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Did you order this i need to pay it uh troy did okay for repotting what’s going on everybody mondays at mirai here again still repotting i you’re tired of it you don’t even know how tired of repotting i am let me tell you if you think it’s bad for you watching repotting after repotting after repotting try doing it this is the test point in the repotting season because it happens every year where you just get to this threshold and the way that you mix it up is you start recognizing that trees are starting to grow and you haven’t done the wiring work on them so now that’s what we’re doing all bald cypresses are done most of our deciduous are in good shape although there’s a lot of wiring that needs to happen and they’re starting to grow working on some pines before they rock out getting some junipers pruned before they start trying to get the landscape dialed in pressure washed for a majority of my weekend because everything grows on everything that you don’t want it to grow on in the pacific northwest and now it’s going to be like mid-20s tonight suddenly after we’ve started moving things out of the greenhouse which is just super predictable and all part of the bonsai shuffle all right here we go look at this sweetheart japanese maple i would be pinching this today because there are definitely some pinchable pieces but we’re going to be streaming about it tomorrow so i want to leave myself some work lots to talk about super excited looking pretty good old cypress forest wired and ready for spring whoa whoa ah we’re here boy what’s here i hear water flowing a little euphorbia blooming a little large action this is the best time for larch right now yeah a little boom boom i always equate the light bulbs of the larch in the spring to just fantastic wonderment western red cedar feeling spicy feeling real spicy moody and if it weren’t going to be freezing tonight we would be moving larches out we’d be moving a lot of the pines out we’d be moving any deciduous trees that are starting to grow some of the junipers that we’ve worked on we’ll be getting out the elms are starting to go we’ve got to get wire on these or else we’re going to be in deep deep doo doo bald cypresses crushing got some of these big boys done last week quite a nice little improvement there and now we’re working here we’ve got ponderosas got some out of them out of the containers they’re just going great guns and we’ve got to get them dialed in yeah work doesn’t stop and nobody here to do it but us so so that’s why i expect me to do anything yeah we know josh is totally incompetent and lazy let us dig in what you’re digging into here digging into a ponderosa pine i thought i was gonna i thought i was gonna start doing some wire work with sherry and now i’m recognizing that i’m gonna repot this ponderosa pine instead which is a absolutely incredible tree this is this is a personal treat of mr randy knight this tree has been one that i just have had a complete and total infatuation with from day one you can see some of the roots come out from back here and how much they’ve thickened over the course of time you can’t miss these windows and the more refined a tree gets the less forgiving those windows are if you miss them that’s bone size is you got to keep doing it you don’t just start bonsai and then like choose when you do it you start bonsai and you are bound to it super beautiful root system in there is there not that all red love is bad but some of it certainly isn’t good you know when you get into a ponderosa a really coarse pine and you’re getting this kind of fine root production you’re doing something right too wow so much of this kind of work you know when i was first starting mirai i had to do it all by myself people always say how do you repot things like this just find a way there’s always a way there’s always a way now we need something far sexier than what it used to sit in and there’s got to be something better wouldn’t a beautiful a beautiful nice round something or other let’s go find something or other boy if only those were a little bigger huh [Music] might be pretty nice huh yeah okay that’s really special now isn’t it yeah and just imagine this tree elevated up and then boom hey i’m telling randy he just bought a tom benda i’m not even going to wait for him to tell me oh that’s so good god and i wanted to see what it looks like to use the corner green tag i don’t want you anymore here we go with you it just becomes a way of existing in repotting season where this stuff just starts to become as common as breathing there was a moment where i was trying to make a decision between being a house dj or being a bonsai professional and i thought that being a bonsai professional although i was encouraged by many people obviously far cooler than me to be a dj i just thought god staying up all night long potentially leading a not so healthy lifestyle of bad choices um wasn’t going to be the best decision that i could make over the course of my life and therefore i sold my turntables and my entire dj setup and devoted fully to bonsai so i did have to think is bonsai a lifestyle that i feel will give me a really solid foundation for the rest of my life as well as keep me happy as well as keep me healthy and the answer was yes now was i right in that that seems to be the question that i’m asking myself now i think i made the right choice i get to hang out with cool people doing cool that i like i’m sure there would have been lovely places in the world to go and amazing amazing things to see via djing but i i can’t complain bone side’s taken me around the world and uh and has fed me a lot of inspiration in the natural environment and that’s that’s kind of that’s kind of what what fuels my progression as an individual so the cool factor though the cool factor undeniably being a dj will be far less cool it’s going to take a little doing a little magic little magic spice [Music] coming out of the winter funk sunshine is here i know i’ve been feeling that it’s time to it’s time to see life on a positive note there you go that’s that’s a good boy like a dog my conversations that i have with trees is like if you’re gonna die die let’s stop doing this little dance either you’re gonna live or you’re not make the decision and let’s get on with it i’m not talking to you though don’t worry about it saying hypothetically you’re doing great don’t take it personally you’re doing great is it going to be able to handle it’s clearly going to tip over but i knew that now what do you do take this block everywhere you go every step you take every move you make boy that feels precarious doesn’t it yeah good greenhouse watering too full yeah hold your tongue just right next to that this is really when it becomes stressful to be a bone type practitioner and you can’t even walk through your own greenhouse because there’s just such a cornucopia of booby traps that’s a corner boobacopia it’s that guy’s name jason buble michael michael buble you won the bonsai game today uh we won the bonsai game with this composition that’s for sure now whether or not it can stand up on its own we don’t want to talk about that that’s not a polite question to ask what you’re laughing about stands up on its own whoa oh when it’s full of water yeah which is good enough for me this whole area just feels like danger [Music] look at this bad boy getting ready to rock and roll 28 degrees tonight this has got to come in it’s good we’re walking the garden now yep lots of things that are gonna have to be protected chinese quince just absolutely crushing look at that thing a little pine action saucy scotch pine look at that saucy i don’t think 28 degrees is gonna cause too much issue tonight but you know you always it’s always wise to walk the garden and make decisions because you don’t want to see temperatures like that cause catastrophic failure monday’s mri thanks for showing me around your garden right now you got it [Laughter] i’m like hyperventilating inside in my mind my mind’s going yeah yeah that’s okay though we’ll just keep working happy monday just keep working keep working keep working keep working keep working that’s all you can do all right see you guys [Music] you

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