last year i air layered this part of the tree and if you bear in mind the color on on that leaf that tree has been in leaf for the last four weeks so already the color has started to change those of you who grow this jojo will know that the new leaves are that vibrant red this is the top of the tree that i air layered from that parent tree i showed you just now and there’s some more alias so this tree has produced countless number of offspring so this is still red but that turns that dirty red color so the tried and the deshojo map will stay red for i would say three months i would say we are now at the middle of march so you get march april may june perhaps and by june they will be completely green so they shoujos don’t stay green all year this again is a benichidori with a very soft pink that’s benichidori binichuri is a much misunderstood tree it’s a lovely tree but because it’s a soft pink it’s not as loved as the day showed you and here while i’m passing is a beautiful magnolia and this is one of the sega solangiana and the variety of the sulanjiana is called cleopatra beautiful color there is another one which is called susan and that’s also got this deep purple color these are our one and two-year-old maple seedlings so they will be grown into bigger trees they’re leafing as well we use these for making forest by the way and this is a japanese white beach forest vegas granata and there are nine trees here of three uh four seven no more than that twelve seven five twelve trees i think one or two have died but just one of the trees has started leafing and although they’re all growing together some are more advanced than others ah this is starting to leaf as well the japanese white beach forests uh never seem to do very well because the stronger trees dominate the weaker trees and as a result they tend to strangle the weaker plants and you invariably get some younger trees dying this is another beautiful deshojo just about to come into leaf and this is again another of the triple colored ones asahi zulu pink cream and green and this is the big benichidori which we started earlying in october a bit late in the year but it was done as an experiment to see what would happen i don’t think it would root during the winter but come the spring it’s going to send roots out in abundance so that will start growing well and let’s have a look at some of the other plants here there are plants everywhere as you can see they’re all in different stages of being developed more deshojo’s there this is a great big mountain maple which i aliad back in september 2019 and you can see already leafing so it’s only been 18 months since it was separated but this tree in fact was taller than the greenhouse so i had to cut off the top two meters so this was like a six meter tall tree that i earlier and it rooted in six months another major airing which i think i showed you in another earlier video is this great big larch look at all the buds coming this was a six inch diameter trunk that i alid and that was successful as well so i must have saved 40 years by air layering and i’ve got a tree in six months time uh while we’re in this greenhouse i will just show you a few more things these satsuki azaleas are being regrown so they’re being grown in moss but i’ve just fertilized them heavily so they’re going to send out new shoots and we’re going to restyle these trees we grow trees here for a long time so that we change the shapes add value to the trees and make them more beautiful so all these trees are being worked on and reshaped even the ficuses you will have seen it in a separate video we wire them and shape them to improve them so there’s always something going on in here so let me now take you around you see more deshojos the shojo is our favorite tree without a doubt and look at these cherry trees in here these are going to be grown into bigger trees and they become bonsai so they’re not sold in a hurry the aging factor takes time and we take our time to develop them into stronger trees not all the larches have come out into leaf at the same time i would like to show you some other trees i don’t know which bird that is could be a robin i think the robins are having a fight those are great big korean horn beams and while we are passing this is a viburnum and this one is called edge wartier cresanta grandiflora they’ve got these lovely pom-pom-type flowers highly scented and i grow these in my garden so i’m using it as a propagating plant so it’s going to be a mother plant we will take a quick walk in the tunnel or let’s go outside i can show you some more foresight here which are in bloom these maples are growing in the open they have not been protected so that’s our famous thick trunk forsythia dug out from the hedge it’s always admired every year so that’s a grand old tree let’s have a quick run through the tunnels these trident maples were repotted last week so they’re recap recovering here there’s so many interesting trees i don’t have the time to show them all to you this is one with a completely hollow trunk and that rotting has occurred naturally completely natural so there’s no carving done and because it’s natural they look so much better these are trees in different stages of being developed we have to refine them sometimes we don’t like to refine too much because customers like to do it themselves if you do it too much they do lose interest and they don’t buy it and these long shoots i know they can be pruned back but i’m going to use them as cuttings because etoygawa is a very rare variety of juniper the chinese juniper so we use them as cuttings for future plants and there’s a lovely larch in here i would like to show you this only a quick walk and these chinese junipers are being grown on to become bigger trees so look at the growth you know about 30 centimeters of new growth so if you want a bigger tree we grow them into the longer branches or new apex so they will be restyled and reshaped so we’re not in a rush to do those i just want to show you the tanuki lodge which is much admired the pyrocantha here are protected from hard frost in this shade tunnel and if you look at the leaves they’re slightly yellow and the reason why they’re slightly yellow is because they are the old leaves and they’re about to shed when they drop the new leaves will come so the tree will become bright green once again so that is why they’re in here and they will have their flowers pretty soon white flowers while i’m passing here have a look at this tried maple most unusual tried and maple this came from japan in the i would say late 80s we imported quite a few in the late 80s and that’s the last one i’ve had and i’ve kept it because it’s a very unusual style it’s just a tree laid on the side like a raft and all the branches are growing from that fallen trunk i don’t know why more people don’t draw that style it’s so easy to make and it’s all rooted this and the last tree i would like to show you it’s this beautiful tanuki larch you may have seen it before and look at all the foliage apple green foliage of the larch so the trees in here are protected so they have a slightly elevated temperature the temperature here is always three to five degrees warmer than outside and as a result they grow much faster and they have a longer growing season again while i’m passing this is a customer’s tree this is the famous john knocker blows juniper group i pruned it pretty hard and i’m waiting for it to produce new foliage because i repotted it as well so when it starts growing again and i just want to be absolutely sure that there’s no setback i will return it to the customer i never return customers trees straight away i always like to make sure that they’re growing well before they go and look at these maples look at the growth that’s all two weeks growth about 15 20 centimeters of growth that’s all new growth and while i’m talking of new growth people often ask about cuttings this is what we call the ideal cutting the new growth which has just started to turn hard that’s a heel cutting so that’s the ideal cutting material for propagating maples as i said we don’t have space to propagate everything because if you look down here all our cuttings of junipers seedlings satsuki azaleas we propagate all these here and i fear that if i keep making more and more cuttings i will run out of space so i hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour this is a forsythe with a tickle root i’m going to develop it more i’m waiting for it to produce more branches and then this is a little experiment that tebow has done where layering by simply putting a little flower pot in there and hoping it will root this is a standard method of propagation so that’s not very unusual so i hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour because i always like to show the different things we do i’ll just stick this in although i don’t use hormone rooting powder it might well root i’m talking of cuttings these are juniper cuttings and these are camellia cuttings it’s just floured and these are just one year old camellia cuttings so we propagate all these these are also one-year-old cuttings this is the kisu juniper and this is a very rare type of icier and this is a two year old cutting look at the roots on that look at the thick trunk it’s as thick as a biro that would make a beautiful mommy tree so these are all propagated here all propagated here and those are the korean hornbeam seedlings that we sowed they’re from seed so there’s always a little bit of interest wherever you look year’s cuttings yeah second year and we started wiring it so soon we will be self-sufficient in juniper and those are large forests that we made i kept keep saying that the final this is the one that the italian master worked on this is the tree that i’ve changed the shape or remade it and we will follow the progress of this in due course so i hope you enjoyed this little tour there’s nothing i didn’t leave this if you remember was that field grown uh mountain maple which had the girdling route round and round i’ve still got to refine the route so you’ll follow the progress of this in due course lots to see but it’s growing extremely well and the trunk is massive look at that absolutely massive okay you

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