What Happens When a Cement Mixer Styles a Bonsai?

Using a cement mixer to style my tree. Interesting results.
Not recommended but interesting

Tonight we’re going to be doing a bit of an experiment and we’re going to be letting a cement mixer style a tree and see how she goes first off if i sound a bit off it’s because the sun had tonsillitis this week and well the last few days you know i felt like absolute dog poo he gave him gave me whatever he had so i’m struggling through we don’t feel quite with it and maybe that’s what pushed me to this but let’s talk about this video i thought it would be a cool idea if styling a tree was completely out of your hands so i had two options i could do a live stream and just get people to style and cut stuff off but i thought you know what if i do that there’s always going to be someone that wants to cut something off and you’ll end up with nothing possibly or anyway i thought what i could do is the cement mixer i just chuck it in it does itself whatever whatever comes out of cement mixer that’s it um and depending on how today goes um i could um either keep it i could do it every year for 10 years or so or whatever and see how a cement mixer styles the treat and that’ll just prove that anyone can stole a tree even a cement mixer so let’s see how we go and i thought you know one this one needs repotting two it’s got lots of wheat so maybe cement mix somebody put some water in here we’ll actually clean some of these weeds out we don’t know who knows but i thought excuse me i thought i could not get a really crappy week beginner tree to do this experiment i had to get something off decent i don’t know if you guys have seen this treat it’s an olive very small leaves beautiful form everything about it’s quite beautiful it can easily make a really nice tree in another couple of years without the cement mixer but i thought i can’t go doing it on a crappy tree if i’m gonna do it i’m going to jump right in go the whole hog and do it on this tree so first things first let’s get out this pot put some water in turn her on and let’s see what happens [Music] obviously i’m not going to throw it in with a pot you know that would just be done because throwing a good bonsai into a cement mixer is not done all right guys now put some water in we’re going to chuck it in and see what happens [Applause] here we go guys guys this is working out worse than i thought it looks brutal ah [Applause] oh my god guys i can’t believe everywhere so okay guys looks brutal doesn’t it i’m sure it is um well we’re five minutes late at least a lot of leaves and stuff falling off wow certainly cleaned the root ball got rid of the weeds look at that weeded it and cleaned the root ball for me i could probably take it out like that replant it it should be all sweet look at that for the top what happened to the top okay so there’s a lot of stuff in the top but money it’s just roots and stuff hmm interesting interesting i don’t even think it’s broken one branch too flexible well that’s not going to stall it is it all right don’t worry i got plan b let’s get into it put it in head first this time turn around [Music] so [Music] [Applause] so [Music] i don’t know if you’ve seen the hyperlapse but i’ve chucked another three bricks in there so it’s head well let’s get them out one two three four five six bricks in there now let’s see what our damage is i think it’s going to be severe well look at this in the bottom already found a branch so it looks like it’s done a bit of self pruning in the cement mixer or something i’ll tell you what without the bricks the olive was pretty tough with the bricks i don’t know wow okay another broken branch here lots of broken branches around the place oh yeah a lot of broken branches oh yeah um okay roots well i think we lost a lot of roots in that process but you know that was the aim of the game styling by cement mixer here’s another broken branch at the top another one here so styling by cement mixer next job let’s just give her a wash up and see what we got that was brutal okay guys we’re outside i’m just going to give it a bit of a wash all right a little bit of stuff hanging down all in all well there’s a few branches broken okay some roots hanging from the top here oh i know it’s just giving it a real compact prune greened a bit of stuff off there’s a lot of scarring all the branches and trunks is scarring everywhere so it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out scarring all over the roots that’s about 10 minutes look at this that’s completely scanned bare all over here it’s about 10 minutes in the cement mixer to be honest i wouldn’t want to go much more there’s a lot of bare areas it’s a bit like my sandpaper jump on the trunk without the sandpaper but there’s a lot of broken branches hanging down you know we’ve got to clean them up see what we got left taking it all out of our own hands you know to be honest guys i had to walk out the shed it was brutal hearing it gets smashed around um i walked out the shed and just let it go 10 minutes i think i did five minutes then i put the bricks in left another five so i’ve broken a key branch off the top here but we’ll have a look at that later like i say this is all out of my hands and i didn’t want any input into the styling i just wanted the cement mixer do the whole thing all right guys front of the camera or phone is just completely covered in stuff wow okay guys well that was a hell of an experiment and it was very hard for me to sit and watch it and not turn it off so i’d walk it shed and let process just happen it’s dripped a lot of bark off the trunk a lot of bark off the branches lots of bark off broken a lot of branches that i wanted broken the main key branch at the top they’re covering this whole area now it’s bald snap this one in half shorten this one dramatically look at that it’s just a stub looking at us with no branches now the only thing we’re going to do done by man is cut off the branches that are completely broken right so this one here it’s broken but it’s hanging down i’m gonna leave that just because you never know it might heal itself so let’s see i just want to the ones that are completely gone 100 i’m cutting off the ones that could heal i’m going to treat it like you know it was in an avalanche or something and he got