When to Restructure a Deciduous Bonsai

When to Restructure a Deciduous Bonsai

This video i’m pruning and wiring my berberis shoheen bonsai we’ve got this giveaway let’s go and have a look now i’m going to take the risk the butcher of bone size strikes again oh you ugly little bug i better treat these real quick then i did promise that i was going to do a garden tour in my next video i was looking around the garden and i happened to notice that the buds on this berberis or barbary were starting to show signs of movement so i thought i better prune this one quick sharp because there’s no way that i’m going to get a chance to do it once repotting season kicks in would you mind going to get the shopping yeah no worries what are you doing uh nothing um just persuading some bugs that they don’t want to live anymore okay [Music] so i’ve used some dish soap or washing up liquid in a bucket of water i’ll use some film just to stop the soil from all pouring out upside down in the water drown the bleeders it’s time to take it out now there we go take those sticks away if the height of the apex was somewhere around here everything’s almost at the same level so there’s no visual hierarchy to guide you through the tree when you look at it and it it does pretty much have the effect of being a bush i think there’s quite a lot of weight in this branch so we’ve got the primary structure coming out to here and then we’ve got two secondary pieces so i think what i’m going to do although i like this branch i think cutting this branch off so that the primary structure comes out and then changes direction here is going to be more in keeping with the tree now going back now love the color of the wood on these bright yellow put a little blob of cut paste on this so that’s really made a difference to some of the space in this area i think it’s a little bit less visually demanding now just imagine as that ramified it would have gathered more and more visual weight i think it was just a little bit too heavy this secondary piece is really quite congested i just want to be sure that i’m about to make the right decision here as much as i like this i think it’s better for the tree overall there we go boom i’ve got some really nice small nodes on here so it makes a lot of sense to come back to here and that leaves two nice tertiary pieces just out here that’s going to develop really nicely over the coming season so i’m going to remove this vertical piece here it may be that long term this also can’t remain here but i am going to leave this one on for the time being to see if it becomes anything useful [Music] at first glance it looked like i could really start to build some nice ramification on the branches that we’ve got and then i’ve come in and i’ve started really cutting back some of the primary structures and the secondary structures instead of focusing on the tertiary this branch gives a really good example of why i’m doing it here you see we’ve got a really big knuckle forming we’ve got like a quite narrow piece above and below it we’ve got a lot of congestion in a small space with one two three pieces and some of the pieces that we do have are very tall compared to where the apex of the tree will eventually be so that takes away some of the visual hierarchy we’ve got quite a lot of long internodes forming which is going to make it really hard to compact the tree and internode is the distance between one bud and the next bud now because most species aren’t going to produce a bud along this length being a small tree it makes it hard to compact you know if we come out to here before we start to get more of a pad forming then that’s going to be really quite a high pad ideally we’d want you know the pad to be somewhere around here so we’ve i’ve just got no choice on a tree of this scale but to cut back harder by the way when i say primary and tertiary i’m using mirai lives language so the primary is the branch that comes from the trunk and as soon as that divides we call those secondaries and then on the end of our secondaries those are our tertiary branches this branch is a back branch and it comes right out it’s the same thickness all the way up to here and then it divides but we do have some nice secondaries here and here it’s not actually clear to me if this secondary is alive so if i were to cut back to here and this wasn’t alive that means i’d have to regrow this branch from there that would be a bit of a risk i’m going to take the risk so i mean even if that piece there is dead the tree would still be capable of producing buds from this node i hope that’s the theory it’s another biggie another big decision coming up this big old bulge of inverse taper is really visible from the front there you go you can really see it there so now i need to decide what i’m going to do with that i think what i’m going to have to do i’m going to really bite a chunk out of this i’m not completely deluded there’s still some inverse taper there but it’s improved the situation from the front and i’ll continue to work on that over time or maybe i’ll just not worry about it and just disguise it with some branch placement so this is a long straight piece with no taper and no nodes so it’s a really easy choice to just carefully come in and it’s a really easy choice but it’s not an easy cut i’m just going to come in and pop that one out because i really like this piece that’s behind it it’s got some nicer shorter internodes on here a bit of movement to it and it introduces some taper so that’s a really easy decision to make this piece has got a really long internode we’ve got almost an inch before we get to a bud that’s you know that’s not very usable once we get towards the apex and then this piece is coming right forward i think it’s a little bit too far forward actually it’s not the most beautiful junction so i’m going to cut that piece out i’ve got a lot of stuff going on up here pop that off there cut back to this piece it introduces some movement some taper and we’ve got some lovely little short internodes forming there let’s drop that back down to there right the butcher of bone size strikes again oh right i don’t like this piece the trunk continues up here got a nice bit of movement here near the apical region but this piece just continues it’s as straight as anything just going for it along here i don’t think i need this to come out any further we’ve got some nice buds forming there wow i wasn’t expecting to do even remotely close to this amount of pruning i thought i was going to be uh wiring some branches in place but when you get up close and look at it you start to make some objective decisions and before you know it you’ve got to rebuild your branches it’s not completely unexpected i should have made more bold decisions in the early days but it’s just an inexperience so i’m going to put some wire on now [Music] oh i think i broke it damn it oh my god what so i broke that piece cut it off this piece is also broken i’m just gonna have to cut it off it’s it’s hanging on by thread the only reason it’s still on the tree is because the wire holding it there i might as well just cut it off take the wire off this is just too long anyway so i’ll prune back to this bud if i can get past the wire trim the wire out i think i’m going to stop there what a disaster right i’m going to prune this piece back because i don’t need as long or as high i’m just going to cut back to this bud i can’t do anything else to this tree now i’ve already gone too far but now for some good news uh we’ve got this giveaway let’s go and have a look mars hydro have really kindly offered to sponsor a ts 1000 grow light giveaway in order to be in with a chance of winning make sure you’re subscribed and drop a comment down below the winner will be chosen at random and announced on the video after the 28th of february for full details please see the description down below

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