broken and who knows it might bloody he might bloody re-heal at a different angle you never know um the trunk is completely scut up almost like my sandpaper video okay okay but okay so it’s it’s it’s got a lot of branches taken a lot of leaves off shortened a lot of branches it was probably twice this size when it went in maybe not quite but it feels like it was and it’s come out scanned with a lot less branching and i’m just getting rid of the dead stuff broken stuff completely broken i mean okay stuff that’s still hanging on like this one still sort of hanging on there i’m going to leave it i’m going to leave it this one is broken but hanging on so we’ll leave it it is broken back it’s a pretty bad break but we’ll just leave it let’s see what see what it wants to do for us to heal as if it all happened in nature starting out of my hands that’s it so now we’re going to put it up the root root wise you know that was broken it’s actually cleaned the roots pretty well yes it did lose a lot of the fine feeder roots but it’s still got quite a few roots there should be alright so let’s put her up see what happens like i say we ended up with six bricks also i’ll just show you we lost our main it’s one of the most interesting branches we had it was carved out there with a nice branch that filled in this whole area here and that snapped off completely completely removed trunk has been scanned badly okay all over the place it’s been scanned real bad branches have been scanned really bad you can see look at that it’s really done a number but let’s see what happens put it back in the pot wait another six months to a year and maybe do it again we’ll see gonna be a pretty weird weed sadistic sort of experiment ongoing experiment on this tree to just see how she goes geez chomping snips so you’re like i saw being a bit under the weather but i’m still trying to pump out a video here and i know this video won’t be for everyone but i’m sure even if this video is not for you you’ll still be pretty interested in it you’ll still be pretty interested in my brain is not even working i don’t it just hasn’t been working for a good week but anyway you’ll be interested in the outcome outcome guys oh jesus oh i’ll tell you what when kids make you sick i was 100 healthy until seth got tonsillitis now look at me like a dino man probably deserve it after what i just did to this tree i did feel real bad i literally did have to walk out the shed while i played but you know what i told myself i’m doing it for 10 minutes five minutes without the bricks and because that didn’t do any damage i did five minutes with the bricks now has the front changed so that was the front before i think that’s still the back it’s another thing that could happen because it’s getting smashed around don’t really know the front could change on its own that really is broken off yeah that branch is gone i’m gonna cut it it’s out front anyway and it’s coming way too far out i know i shouldn’t say that because i’m just letting it stall itself but it was pretty well broken okay guys that’s pretty much it so let’s let’s just finish popping it up i already had screens in here from before um i’m just going to pour some more mix in obviously i don’t have to work it in too much because most of the roots were well broken off obviously if you’re going to do something silly like this which no none of you guys would you just i’m guessing you’re interested to see what happens don’t do it on a tree that’s one not hardy and two don’t do it on a tree that don’t bud back if you did this on a pine or something you know your pine’s toast if it breaks off brown your part is closed so if you’re going to do something dumb like this at least do it on something that’s going to bud back guys i would say angels but only about two percent of people that watch me understandably because i am a bit of a bit of a bogan about two percent of girls watch me so many guys so guys and the odd girl don’t try anything silly like this on a tree that’s not arty and we know ollie’s a hearty hardest tree i know and i’m going to let it sit there for another year or two it could be a two-year project because i don’t like free potting every year i think if you repot every two years is more than enough in fact i normally only repot every three ish to four years and that only depends on how much it’s grown into the pot so this one could be getting repotted more than normal just so we can style the top of the cement mixer anyway see it done guys you can see you know it’s lost a lot of its bulk but it still is most of its primary branches where they need to be apart from this big one here that snapped off right in the key location but that’s part of the fun let’s just see how she gets styled good old cement mixer style on the tree okay guys well i’ll chuck it on a turntable give it a spin flash know what she looks like now oh that’s so heavy really broken your wrist okay guys oh sorry i’m sorry i missed the germany luckily germs can’t transport over the internet yet one day they might be able to not yet um just how i am but i thought i’d still bring out a video crap give you guys a quick spin now we’re bringing a light a bit closer so you can see we still got potential um i feel like we’ve taken it backwards not forwards but it’d be interesting over time whether it continues to go backwards or whether stuff close in gets stronger and more and more calloused or you know stronger and whether or not it will then start developing as far as going forward not backwards be interesting and maybe i’ll put less bricks in with it or smaller bricks maybe some stones because i feel like six house bricks banging away on this is pretty harsh anyway cement mixer styling the olive bit done i know well that’s me dumb very very simple man and i do some simple experiments cheers for watching aussie pods bloke please like share subscribe tell your mates about the channel hopefully next time i’m feeling a bit better and i can get on to some time but at the moment you know things aren’t looking too good but we still made a video and hopefully i’ll be on the improve soon cheers once again team mates please share please subscribe really like you guys to subscribe and i’ll catch you next time cheese here we go guys

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